Can a Divorced Christian Remarry?

Posted Apr 19, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Are there ever biblical grounds for a divorced Christian remarrying while the former spouse is still alive?



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mirra posted a comment · Sep 18, 2016
I would like to ask if marriage, being a covenant, does not require regulations within it to be lived with, just like any other covenant in the bible. I would like to ask, why is the Christian community the only one who demands that the marriage is unbreakable unless there is fornication. Many people that never experienced the horrible pain of divorce and its horrible consequences seem to be experts on divorce in the bible. There is a woman that survived holocaust and divorce who said that divorce was more painful. In Indian marriages, in the marriage covenant there are some grounds for the marriage annulment: Adultery Conversion Mental disorder/Unsound Mind Leprosy Venereal disease Renounced the World Not heard alive for seven years Judicial Separation No Resumption of Co-habitation Cruelty. There are some things that are not specifically mentioned in the bible, like smoking, gambling, masturbation, etc. I have not seen anything about abuse in the home. But my opinion is that the bible has given us principles that can be used to judge these issues. I think that some divorces are being taken for just selfishness and in these cases they are not valid. But some have gone through horrible situations of continual abuse even after counseling and are the spouses are condemned by the community to stay in those situations or else have a life sentence of loneliness. Isn't it also a biblical principle also to defend justice and not to put burdens on people that none of us would be able to carry if in those situations?