Posted Mar 18, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

In my book The Silencing of the Lambs, I devote one chapter to the question: Why are these lambs so dangerous?

Which “lambs” did I have in mind?

I was speaking of ex-gay and ex-trans Christians.

Why are they considered so dangerous? Why must these lambs be silenced?

I personally know quite a few ex-gay Christians, along with an increasing number of ex-trans Christians. Most of them are extremely kind-hearted people, people who do not strike me as nasty and mean-spirited and aggressive. They have already been through a lot, and they tend to be very compassionate and caring.

Not only so, but many of them have suffered tremendous rejection over the years, because of which most are not looking for another battle.

Think about it for a moment. At one point in their lives they had to come out as gay or transgender. They may have been bullied in school. They may have lost friends over the years. Their families may have rejected them. Their churches may have spoken against them. This was the first trauma they had to survive, a trauma that could have lasted for many years.

Then, they found a new community. They found new relationships. They found others who affirmed and accepted them. They were embraced as gay or transgender. But then something else happened. They became convinced that God had a better plan.

They realized that they were not living according to His will. They cried out for forgiveness and transformation. And whether their attractions changed or their identity issues disappeared, one thing was clear to them: God did not want them to live as gay or trans.

Because of this, they had to come out again. They had to suffer rejection for a second time. They had to be criticized and vilified and even demonized for the choices they were making. And all this happened to them despite the fact that they were not being hostile or confrontational or angry or hateful. They were simply saying, “This is what the Lord has for me.”

You can read some of their stories on sites like and others, and these people seem like anything but an aggressive threat.

What, then, makes them so dangerous, to the point of people seeking to deny their very existence? Why are others in the LGBTQ community so hostile to them, even saying, “You are lying! You know inside who you really are. You are just putting on an act. You do not exist!” Why this reaction? Why does their existence pose such a threat?

And why pass laws in state after state and country after country making it illegal for people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-identity confusion to get professional help?

The answer is simply this. If there is such a thing as ex-gay or ex-trans, then the whole idea that you are “born that way” goes out the window. If it is true that being homosexual or bisexual or transgender is not innate and immutable, then these things cannot rightly be compared to skin color, in which case “LGBTQ rights” cannot rightly be compared to the Civil Rights movement.

Yet that concept has undergirded LGBTQ activism for decades. “This is who we are! We were born this way, and we cannot change, and it is cruel and inhumane to suggest otherwise.”

The very existence, therefore, of ex-gay and ex-trans individuals challenges this foundational assumption. It also says, “Even if you were born gay or trans, the fact is that all of us are born broken and flawed and fallen as human beings. And to all of us Jesus says, ‘You must be born again!’ Plus, the bottom line is that there is no reputable scientific evidence that we were born this way, and our own lives prove that change is possible.”

That is why the very existence of ex-gay and ex-trans individuals must be so strenuously denied. They completely undermine one of the main pillars of LGBTQ activism. That is why they are considered such dangerous lambs.

That is also one reason why there are such vigorous efforts to make it illegal for individuals to pursue change. (I dubbed one bill pushed in California two years ago the “Must Stay Gay Bill.”) If change is possible, then neither homosexuality nor transgenderism can be the new black.

And that’s why, in today’s cancel culture, there is a group of lambs with a giant target on their backs. They have crossed a forbidden line. They have claimed that change is possible. That is why they must be silenced.

With our help, standing in solidarity and support of this small but growing community, that will not happen.


Excerpted and adapted from Michael L. Brown, The Silencing of the Lambs: The Ominous Rise of Cancel Culture and How We Can Overcome It.

