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I am a retired Psychiatrist with over 45 years of psychiatric experience. As a Christian I am convinced that I could never vote for Hillary Clinton. She and her party support the "abortion on demand" mentality and support homosexual marriages (overturning the longstanding definition of marriage as the joining of a man and a woman. Along with supporting the rights of transgender men or women to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex. They want the same rights that "regular people" have. But the truth is that they want more than the "regular" persons have. If a "regular" young man were to walk into a ladies restroom, he could be arrested as a peeping Tom or an exhibitionist. Transgender persons could have all the rights of privacy as "regular"people have if institutions have multiple stalls in Men's rooms or Women's rooms, along with single stall rooms labelled as Men and/or Women. I am aware that Donald Trump has not always shown discipline of his tongue on many occasions, but I am convinced that if he will follow the counsel of Mike Pence. Paul Ryan, and others with level heads, he could well become as great a president as Ronald Reagen. I know that he is committed to appointing Supreme Court justices who will truly uphold steadfast adherence to our Constitution as Justice Scalia did. I believe that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will do as Obama did in appointing justices who will continue in ignoring the religious heritage of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, turning the Word of God into a lie.