Ellen Degeneres and a Lesson for Believers

Posted May 16, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown addresses comments about 'tolerance' recently made by Ellen Degeneres



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footey777 posted a comment · Sep 16, 2017
You have to know what to debate though. One time these three Jehovah Witness guys wanted to come to my house every week and debate and the Lord told me not to have them come back ( I tried to debate with them once and I doubt if it got anywhere). I would have been hosting false teachers and the Bible says not to receive them into your house or to wish them Godspeed ( endorse them or encourage them in any way in their false doctrine) and even though I wouldn't have endorsed or encouraged them on in their evil ways, I still would have been having them in my house every week ( which is forbidden in scripture in the New Testament in 2 John ( I think). Anyhow, God wouldn't let me do it; so you also have to be sensitive to the discussions and debates the Holy Spirit would lead you to have also. Some He may say " no" to. Also, by having them there every week , which is forbidden in scripture, also might have given them earning points that they work for in their cult.