Posted Mar 02, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A man claiming to be a gay Christian has predicted that the gay community will destroy the Christian church – those are his exact words – and he hopes it will happen sooner than later.

Allow me to give you a spoiler alert. The Church that Jesus is building – by which I mean the community of His true followers around the world – cannot be destroyed. Or canceled. Or silenced.

As for much of what goes by the name of “Christian church,” that’s another story.

Perhaps that is what this gay author is describing, namely, the dismantling of so-called Christianity? If so, how on earth could he imagine that the gay community will lead the way in destroying it?

Writing on, Keith Michael states that, “The Christian Church is imploding on itself. Fewer and fewer people are filling its pews, at least in North America, and the leadership of the various Christian Church denominations know it. They see the trends.

“It’s literally scaring them. And they are powerless to stop it.

“They are powerless to stop it because it’s happening by the hand of GOD.”

And then this: “In all fairness, it’s not really the Gay community that is destroying the Church— GOD is destroying the Christian Church—but we are the catalyst, a very visible sign whom GOD is using to illustrate the Church’s errors, the Church’s arrogance, and the Church’s unloving sin.”

The truth be told, there are people who have left churches in America because they feel the church is not loving towards gays. There’s no denying that. In other cases, people have left because they themselves are same-sex attracted and they feel that they are not accepted for who they are.

But the reality is that, worldwide as well as in America, when biblical standards are upheld in love (and those standards forbid homosexual unions), when Jesus is lifted up without shame, when the Spirit is allowed to move freely, then people are flocking to these churches. In fact, many of them are growing rapidly.

It’s also true that the churches that are the most compromised, the ones that claim to be the most “progressive,” those which are most affirming of gay “marriage” and practicing gay clergy are the ones in the greatest numerical decline.

Study it for yourself. The statistics worldwide speak for themselves, largely undermining Michael’s narrative.

In his mind, though, the church is guilty of arrogance, writing, “They are doubling-down on stupid instead of seeing and correcting their own hate for Gay people, and their own embracing of Pagan beliefs GOD never ever once told people to do or believe.”

Yes, he continues, “Christians honestly don’t ‘see’ that it is their blind adherence to a systemic lying man-made ancient outdated dogma that is the root cause of the Holy Spirit-led exodus of their churches.”

So that’s the key to church growth according to Michael. Abandon what the Bible says about marriage and family and sexuality – he brands these values “Pagan” and calls this “hate” – and instead embrace what God rejects. Talk about turning truth on its head.

As for churches “hating” gays, I’m sure there are gay-hating churches in America, and I and many others have called them out. They are the exception to the rule, and they misrepresent God.

But it is not hate to tell someone that God has a better way. And it is not hate to declare that, not only did Jesus die for every human being, He also wants to change every human being.

Michael, however, has completely abandoned the teachings of the New Testament in the name of an imaginary Christianity that never existed, writing, “Jesus never taught what the Church of today teaches. In fact, the historical Jesus would have been horrified of what the Church now teaches in his name!”

But he does not mean that the way many of us mean it. (In other words, plenty of us agree that Jesus would be – and is – horrified over the state of much of the church of America.)

What he means is this: “The Christian Church is NOT what Jesus and the Apostles founded. It’s what Paul of Tarsus founded and was later amplified by Constantine. In fact, the religion should more be called ‘Pauliantiy’ than ‘Christianity’.”

Not only so, but “the ancient Priesthood meddled with the Law (Torah) with their ‘lying pens’,” which he tries to support with a mistaken reference to Jeremiah 8:8, which does not teach that the Torah that we have today was corrupted by ancient priests.

So, not only is much of the New Testament unreliable in Michael’s eyes, but much of the Old Testament is unreliable as well.

And, worse still, he claims that “the Church literally worships another god of its own making, namely Jesus. The 1st Commandment states that we are to have no other gods other than the one worshiped by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

Yes, “The Church manufactured it’s own ‘Jesus’ and its own ‘gospel’ using its so-called ‘New Testament’, but this was a tome that wasn’t even around when Jesus and the Apostles preached.”

And what’s the answer to this massive deception? “The LGBTQ+ Community needs to be on offense with real facts and real history we can use to educate our Evangelical friends.”

Reading this, you can only feel sorry for men like Michael who claim to be gay Christians while rejecting the Law of God, disparaging the New Testament revelation, and indicting the Church for worshiping Jesus as Lord.

All the more do I pity them for thinking that, armed with these new “insights” and “facts,” the gay community will set the church right.

Do I agree with him that the church needs to demonstrate much more unconditional love, including to the LGBTQ community? Absolutely. “More love” is always a word the church needs to hear. After all, Jesus is our example, and no one practiced selfless love more deeply than He.

