The Difference Between Alex Jones and Me

Posted Jun 22, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Why you’ll never hear conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric from Dr. Brown



truthforce posted a comment · Jun 25, 2017
Because my computer does not have good volume, I leaned close to it to hear it, and heard your whole little blurb. You said there would be no inflammatory rhetoric or conspiracy theories from you. Hmm. try conspiracy facts, if you have courage enough to brave the ridicule and unsubstantiated rhetoric of those who call it "theory" without having taken the effort to research it analytically and unbiased. No rhetoric from you who say that Jones talks for attention and for money, but I do give you credit for admitting not knowing if that was his motivation. No rhetoric from you who talk about working "for god's glory" and "For truth" Yet you did not mention any sort of research into the validity of Jones words, only having watched a few videos and looked at a few reviews. I thank you for making it clear why you degrade and disagree with him. It is because you have no knowledge on the subject, and because it disagrees with what you have been taught, you disqualify it from having any value or truth to it. Because people like you have not been exposed to this knowledge, experience, or perspective, you reject it without proper consideration or the perception from a nonconformist and unconventional education that leads to different conclusions that perceive the forest for the trees. I hope to view this and to have a forum with you to enable those who would not otherwise take the time to research into the truth of these statements to see their validity and sources, thus facilitating the opening of their minds. Thank you.