Dr. Brown Debates Theodore Shoebat on Homosexuality and the Death Penalty

Posted Mar 10, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown and Theodore Shoebat debate whether the government should put homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, and witches to death, also debating the Crusades and the Inquisition. (For those who are curious, during the actual debate time, Dr. Brown and Theodore both spoke for roughly 20 minutes.)



truthforce posted a comment · Jul 09, 2016
Michael, when did Jesus talk of grace? That was Paul,who never listened to him except in his supposed vision. in galatians 1, Paul said he never even consulted with the apostles, but spent 3 years in arabia alone, coming to his doctrine. John the apostle wrote his gospel and letters years later, influenced by Paul, and are different from the synoptic gospels like night is to day.Jesus said "the narrow road, not one jot or tittle, those who teach to not obey the law will be least, i came to fulfill the law, etc.. Jesus was a revolutionary teacher and prophet who taught to obey the idea of loving neighbor as self, and treating as you want to be, to stop joining the rat race of acquiring money and power for self, of lording over others, he was showing a new and revolutionary way of life, a radical heart change to affect every part of life, to be a doer as well as hearer, that is why he was killed, not the superstition (defined as believing in things you dont understand) about the blood, the cross and how belief, not actions get you in heaven or hell.