When Medical Science Replaced Biology With Ideology

Posted Aug 04, 2021 by Staff


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Truesay43 posted a comment · Aug 19, 2021
Medical science was created by God. Without God there is nothing. So, there is no science without God. The devil is doing a major deception on the body of Christ(the Church in general) concerning this evil virus. It is shameful beyond comprehension how people can advocate and object to protecting yourself & your neighbor from spreading a deadly disease. Wearing a face covering and getting inoculated helps contain the spread of the deadly virus. So anyone who objects to that isn’t following Jesus’s command to love thy neighbor as yourself. The lies of the devil has deceived you if you are an objector to a life saving God who created science and truth. And you know who is Truth and who the opposite of truth is. Reevaluate who your God is and whom y’all are following. You are accountable to God and His Son Jesus will judge you in the end. Come out of the lies and into the light of Christ!