Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? (Debate)

Posted Mar 31, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Debate Rabbi Daniel Freitag and Dr. Michael Brown debate: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? at Kennesaw State University, March 23, 2017
Following the debate there there is an open mic Q and A with the audience.



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@biblesecrets posted a comment · Jan 29, 2019
Dr. Brown, in the debate about Father being the only true God, you made the opponent look like a "buddy-duffy" and crucified his scholarly arguments that had nothing to do with plain Bible teaching, which you expounded flawlessly. However, even though you won this debate as usual, your position would have been much more powerful to counter his valid argument when he cited the example of Christians not keeping shabbat. I was surprised as an author and Sabbath keeper for over 50 years when I tried to find a church for my sister near Charlotte, in SC, to attend that kept the Sabbath...surprised that your church in Concord does NOT keep the Sabbath but meets on SUNDAY! I was just as surprised that you seemed to believe that Jeremiah 10 did not expose Christmas as a pagan holiday, which it IS. I don't know what your human reasoning may be on this matter, but I assure you that Jesus kept it, the apostles kept it, in the freedom of the Holy Spirit, so I am shocked that a Jewish believer and eminent scholar whom I respect does NOT keep it!