Posted Jun 27, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

As pro-life believers across America are shouting for joy and giving thanks for the overturning of Roe, others are saying, “Look, we don’t like abortion either. But so many women in America are terrified right now, as if others can dictate what they do with their own bodies. So, let’s be a little more muted in our celebration. This is certainly not the time to gloat.”

How should we respond?

I certainly agree that this is not the time to gloat. And with all my heart, I believe we must do our best to reach out to those who are angry and fearful, doing so with love, longsuffering, and grace. This is not the time to win a debate as much as the time to change hearts and minds.

But without any question whatsoever, this is also a time to rejoice, with everything within us. This is a time to give God praise!

Here are 5 reasons why.

1) The overturning of Roe is a massive answer to prayer.

Think about it for a moment. There has been day and night prayer for Roe to be reversed for years. Prayer meetings have been held for decades. Large rallies have been organized for supplication to the Lord. Millions and billions of prayers have reached the throne of God asking Him to have mercy on the unborn. People have fasted and cried out and made all kinds of sacrifices for this moment.

How can we not rejoice and give thanks? God has acted! The Sovereign Lord has responded to the cries of His people! It would be downright ungrateful, not to mention irreverent, if we failed to praise Him and worship Him and celebrate.

This is a constant theme of the Bible: God’s people cry out, He answers from heaven, and we give Him praise.

In this case, we are looking at what might be the most dramatic answer to prayer on a corporate level that we have seen in our lifetimes. In the words of Jesus in another context, if we do not lift our voices in praise, the rocks will cry out instead (Luke 19:40).

2) The lives of innocent babies will be saved.

Abortion on demand is a monstrous evil. The shedding of innocent blood is one of the most grievous sins in God’s sight. And the more we understand about the development of the baby in the womb (with scientists largely agreeing that life begins at conception and with the child receiving its DNA coding at that moment), the more we realize that there is a little human being in there.

That’s why a former Planned Parenthood worker wept on my radio show as she talked about the “products of conception.” She was referring to the jars kept in one of the rooms of the clinic filled with the severed parts of tiny humans – little hands and legs and eyes. (Never forget “Baby Malachi!”)

And while the Court’s decision does not outlaw abortion throughout the country, it is already saving lives. That’s because clinics are shutting down in different states, which means that more women will think again before they abort, which will result in less abortions.

How can we not give thanks – loudly and publicly – for this?

3) A massive injustice was reversed.

The Roe decision of 1973, followed by the Casey decision of 1992, was not just bad law. It was massively unjust. It claimed that there was a Constitutional right to abortion, thereby turning justice and righteousness on their heads.

Not only so, but the legalizing of abortion on demand (potentially, for any reason, right until the moment of delivery), normalized the idea of abortion in America. As my friend Dr. Frank Turek has often pointed out, the law can do one of three things. It can prohibit a behavior. It can permit a behavior. Or it can promote a behavior.

In the case of abortion, just as in the case of the redefining of marriage, the Court’s 1973 decision helped to promote something aberrant in our land. The new ruling – the correct ruling – goes a long way to set that right.

Abortion has been a way of life for tens of millions of Americans for almost 50 years. Women and their mothers (and even grandmothers) grew up with it as normative. Reversing it is a massive good.

Remember this principle as you read through the Old Testament. God hated unjust laws. It was important in His sight that they were removed and replaced.

For this we give Him thanks.

4) Many women’s lives will be saved.

The fact is that mothers are also deeply wounded by abortion. Many carry scars for years. And so, in the end, less abortions will mean less women who are damaged and hurt.

I’ve heard these stories on my radio show as well, as these women (and even men) sobbed as they recounted abortions they had decades ago – and these were Christian women who knew they were forgiven. Some of them told me that they were strongly pro-choice when they aborted their babies, and they remained pro-choice for years afterwards. But all the while, they suffered from guilt and pain, especially around the time their babies would have been born. It was only when they came to faith that they experienced mercy and relief.

Now is the time to reach out to today’s “pro-choice” women with the love of God. Now is the time for us to say, “We know you’re angry and afraid, and we know you blame us. But there is a God who really cares about you and has only good intentions for you. But you must put down your defenses, acknowledge your sins, and surrender your life to Him.”

