Was Jesus an Orthodox Jew?

Posted Nov 05, 2019 by Staff


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Rojam057 posted a comment · Nov 27, 2019
MCamp, Jesus observed Passover. He could not have done so with out participating the sacrifice. He followed all of God's laws, thus He was without sin. He was baptized, not because He was a sinner but to fulfill all righteousness. Just because the scripture doesn't say He participated in the sacrifices it doesn't mean that He didn't. Our dear brother John said that if everything that Jesus did was recorded then the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.
MCamp posted a comment · Nov 08, 2019
Hey Michael, if Jesus was a fully-observant, first century orthodox Jew, why didn't he participate in the Temple sacrifices? There is no record of him doing that. Why did he quote Hosea and say God "desires mercy, not sacrifice."?