This Too-Spiritual Caller Butchers The Bible

Posted Nov 03, 2020 by Staff


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RAS posted a comment · Nov 11, 2020
Interestingly, Marcus says feeding the poor is not meant literally but, giving them the bread of life. Indeed, we are to feed the hungry with the word of God, however, more than once Jesus feed the multitudes with real loves and fishes, and took up the fragments that were left over. James said what good is it if we say, "Be ye warmed and filled, but to not give the things that are needful to the body". So often, things in scripture that are physical, relate to things hat are spiritual, and both are true. We are bound by both. The spiritual world is relayed to us by physical things, that is how Jesus related spiritual things to Nicodemus. We understand the physical, that is why Jesus always spoke in parables using things physically created to express spiritual truth. Everything physically created was based upon a spiritual truth and expresses the invisible things of the spiritual realm. So often when we read the bible we are reading of physical things that run parallel to the spiritual. This present realm we live in is a like mirror wherein we can see the spiritual.