This too, even in advance, is a cause for thanksgiving.

5) We can now make the argument for life on a national level.

Although critics claim that the Court’s decision was a threat to our democracy, the reality is that abortion now becomes a matter of national, legal debate from state to state. (I do not mean that states have a moral right to kill babies. But I recognize that, under our Democratic Republic, the states will make the ultimate choices.)

This is now a fresh topic for discussion, giving us an opportunity to dismantle the pro-abortion talking points (see here and here) and to make the case for life (see here).

This is also a great time to discuss Justice Alito’s decision, asking those who differ, “Where did he get things wrong?”

The fact is that Roe was bad law from the start. Removing it is cause for celebration, not just for 5 reasons, but, looking ahead, for millions of reasons, each with a beating heart.

It’s also a time to remember all the lives that have been lost. How we need God’s ongoing intervention in our land!


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yeshuais4me posted a comment · Jul 02, 2022
As I look back at my years of life on earth, today I realize how blessed I have been. My experience during the Six Day War during June, 1967 has shown me that God does exist. First know that there is only one God our creator. My position during the Six Day War allowed me access to events of this war in real time. Of course I could not absorb every event that happened. Later in life I realized that I did not know the true God that we should worship. Most days I seek to know more about our Creator. Northwestern University discovered not to many years ago that when the sperm and egg unite there is a spark of light!!! To me this is the beginning of life. Conception for the light of the world, the Messiah, happened Kislev 30, 3755, a Sabbath day during the festival of light. Today this celebrations is known as Hanukkah, Feast of Dedication Gospel, John 1:9 This was the true light, which gives light to everyone entering the world. First known what 1 John 5:19 tells us: “19 We know that we are from God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the Evil One. Also understand anyone who had a part in ending an unborn child life has committed murder and will end up in the weeds. Isaiah 66:9  “Would I let the baby break through
and not be born?” asks Adonai (my Lord).
“Would I, who cause the birth,
shut the womb?” asks your God.
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Really now posted a comment · Jul 01, 2022
Hey Dena - time to be realistic. It’s a POTENTIAL baby. This is why 20-25% of ALL conceptions end in miscarriage. Just like a tree scattering seeds, or a fish laying thousands of eggs. Not ALL will grow into full fledged trees or fish. THIS, my friend, is VERY BASIC biology. Please don’t make it anything more than that, although I realize the attempt to define every single embryo as a ‘human’…as this, subsequently allows the right to make the accusation of murder. An emotional, completely insane claim with ZERO UNDERSTANDING of human biology.
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Dena posted a comment · Jul 01, 2022
Most people would rather believe a lie than face Facts. Abortion is a lie, it ignores biology and science. The woman is carrying an innocent human baby. When I talk to my relatives who are pro-choice and Christian they do not want to acknowledge that its a baby. They won't even say baby and now they won't even say woman. They're using the term "uterus owner". The freedom of pro-choice is the freedom for the mother to kill her innocent baby and that's a hard truth for them to admit too. If they call it a blob of tissue or a fetus then they think its not really murder.
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Really now posted a comment · Jul 01, 2022
The funny thing is, is that God ‘himself’ is ‘pro-choice’. ‘He’ has given us - thru the gift of freewill - the ability to make our own decisions and choices. Every minute of every day we make choices - some easy, some hard, some good, some bad. God was so in solidarity with our humanness, that ‘he’ came to live amongst us as the Christ. A huge portion of the time, the decision to end a pregnancy is a gruelling and difficult one….and largely based on circumstances OUTSIDE of our control. Deep societal issues are often at its core. If God is truly just, fair, and merciful, ‘he’ would understand these difficult decisions and honour whatever choice was made. And if ‘he’ chooses to judge differently, that is GOD’s business, not ours.
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jun 28, 2022
Why so defensive? Didn’t Dr. B and those who share his views just receive exactly what they wanted? Why the “Sore Winner” song-and-dance?
czarpaul posted a comment · Jun 27, 2022
This is great indeed. But let us not get drunk on rejoicing and celebrating. Abortion is STILL fully legal in 24 states and in several others still allow it for several weeks. So child sacrifices WILL continue. So yes rejoice give thanks and BACK TO WORK!