Here you can listen to* and download** many of Dr. Brown’s powerful messages regarding revival, for absolutely free! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support and we hope that you will be blessed and edified by these resources!

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A Burning Heart to Change the World

A Little Help From My Friends

Are We Living In The Last Days

Building a Community of Resistance

Called To Die

Confronting the Homosexual Agenda

Consumers or Disciples

Developing a Revolutionary Mentality

Discussion on Thom Hartmann Show

Dr. Brown Discusses his Book – A Queer Thing Happened to America

Dr. Brown’s Lecture on Same-Sex “Marriage” from the Faroe Islands

Enough Is Enough

Holy Jealousy for the Reputation of the Lord

It’s a Costly Thing to Follow Jesus (2018)

Its Time to Take the City Pt 1

Its Time to Take the City Pt 2

Its Time to Take the City Pt 3

Jezebel, The Prophets, and Donald Trump

Jezebel’s War With America

Living in Revolutionary Times

National Transformation

Our Response to Cultural War against Biblical Values

Politicians, Professionals, or Prophets

Queer Channel Radio

Revolution Compilation -TBN

Revolution Now

Revolutionary Christianity

Spiritual Hunger

Spiritual Warfare for America (Part 1)

Spiritual Warfare for America (Part 2)

Strategic Relationships

Take Up Your Cross

The Church’s Great Opportunity

The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues

The Jesus Movement vs Institutional Christianity

The Next Wave A Revival Revolution

The Real Threat of Gay Activism

The Revolution is Here

The Spineless Gospel of Tolerance and Acceptance

The Triumph Of The Lamb

The Triumphant Gospel

The War Is On

We Can Take The City

We Warned You!

Wease Show Interview: April 13th 2009

Wease Show Interview: April 16th 2009

What Are We Leaving the Next Generation?

What Are You Waiting For?

What The Bible Says About Homosexual Practice

Why Sit Here Until We Die?

Will We Pass the Trump Test? – A National Interview with Point of View Podcast