Posted Jun 21, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

According to a new poll, a majority of Americans do not want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be their presidential candidates in 2024. Count me in among that majority.

As for Biden, I cannot imagine him running again at his advanced (and diminished) age. Plus, his presidency thus far has been a disaster and I strongly oppose many of his core values and goals.

More broadly, unless there is a fundamental revolution in the Democratic Party, I cannot imagine voting Democrat.

As for Trump, simply stated, he has too much baggage.

If Trump is the Republican candidate, that means that we will be replaying the 2020 elections as much as trying to win the 2024 elections. Not only so, but loyalty to Trump will require embracing the stolen election narrative.

Why add this into an election that could easily be a landslide in 2024? Why alienate other, potential voters? And why make the election more about personal loyalty to the person (meaning, Trump) rather than picking the right person with the right platform?

Having Trump as the candidate also brings the baggage of January 6 and the many charges levelled against him (whether true or not). Why open that door again? Why give your opponents more leverage? Why start out with all kinds of arrows in your back and roadblocks in your way?

Without a doubt, any Republican candidate will be savaged and demonized by the leftwing media. But handpicking Trump is asking for trouble.

As for January 6, in my view, Trump was not legally responsible for what happened on that fateful day. But he was morally responsible in that his incendiary rhetoric leading up to January 6 caused his followers to believe that their country was being taken from them for good. “We will never have a free and fair election again! It’s time to fight!”

In addition, his failure to read the crowd and address the irresponsible rhetoric of other speakers who preceded him is inexcusable for the Commander in Chief.

Most of all, having Trump as the candidate brings the baggage of the man himself. His divisiveness (still throwing Mike Pence and others under the bus). His nastiness. His fashioning himself to be the savior of religion in America. (In a recent speech, he reiterated his theme that no one did more for religion in America than he did. In reality, he did fight for religious freedoms and causes; he also brought lots of reproach to religion.)

Personally, I would rather have a less abrasive and reckless candidate who might disappoint me on a minor issue here and there (not quite having Trump’s backbone) then Trump himself.

This is all the more true when you add in Trump’s age, despite his vigor and energy. Plus, we do have very viable candidates like Ron DeSantis.

Why must it be Trump? How is that, among all possible candidates, he alone can get the job done?

One of my astute colleagues, a pastor who trains leaders internationally, just texted me, writing: “As good as his policies are, I don’t think the country could take another four years of Trump

“I pray the Republicans and conservatives have enough wisdom to elect Ron DeSantis in the primaries.”

Last December, I wrote an article titled, “Trump Knocked the Door Down; Let Someone Else Walk Through It.”

In it, I opined that, “Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment as president may not have been the policies he enacted or the justices he appointed. Instead, as important as those accomplishments were and are, it is possible that the most important thing he did as president was to say to the political world, ‘I will not play your games. I am the champion of the people, not a member of the good old boys club.’

“But now that he has broken the mold, thrown out the old rule book, and forged a new path of leadership, it will be best in 2024 for another conservative leader with backbone and conviction to take the lead. Trump simply brings too much collateral damage with him (and, I remind you, I voted for him in 2016 and 2020).”

It really is best that we move on.

I appreciate all the good that Donald Trump did during his presidency and am grateful to him for his deep solidarity with Christian conservatives. But we cannot endure a repeat of the bad he brought as well and, quite frankly, we have other, better choices.


