Are We Seeing the Resurgence of Christian Antisemitism?

Posted Apr 23, 2019 by Staff


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Kittykat posted a comment · Apr 30, 2019
My comment is directed too Mr Brown.... Firstly let me say that I am honord too white in this place were Christians and Jews feel comterful of learning and expressing our love, faith and knowledge of the Messiah... And personal opinions.. It really acts like a bridge... Generally I do not believe it is a rise of antisemitism, as it is more a Rise in ACT of antisemitism and how more media connected we are.... Negative feelings about Jewish people, from people whom do not associate with the culture or similar lifestyle has always been a problem.... The different elements of reasons as why that is... Some of it is reflected on what Jews have done too those whom believed in Jesus.... And those that believed in Jesus and what they have done too Jews - if that makes any sense!!! To understand antisemitism on must go back in history... Far further then Nazism the crusades or Spanish inquisition... These are merely interpretations and it's results of peoples perspectives of scripture, and the emotional feelings behind those stories.... Rather we must go back in the time of Christ...Even though Antisemitism really started in the time of Moses.. Christ brought that too a global stage. Not because he wanted too... But because of the result, of the Jewish lack of embrace, too come too the compassionate and loving teachings of Christ, and how that effects the every day Gentile individual whom also longs to be embraced by such love and Grace.. It is apart of the reason spiritually that we come, and were soo attracted to the teachings of Jesus...The factor that they wish not too embrace Jesus today, in their rather negative manner.. It's like for gentiles them not wanting too embrace them into the Greater Family of God... Part of this has too do with Trust... After all Jews being slaughtered in the crusades dosn't make Jews want too follow anything remotely Christian... But the fact that the result of those interpretations of replacement theology stemmed from what happened in the Gospels.... And how Christians have actually asked for forgiveness.... While Jews have not Repented for their hand in the crucifixion, or persecution of early Christians, all the way up to today, with the Harassment, and discrimination, that Gentiles whom love Jesus still get at the hands of Jewish people 2,000 years later.... Leaves much too be desired.. Beyond that, the way they speak to gentiles calling us Goyim... Often used in very insulting, and negative terms, in times of Conversation, make gentiles feel unloved, disrespected, and were we start to re-evaluate our understanding of scripture and its saying.... How can we love a people, for 2,000 years whom never came too love??? Bitterment starts too grow.... While the teaching of love thi enemy becomes less relevant or tiresome... In other words Christians start giving up on the Jews.. Which in tern darkens the bright heart of Christians. The fear of also rising economic prosperity for Jewish people, while the gentile world suffers.... Or becomes a suffering servant of sorts is like a sting in the eye... Christians living humble lifes... While they see Jewish politicians get away with corruption... Or become rich off of them leaves a not so nice feeling among the larger population of human beings... My story in particular, when I was around 12 or 13... I meet youthful Jewish conservative children.. Sitting laughing at a park table... I was filled with excitement and Joy....WOW the people of the bible!!! They must be soo spiritually wise in scripture... I should make friend with them... What a honor." So I did... And we started too laugh together and enjoy are conversation... For a moment I thought the messianic era is no doubt on its way, and then a shadow came over us... I looked up, and was even more thrilled... A Rabbi, or adult Jewish man came over too us... With beard and Tazits and all.... I smiled up at him super excited.... Ready too move over and allow him too sit if he asked....He took one look at me, and took one look at the Jewish children and one look at me... And tolled them..... " GET UP" You don't sit beside these people and talk too them" And left me their alone... Never asked me about my Jewish heritage.. Even though I was a Christian... Just presumed...It was then I learned Jesus isn't thought of in the same way, as Christians think of Jesus... Lead alone even thought about....That day left a massive impact on me. Believe me I was most messianic type of person back then.... Now as I am older... That has been zaped out of me... In some ways I feel I was brainwashed or living in a dream that was not the reality. These are real spiritual feelings, and issues that are being embattled with in the Christian hearts... In other words...We need too be given a sign too believe in the Jewish people, and that is not at the hands so much of their technological, social, or economical achievements...But more on a humanistic, moral, and spiritual level... In the Holy land of Israel, doesn't really feel like a holy land, when Palestinians whom have no association with Hamas, like they are in the West Bank, suddenly are being threatened too be annexed, or have their houses demolished... One must ask??? Is this what God wanted?? Shall I sacrifice my house for people whom never respected me in the first place, and may not even??? Hows that for Christ like love!! When I look at this website I am filled with hope in the messianic movement, and know that the only way we will save this world, and really Create bridges is if we have a whole Army of David Michael Browns in the world, and Jesus... With scholarly degrees and education... Or otherwise I fear... Messianic may go with him, once this beautiful man leaves our world... Your not getting any younger!!! lol The bridges of Jews and Christians were never built.. Jews didn't want too waste their time teaching Christians Torah Messiah knowledge.. So it was up too us Gentiles too figure it out on our own, Pagans, and all that too make sense of a 3,000 year old religion... Basically Noah/Adams descendants... Not Abraham or Jacobs. And Jews didn't want too hear Christian concept of the Messiah.... So its really the Jews fault that Antisemitism exists, and the battle of the heart of Christians, of knowing whether to remain faithful or give up... Thats the real source of Antisemitism today. I hope this knowledge will help you too provide real solution, and let the real healing begin!!! Shalom! cat
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RandySandford posted a comment · Apr 26, 2019
Dr. Brown your next book should be about the Resurgence of Christian Antisemitism. I'm seeing it all over the internet especially on YouTube. I think it will be one of the next big dividers within the church and will expose the false church for what it is.