Did Jesus Go to Hell?

Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Did Jesus descend into hell after He died on the cross? If so, did He suffer for our sins there, or did He proclaim His victory there?



Nathan J. Page posted a comment · Sep 08, 2018
Hell (the place of punishment for the unrighteous) is a once-there-always-there place of punishment. If Christ went there, He would have had to stay there. I don't know whether there are two compartments in Hell (one for the righteous prior to Christ's ascension, and one for the unrighteous), but I do know Christ did not go to the hell of fire, because the Bible never mentions it and for other reasons as well.
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JoshRex posted a comment · Dec 20, 2016
Thanks for that ! one question I have had for years is how did Jesus fully pay for my sins, without spending an eternity in hell in my place. Or is death the only penalty ?