Ferguson, Racism, and America

Posted Nov 26, 2014 by Michael L. Brown

Listen as the Line of Fire callers weigh in on these important issues.


Prophetjess1 posted a comment · Jun 02, 2016
Dr. Brown in my opinion America has never repented of its evil to Black America, it just found a different way to keep us in subjugation to white Americans. This woman brings up the 50's and 60's ,but, weren't black americans still being lynched and their schools being blown up in this wonderful era. I am only 53 but I've noticed some of the same things you both mentioned but I have also noticed the unfairness, and oppression of the black race that still exists. Let's not forget the documented proof that our government purposely flooded black neighborhoods with drugs. A liquor store on every corner is not exaggerated in black neighborhoods. Dignity, discipline, and respect are vitally important to community. Black communities are flooed with Hair Supply Stores, restaurants, etc... owned by the Koreans, Chines, and Mexicans etc.. But the funny thing is there are no black owners (the ones that live in the community). I believe it all goes hand in hand. God did not intend for Blacks or any race for that matter not to be able to sustain itself. When I was coming up our hair supply shops and some of the restaurants were owned and operated by the ones living in the community as well. High interest rates drove them out of business and given to foreigners with incentives of 0% interest and no obligation to pour back into the community you are doing business in. A black man in a suit will get beat up or shot just as quickly as a if he had on drooping pants and a hoodie. I know to many black men who have been stopped harassed etc... in their on neighborhoods, one was in his own driveway. His neighborhood just happened to being in the Carmel IN area which is very affluent and he wasn't wearing hoodie and drooping pants. There are so many cases that it is too burdensome to mention it because most people believe what is presented on the news. If they lie about Christians on the news Dr. Brown what makes you think they have not done the same to the black race. It has to be more than one solution to this problem and the people of God need to recognize that Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) is the only answer. I do not know Hebrew, (LOL) I"ve just learned this way of referring to Christ our Saviour Be Blessed