What Darwin Didn’t Know

Posted Feb 10, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown speaks with Dr. Fuz Rana from Reasons to Believe about what Darwin didn’t know.


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Rev. Randy K. posted a comment · Jun 18, 2016
I choose to believe that the Creator of the universe was telling the truth when He said that I am created in His image. However, if you want to believe that you evolved from a monkey Fred, you will certainly not get an argument from me.
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Fred posted a comment · Jun 17, 2016
This should be titled, "What Christian apologists don't know and don't want you to know." A visit to Talk Origins will show you the easy to understand refutations of the arguments the guest made. All of them. And he knows very well those refutations are there and that they are valid and his arguments are not. But the apologists also know you've been taught that doubt, doubting the dogmas and doctrines of the religion is not only sinful, the penalty for questioning the basic tenets of the religion is eternal damnation. So apologists know you are afraid to read the scientific literature on evolution and other science because it will cause you to doubt what you've been preconditioned to believe. You can find out that evolution is the most productive, most useful, longest standing and best established explanation we have ever had for anything bar none. But you don't want to find out and so you will continue to ignore what you can learn from science in favor of what other people have frightened you into believing. What a horrible way to live. I'll take the honest doubts of science and you can continue to sooth yourselves with the false certainties of religion. You have a choice. Don't let other people take that away from you.