Posted Mar 11, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

When you’re on the side of truth, you can present the facts as they are without manipulation, exaggeration, or distortion, since those facts will speak for themselves. But when you’re hiding something or trying to obfuscate, facts are your enemy. That’s the case with the misrepresentation of Florida’s recent education bill, falsely called the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” In order to oppose it, the critics must grossly misrepresent it.

But this is a common tactic when it comes to LGBT activism.

For many years now, decent, fair-minded, civil people who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman have been branded haters, bigots, homophobes, and Nazis. The truth of the matter is that their position is eminently reasonable, not to mention biologically sound.

But who cares about truth? This is about winning a battle, and if the way to do that is by demonizing your opponents, then that’s the path you take.

It’s the same with so-called “conversion therapy,” a term created by critics, not by proponents of change.

The reality is that there is not a counselor or therapist or pastor that I have ever met who advocates using coercive, forced, or, God forbid, violent measures to “convert” a homosexual into a heterosexual.

All they advocate for is that those with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender-identity confusion have the legal right to sit down with a trained professional and talk. That’s it. And what is the goal of these people who seek out counselors? They hope to get to the root of their struggles and find a path for inner-peace, emotional wholeness, and potential change (as many thousands have successfully done, to one degree or another).

Why on earth should that not be allowed, not just for minors who want counseling but all the more for adults? (In case you haven’t heard, all such counseling is now banned in Canada for people of all ages.)

But who cares about logic or compassion or freedom of choice? Once again, this is a matter of demonizing one’s opponents. And since “conversion therapy” is a term fraught with all kinds of baggage, that is the term that is used. “Conversion therapy must be banned!”

It’s the same thing with “pray away the gay,” another term coined by the critics.

To be sure, some Christians do believe that anything can be changed through prayer, including sexual immorality or gambling addictions or homosexual desires. And, to be sure, with God, all things are possible to him or her who believes.

But the Christians who are being accused of practicing “pray away the gay” do not simply rely on the power of prayer. They believe in solid counseling, in uncovering spiritual or emotional or experiential roots that influence our behavior and our desires.

But who cares about facts? Using mocking terms such as “pray away the gay” is much for effective.

It’s the same thing with Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, now featured in headlines across America, such as that of Time: “Florida Just Passed The ‘Don't Say Gay’ Bill. Here’s What It Means for Kids.”

In reality, the bill doesn’t even mention the word “gay,” let alone singles out gayness. As an article by David Harsanyi on the National Review states, “Don’t Say ‘Don’t Say Gay.’”

You might as well call the bill, “Don’t Say Straight.”

It was actually CNN, as noted by Harsanyi, which carried a more accurate headline: “Florida House approves bill prohibiting schools from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in K-3 classrooms.” What do you know!

For those who care about facts, the relevant text of the bill says this: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

And this is what is causing a national uproar, with Pres. Biden calling the bill “hateful”? Seriously?

What is so terrible and outrageous and hateful about teachers not talking to little children about things they cannot even understand? (These discussions really are for the home, when age appropriate, not for the classroom.)

The focus here is on kids aged 5-9, kids who have no real concept of sexual orientation or sexuality. Why on earth should teachers be talking to them about homosexuality and heterosexuality?

As for transgender issues, Kellie (Scott) Newgent, who had FTM sex-change surgery, recently appeared on my radio broadcast to shout to the world that efforts to transition kids are nothing less than child abuse. (This is a must-watch, at times gut-wrenching interview.)

God forbid we tell these impressionable little kids that perhaps they are actually trapped in the wrong body. God forbid our schools plant these dangerous seeds in such innocent minds.

As for those kids who are gender confused at an early age, roughly 80 percent of them will no longer identify as such once they pass through puberty – that is, if their confusion is not reinforced by their parents and teachers.

A few days ago, Kellie forwarded me this post from Brandon Showalter on Facebook:


“I just met a mom originally from El Salvador whose teen daughter got sucked into the gender madness. Mom did everything she could to help her daughter. The school, the medical establishment at Children's Hospital - Los Angeles (where Johanna Olson-Kennedy runs the pediatric gender clinic), and social services undermined her at every turn and went so far as to remove her custody. Naturally, they all pulled the ‘if you don't “support” your child and allow them to medicalize they'll kill themselves’ card. Now separated from her mom, the hormones kicked in but, of course, didn't alleviate her daughter's distress.

“The daughter wound up taking her own life by throwing herself in front of a train in Pomona. The poor mom ended up finding out how authorities were picking up the pieces of her daughter's shattered body from the train tracks. This mom's pain is so deep she says it hurts to breathe.

“The torment in this mom's eyes will haunt me for a while. I could barely hold the tears back on the metro on the way home. 

“To those of you hesitant to speak out against this evil, what are you waiting for?”

Tragically, the agonizing pain experienced by so many in the transgender community after their transition is hardly acknowledged. (It’s too politically incorrect!) But is there nonetheless. And many schools across our nation are complicit in that pain.

Thankfully, Florida and Gov. DeSantis have said, “Not on our watch.”

Let the truth be told.

