DEBATE: Is Homosexuality Consistent with New Testament Obedience?

Posted Sep 25, 2018 by Caleb


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justd85 posted a comment · Nov 05, 2018
Well done Dr. Brown and Dr. White!! Not only did you gentlemen present the truth in scriptures and corrected the misunderstandings and refuted the emotional argumentation of the affirmative side but you guys also presented the truth with love and grace. You guys didn't beat up your opponents but rather spoke truth and demonstrated compassion which is often lacking in such exchanges. I wonder if the MCC would ever consider hosting a debate between you and Dr. Nancy Wilson (the author of a few books on this very topic). I enjoy debates where both sides are properly represented and the debaters focus on the topic at hand, instead of relying on personal attacks, strawman, red herrings, and other tactics to defeat their opponents rather than facts and good reason to support their position and that is what I often see in your debates, Dr. Whites debates, and others like William Lane Craig etc. Keep up the good work!