Teaching and Prophesying Falsely vs. False Teachers and False Prophets

Posted Jul 05, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Is it ever right to call a fellow-believer a false teacher or false prophet



Sheila posted a comment · Sep 01, 2016
This is in answer to Fred and his claims concerning the dating of the book of Daniel. Here are several links to hopefully expand your thoughts about it. http://christianthinktank.com/qwhendan3a.html http://www.biblearchaeology.org/post/2012/07/31/New-Light-on-the-Book-of-Daniel-from-the-Dead-Sea-Scrolls.aspx#Article They should help you to see the truth of the matter, that Daniel is, in fact, a more ancient book than some suppose and not something contrived in the second century.
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Dude posted a comment · Jul 24, 2016
Truthforce. I just have a question. If you have seen the Truth of Scripture and the fact that the church ignores truths to suit their own purposes, (Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.) which I agree with you, why throw out God when the church is the only thing that needs to go?
truthforce posted a comment · Jul 06, 2016
Your short video made sense, but if you truly believe the bible as the word of a sovereign god (which i do not), back up your beliefs with your actions and words. In Timothys, Paul tells his protege to call out the false teachers and their falsehoods. Yes, the bible does declare that some of them are deceived as well being deceivers. However, you will find in 1Timothy 5, that Paul commands the false teaching or disobedient pastors to be chastised IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY SO THAT ALL FEAR DOING THAT. This is a command for you today also. That no high-profile Christian leader has done that (I have seen Washer and Price do it), and made public the false teaching is a sad and condemning commentary on Christian leaders, not one of whom is obedient to the word of god. You would think that they would be quick to expose them to protect the "sheep" from the false teachings and wrong ideas. Why dont they do that? Could it be that they are protecting the wolves?? They flock together and devour the believers with books to sell, videos are bought, seminaries prosper, tithes are collected. The body of Christ is being used to make profit!! What does that equal?? Think about it. Who are they protecting??!! Why?? Perhaps they are afraid of being exposed themselves?? They run in packs so that they can prey more easily!!!
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Fred posted a comment · Jul 05, 2016
Evangelists who try to pass off books like Daniel as a 5th Century prophetic book are the false teachers. Can any of these "teachers" prove that the Book of Daniel is not a Second Century forgery written by two different authors in two different languages as most Bible commentaries show that it is? Hardly. These teachers don't realize the purpose of prophetic literature, or if they do they aren't telling anyone. In antiquity no one knew when something may have been written. So when a book or letter comes around claiming to be the words of a prophet from the past but accurately described what people were currently experiencing the people were fooled and the literature fulfilled its purpose which was to placate the people and give them encouragement that everything was going to be okay because their particular God was in control. But Christians today, 2000 years later have no excuse for being so gullible. Especially since we have so many stories of prophecy and fulfillment and prophets blessing and cursing kings and nations which are so similar to the ones in the Bible from other older Near Eastern cultures.