The Truth About Jewish Involvement in the Slave Trade

Posted Sep 14, 2020 by Staff


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AdvisorCamille100 posted a comment · Jun 03, 2021
Michael Brown: Trying to make light of the amount of slaves owned by Jews as well as the ships navigated from Africa by Jewish captains, does little to justify the fact that they should not have partaken in any of these things at all. The Scriptures firmly states that Jews should never forget they were "slaves in Egypt". But they did. Starting in 1946, many Jews who managed to survive the horrors of the Third Reich, settled in America's great cities, notedly New York. Those who could afford to live in its "better" neighborhoods would hire long-term or Day servants, many of whom were Women of Color. My mother was one of them, and she was treated with disrespect the whole time she had to work for them, because she really needed the money, which they paid little of. These Russian Jews- as they ate at the dinner table- constantly talked about "N-ggers" and how they disliked them, yet they expected the world to pity them for what Hitler had done to them. Yes, they were racist bigots. Whatever the case, Jews did take an active part in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade with little regard of whom they were oppressing- so exclaiming how "minute" the contribution was, is irrelevant. If you or your family were one of those slaves, there would be nothing "minute" about it.