Should We Pray Imprecatory Psalms On Our Political Opponents?

Posted Mar 24, 2021 by Staff


OT posted a comment · Mar 18, 2021
I have to admit that when I recognized what kind of presidency Obama would bring to America and the world He had an ax to grind! I did ask God to open Obama's eyes, give him dreams, nightmares if you have too!
OT posted a comment · Mar 11, 2021
Jesus Gave Us The way to pray "OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN" We are in "The Dispensation of Grace. It began with the New Covenant in Christ’s blood (Luke 22:20). This “Age of Grace” or “Church Age” " so that should keep us from Praying The Imprecatory Psalms On Our Political Opponents. kinda like what Swkh310 spews on here daily ! its Imprecation "calling of curses" its incantations in its daily repetitious wordiness used to conceal a lack of content in its daily obfuscation! oy vey!