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OT posted a comment · Mar 23, 2022
Clearly you don’t know what that parent said to their daughter, nothing but a guess/how could you/ the parent may have spoken nothing but love and affirming words.
OT posted a comment · Mar 20, 2022
Church, be salt and light.
OT posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
Tell that to the girls parent! You should be charged right along w/ the person who gave hormones to her. Murder
user profile
Really now posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
NO. That teen likely took their life because the parents told the child CLEARLY and OFTEN that they were deeply flawed, ‘sinful’, and NOT part of God’s ‘perfect’ plan for humanity. Imagine the emotional TORTURE of being told that?? Kids who have different gender identities EXIST, and have always existed. We are now better at identifying these kids at a young age, and providing them with support, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. But….In a sick and twisted way, YOU and the fundamentalist crowd see this as a threat. INSANE.
OT posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
Sad thing is you don’t know how damaging you are. how you attack Dr.Brown on quit regular basis! You have to get rid of so many foundational truths….you offer nothing but lies … God forbid we tell these impressionable little kids that perhaps they are actually trapped in the wrong body. God forbid our schools plant these dangerous seeds in such innocent minds.. That teen girl was killed by the likes of people like you who don’t know what the hell their doing that girl end her own life …. You should be charge with her murder.
OT posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
Really now you know your wrong! Keep your politics on your side of your boarder I’m sorry your parents damaged you or your faith community mistreated you ! There is no bottom to your endless argument assault, the format of this platform doesn’t support your idiology here …. It will never ! To groom small impressionable children without the parents knowledge or permission! Is beyond child abuse
user profile
Really now posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
So ‘OT’, do you know how damaging this will be for trans kids???? Or what, are you just pretending that these kids don’t actually exist??
OT posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
“Left-wing critics, including many in the media, have referred to the legislation as the "Don't Say Gay" bill even though such language is absent from the bill itself.  Among other things, the bill, officially named Parental Rights in Education, states, "Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards." Polls are corrupt/ daily wire poll though! Poll says supported by most Americans!
OT posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
Transgender lobby knows how to obscure the truth mislead the public and most tragic of All mislead innocent children, they don’t care who or how they ruin people. I hope they continue to expose how corrupt Canada has become!
OT posted a comment · Mar 17, 2022
Florida won’t allow transgenderism to be injected kindergarten curriculum Woke gender ideologies band from fourth graders curriculum thank you Jesus! They need to purg all curriculums across the nation
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 12, 2022
Do you have to ‘sit down and talk’ about your heterosexuality?? Then Why do you expect this from someone else - who just happens to be different, and by no fault of their own?? They are different. PERIOD. The notion that any ‘converting’ has to be done is insane. How would YOU feel, as a child, if your parents viewed you as DEEPLY flawed, and NOT part of God’s plan for creation?? And Mikey includes the rare and highly exaggerated stories he does to shock, terrify, and instil fear - all aimed at creating ‘an enemy’, for which to direct wrath and judgement toward. Time to grow up. Look at God’s creation. If you truly think this God is against diversity and difference, you are incredibly deceived.
user profile
gerald a posted a comment · Mar 12, 2022
"Really now" says that "conversion therapy" is harmful. Since, as Dr. Brown pointed out, what people like him/her call "conversion therapy" is just sitting down and talking, it's not at all obvious why that would be harmful. Is there any actual evidence to support such an implausible claim? I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to be produced. Maybe if someone was being compelled to do it - but - the "Really now" types are against even PERMITTING someone to do it. Of course he first declared that the reason for opposing such counseling is that "homosexuality and different gender expressions are NORMAL" (according to him). THAT'S the ACTUAL reason why people like Really now are so adamantly against counseling. It implies that they might not be normal. Even implying that cannot be permitted under any circumstances for the Really nows. One final point: Really now, and his doppelganger Swkh310 have nothing at all to say about the tragic and alarming episode that Dr. Brown talked about. You know where the woman's daughter killed herself after being given hormones. Talk about HARMFUL! Nor for that matter does Swkh310 have anything to say about Dr. Brown's point about the what the Florida bill actually says - and his larger point that the LGBTQ advocates lie a lot. Instead he makes a political point - suggesting something's wrong with DeSantis for signing the bill, without ever saying ANYTHING about the bill itself. He/she actually makes Dr. Brown's point.
OT posted a comment · Mar 11, 2022
The girl is dead!
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 11, 2022
Just to state a ‘fact’…that is being conveniently misconstrued by Mikey here. The pushback on conversion therapy is because homosexuality and different gender expressions are NORMAL. I repeat, NORMAL. The real problem is that certain members of conservative religion (and ALWAYS the straight, cis, ‘normal’ members), try to convince otherwise. See, ‘conversion’ - however it is done - is based solely on the bizarre notion that people who are different, DON’T belong, need to be shamed for who they are, and attempts should be made to ‘convert’ them to a ‘normal’ person. This is COMPLETE BS, and incredibly harmful to these PEOPLE.
Swkh310 posted a comment · Mar 11, 2022
Irrelevant. The bill passed and De Santis will sign it. It will serve as another notch in his I'm-more-conservative-than-trump bedpost, spread to a few other Red states, and then disappear after the next election cycle. Tempest in a teapot.