At the same time Michael has things completely upside down. It is when the church of America returns to preaching and teaching the Word of God, as written and without apology, full of the Spirit and full of love, that our buildings will be filled with seekers and sinners alike. The truth that will set them free.

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OT posted a comment · Mar 20, 2022
Church, be salt and light.
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 08, 2022
Gay and transgender children have ALWAYS existed. Until recently, society has shunned and excluded them, and made them feel like they don’t belong. As the father of a gay child, I’ve lived through this and saw first hand how mean and cruel other kids can be….constantly reminding those who are ‘different’ that they are ‘lesser than’... My daughter suffered immensely from this treatment. Now, FINALLY, select governments are doing what they can to make these kids feel ‘normal’ from a young age, and that they are no different than the rest of us. Conservative Christians, however, feel bizarrely threatened by this - using words like ‘grooming’ to scare and intimidate. Time to grow up tho, and stop picking on these people. They belong, just the same as anyone does…and NEED TO KNOW THIS from an early age.
OT posted a comment · Mar 08, 2022
Grooming small children is criminal! - The Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" bill by LGBTQ activists, has now been passed by both the Florida Senate and House. The bill would limit what classrooms can teach about sexual orientation and gender identity. finally parents will be able to file suit Against schools who teach in appropriate content in the classroom ! Canada is degenerate in how it has persecuted free speech made it criminal! Commenters have asked you to take your trash talk and go away! Canada keep it’s bad policy! Stop trying to spread it !
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 06, 2022
Discrimination based on sexual orientation is protected in most developed nations by human rights legislation - With violations Punishable by LAW. It is so sick, so twisted, that in the name of ‘God’, conservative religion can continue to pick on minority groups, without consequence. What an ‘evil’ agenda, these ‘LGBTQ activists’ have eh??! To fight for the right to be treated as equals. The HORROR! The day is coming, tho, and coming quickly, that Conservative Christianity will no longer be allowed to divide, separate, exclude, and discriminate. THEIR evil agenda will be stopped, and minority groups will be rightfully and LAWFULLY protected….and God will be DELIGHTED.
OT posted a comment · Mar 06, 2022
My biggest hope is God destroys the campaign of all lgbtq activists / leave children alone -stop the lies that lead to counterfeit existence God bring them a message of hope ! God you love people but hates sin. John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
OT posted a comment · Mar 05, 2022
To say man has corrupted Gods word and changed it to mean entirely something so off the mark , interpreted it wrong by doing so you impugn Gods ability to hold His word intact and without error and convey to His Creation an instrument that reveals His very nature and by the Holy Spirit gave it to men to pen / you claim God untrustworthy! Ultimately, God has given each of us free will to choose what we believe. But He has also placed His fingerprints all over His creation, and He has written an instruction manual so we would know how to live. You have free will to do as you like behind you front door! But you don’t in public !
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 04, 2022
My biggest hope is that our ‘gay activists’ will destroy the CONSERVATIVE Christian church. Homosexuality and other gender/sexually diverse people are NORMAL, and now widely protected by anti-discrimination laws housed within basic declarations of human rights. Time to grow up and move on from this issue…. Christianity could nicely exist WITHOUT this obsessive need to single out, exclude, and point fingers at others.
Swkh310 posted a comment · Mar 04, 2022
The "Christian Nationalists," led by the former occupant of the Oval Office, must be exposed and destroyed. Fortunately for those of us who try to follow the teachings of our Lord, promising developments, such as these, are beginning to appear:
OT posted a comment · Mar 03, 2022
Again another finger pointing accusation against God, that He is incapable and He can't watch over His Word! billions of people got it all wrong! Really Now what a ploy of nonsense what a heart breaking statement is meant to deceive millions ! God I hope NOT. Proverbs 30:5-6 contains a admonition to anyone who would add to God’s words: he will be rebuked and proven to be a liar. will the gay christian be proven a liar? or has he already been. so much at stake ! how much of this is accusation against the church is real or is it just that an accusation from the accuser ! the accuser of the brethren forewarned is forearmed ! so what if the pews empty, the important stuff happens outside of the edifice of a building, like loving God feeding the poor clothing the naked visiting the prisoner, helping the widow and orphan . loving Your neighbor. this is tough stuff to ponder not for the faint of heart!
OT posted a comment · Mar 03, 2022
Leviticus 18:22–29 (ESV) 22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. 23 And you shall not lie with any animal and so make yourself unclean with it, neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.
OT posted a comment · Mar 02, 2022
To Tell anyone without apology, in a way that is full of the Spirit and full of love, that they must turn from sin give up their sin and follow some it is a bitter pill to swallow. ask Jesus call on Jesus.ask Jesus don't ask men ask Jesus ask the Holy Spirit!~He will answer you!