An Interview with Rafael Cruz, Father of Sen. Ted Cruz

Posted Feb 05, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown speaks with Rafael Cruz about his own conversion, his son Ted, their burden for America, and his new book A Time for Action.



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Fred posted a comment · Jun 12, 2016
Some questions for Mr. Cruz: Did he and his family commit immigration fraud, falsifying documents and sending him here with no money? Did he work full time when he got here, breaking our immigration laws? How did he manage to obtain a visa without being fluent in English as the law required? Mr Cruz stated, “Well within twenty four hours they send me to the IRS and within twenty four hours I had a social security number. A valid, legal social security number….” That would be impossible. Could we get an explanation please? On American Family Radio with Tony Perkins Mr. Cruz stated that our Founders were all or at least mostly church pastors. I have heard some ludicrous claims before but that one is absolutely false. Most of our Founders were Freemasons. There are a lot of questions other people would like to ask Mr. Cruz.