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OT posted a comment · Sep 29, 2022
I believe God can use Trump in 2024 in a mighty way ….. I’m so glad got rid of the comment section, I’m sure Skwh310 is chewing sawdust!
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Raging Bee posted a comment · Jul 15, 2022
"More broadly, unless there is a fundamental revolution in the Democratic Party, I cannot imagine voting Democrat." This is why your "concerns" about Trump's baggage can be dismissed -- because you've already dismissed them yourself. Just like you probably dismissed your own concerns about Trump's LONGSTANDING baggage back in 2016 too.
OT posted a comment · Jun 24, 2022
ROE IS DEAD! If for no other reason I thank GOD TRUMP WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT!
OT posted a comment · Jun 24, 2022
ROE v Wade overturned historic announcement by Supreme Court today 6/24/2022
OT posted a comment · Jun 23, 2022
“ I appreciate all the good that Donald Trump did during his presidency and am grateful to him for his deep solidarity with Christian conservatives. But we cannot endure a repeat of the bad he brought as well and, quite frankly, we have other, better choices.” dr brown ___________________________ Why placate the democrats!!!! if TRUMP RUNS AGAIN the democrats are the ones that would destroy our democracy going after PRESIDENT TRUMP real deja vu not imagined! Let the dems own their stuff let them reap what they sowed from 2016 to 2020 they deserve tooooooo!
OT posted a comment · Jun 23, 2022
“ the hypocritical Evangelicals Voting for President Trump literally sold their souls to the Devil incarnate” Skwh310 so now you’ve declared voting is part n parcel to selling your soul to the devil, so if collusion with flawed sinners. (orange monsters) is equivalent to damming one’s self as payment a debt to which the devil will collect ! Wow! That’s funny
OT posted a comment · Jun 23, 2022
Swkh310 don’t think your steady antagonist esc demeanor here on is not understood, I’ve been following drbrown for a some years and your contentious drum beat and the same-that of your tag team mate “really now” you have strong hint of the prodigal that finds where you live“the pig pen” just fine. I’ve witnessed very sincere people with kinder spirits than mine challenge you to see the error in your belief system, to no avail! I’ve learned what your politics are and find them anti God by your own confessions! Finding the truth is not about a way to remain in sin but to conquer it through Christ and leave it behind. I have to admit I don’t know what standard you fly. (Denomination) ___________________________ Don't presume on God. It's fatal. If faith is the assurance of things hoped for, presumption is the controlling of things wished for -- an assumption many in hell now realize. ~Mark LaCour~
OT posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.
OT posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
Here ya go Skwh310 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
OT posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
Skwh310 when you started blowing off about father‘s killing rebellious sons …… saw right through it!
OT posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
Talk about nut case and deranged, you are his mirror image, the evil progressive parading as the saviors of world wrapping yourself cloak of “sin now pay later demigod!” I don’t think your hate and disdain for Faith E’s will pass muster “love your neighbor as yourself” to be so angered by the human condition makes one intolerant, which makes you eligible for the title hypocrite, bigot….you brought it on yourself now dubbed the white old man from Maine who wreaks of duplicitous B.S who doesn’t know Old Testament covenant law from New covenant in the New Testament and can’t distinguish Levitical law was for governance of Jewish people thousands of years ago and is not enforced at present. Jesus came and fulfilled the law. Sermon on the mount! Love God and your neighbor! It is a rues how you confuse Gods word and give people black eyes with your interpretation And how you judge and call out whole segments of Christians for doing what you do! And you get out in front of God and tell people go ahead sin it ok , remarkable unbelievably wolf like false teaching like , remarkable, the word says watch out that people like you would come,I guess your here! Remarkable! You’ve done nothing but convince me . The Word of God is true and you sir are a fraud!
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
NOW? Now The Creature suddenly has too much baggage? The deranged demagogue had too much baggage in 2016 — nothing new has happened. But the hypocritical Evangelicals looked the other way, humiliating themselves with endless, laughable excuses for their orange monster; they literally sold their souls to the Devil incarnate for the promise of a stacked federal judiciary. Well, the Devil kept his promise and delivered the goods. And, for anyone who has read “Faust,” and understands its profound and prophetic message, you know what happens next.
OT posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
czarpaul ….. strategically your suggestion is what the Country needs , this statement of dr brown’s “ Without a doubt, any Republican candidate will be savaged and demonized by the leftwing media”… that to me is the real threat to democracy! It’s not Republican’s or their policy’s…..The Majority is always “KING” when it goes your way when Your Candidate wins. In a democracy someone is always the looser and we have seen and experienced sore losers on! The politics Without a doubt, . Who wants to be a loser “said no one” …. So that brings us to the other part, the spiritual part. Ephesians 6:12 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. This is what every Christian is taught in scripture ! I believe God told us this because it is vital to remember, He is working in the Spiritual realm on our behalf! He called it a battle. Perhaps a strategy discerned through prayer and fasting is in order! God Your will be done ! Please pray for 2022-2024 Holy Spirit come show us what to pray! We have hope.
czarpaul posted a comment · Jun 22, 2022
A YouGov poll isn't exactly a neutral unbiased poll. Personally I would prefer DeSantis win the nomination but Trump has great clout in the party with the voters IF he's running he WILL be the nominee! However IF someone were to convince him being outside the White House would give him a greater role he might go for that and endorse DeSantis. It would depend on how it is sold to him. He is a business man so he has to see him on the outside and DeSantis on the inside as the better decision the one that make the most sense and is most profitable to the country!
OT posted a comment · Jun 21, 2022
Until voter’s realize-no matter who runs-they are being played for patsy’s by left wing media! Trump exposed it! Russia hoax, FBI-Obama hoax spying! Government cronies thinking they had to save us from what? The real threat to democracy was not Trump it was bad actors in our government! That is the truth, but left wing media narrative is void of the real story! And now once again shifty Schiff is once again front and center stage dramatizing Jan 6th with typical democrat flair, this is what voters should be spared!