A Black Christian Leader Claims That Racism Doesn't Exist in America

Posted Sep 27, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown interviews Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson



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clp627 posted a comment · Oct 25, 2018
https://www.yahoo.com/news/grocery-store-shooting-leaves-2-dead-suspect-custody-050440831.html This just occurred. A clear act of violence, and clearly based upon race. Similar to the shooting in the Black Church in South Carolina by Dylann Roof, who is open about his acts being committed based on his hatred of Blacks. Saying it's only a matter of "good vs. evil" and not based on race, even though this specific form of evil and hatred is clearly based on race, is like denying anti-Semitism by calling it good vs. evil which is not based upon ethnic hatred (which it clearly is). Mr. Peterson has done some good things. But he is clearly not led by the spirit of truth, in some cases. This is where "conservatism" and being born again and led by the Spirit of the Lord collide. Be careful here, love and serve the Lord only. God bless.
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Hebrewhelena posted a comment · Sep 28, 2017
Sooo good! Loved this. Brutal truth!