Homosexual Issues: Dr. Michael Brown's interview with Pure Passion

Posted Apr 08, 2013 by Michael L. Brown

I'm gay & Jesus loves me, so what's wrong with that? (0:06)

But Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, so isn't it all about love and grace now? (1:04)

But Jesus overturned the Law, which is why we don't have sacrifices anymore. (3:19)

Everybody sins! We're under grace now. (4:37)

But I was born this way! (5:43)

I am a gay Christian and I've experienced God, and He is okay with my life. (8:01)

What scriptures condemn homosexual practice? (9:55)

It's not fair that God would condemn me for feelings I don't even want! (14:10)

How do I change? Does God zap me straight? (16:07)

Is there any evidence in the Bible that God has actually changed homosexuals? (18:10)

But you don't know the wicked things I've done. God could never forgive someone like me. (19:57)