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OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
I have no issue with people living how they like. But messing with innocent children in schools is grooming! Criminal and beyond the pail!
OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
Dr. Browns is a lightning rod because of his countering lgbt activism while Really Now is drawn here to counter and critique Christians and their out dated beliefs! I say this!Ask God And He will answer! That is if your “Really” are interested and “Really” want to know. He will speak . I pray your daughter comes to that place and asks and finds deliverance , wholeness of being! Amen
OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
Really Now, there you go doing it again! right on cue fein blindness to all the facts pretend there are not any challenges to the physical, biological complications to homosexual and lesbian physiology they don’t complete each other or compliment each other, not able in continuing the human species, human kind, to say otherwise is what called a counterfeit not ideal. Plus the fact not God but satan as a counterfeit intended it! Sad thing is you go around selling it like it works … but people listen to your pitch while scratching their heads in disbelief being sold a lie! I recognize is a lightning rod and that is why you are here peddling your lies! Your frustration shows your anger shows and your fear of losing ground… losing the battle! But to Christian’s the battle belongs to the Lord! Pray for your daughter! Jesus is able!
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Really now posted a comment · Apr 02, 2022
Wow, EXACTLY like the definition of ‘homophobia’ I included, you have an immense and irrational fear, don’t you?? What are you so darn scared of?? So ‘funny’ too, as the phrase ‘do not fear’ appears more times in ‘God’s word’ than any other phrase. I feel sorry for you.
YJS17 posted a comment · Apr 01, 2022
Translation of RN's rant: I'm willing to ignore the dangers behind sodomy and lesbianism (as well as fornication in general) and blindly condemn my opponents of bigotry just so I can win brownie points with my sodomite and lesbian friends! What could possibly go wrong? Just know that, aside from the health risks behind sodomy, lesbianism, and other forms of fornication, homosexual activism has helped give birth to all of the major fascist movements throughout history (Nazism being one of the most notable ones), and attacks on Christians and Christian institutions by homosexuals is nothing new under the sun. There were sodomites and lesbians blaspheming God and persecuting His loyal followers in Biblical times, too. Like I said, homosexuality is lust, not love, because sodomy and lesbianism only serve to achieve sexual pleasure and thus spread STDs around like wildfire due to unrestricted sexual activity that doesn't result in procreation.
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Really now posted a comment · Apr 01, 2022
Nice. Ya, good idea. Gently tell your child the ‘truth’ - that they are an abomination. The thing is, our daughter’s youth group friends already told her this. As did her youth group leader. ‘You are rotten to the core and are not a part of God’s perfect intention for sexuality or mankind’. Nice. Well, all I can say is just try that approach with YOUR child. I can 100% guarantee that your happy, smiling, cutesy ‘all is well’ pic of your perfect lil family will be the last, as your kid will see through things and call your behaviour what it is - homophobia. ‘Homophobia can take many different forms, including negative attitudes and beliefs about, aversion to, or prejudice against bisexual, lesbian, and gay people. It’s often based in irrational fear and misunderstanding. Some people’s homophobia may be rooted in conservative religious beliefs. People may hold homophobic beliefs if they were taught them by parents and families’.
YJS17 posted a comment · Apr 01, 2022
Also, the right of children to get to know their biological parents well takes precedence over the sexual desires of adults. Children do best when they get to know their biological parents and bond with them. Homosexual and polyamorous couples rob them of that experience and thus fail to bring them up as well no matter how hard they try. Men cannot be mothers nor can women be fathers. Your "equality" and "love is love" arguments are BS. Homosexuality is NOT love; it's lust. Yes, it's wrong to treat homosexuals as inferior. But it's also dishonest to pretend as though nothing is wrong with sodomy or lesbianism (or any other type of sexual immoral behavior). "Homophobia" has become a meme following the same format as "Islamophobia"- just as how any legitimate criticisms of Islam are conflated with bigotry towards Muslims as people, so are any or all legitimate criticisms of homosexuality mistaken for bigotry towards homosexuals as people.
YJS17 posted a comment · Apr 01, 2022
If my kids came out as gay, I'd sit them down for a talk to tell them why I disapprove of the path they're choosing. Even if they're my kids, homosexuality wrong and I need to teach them that! Abandoning them is out of the question because that solves nothing. But the same goes for affirming their choices. And no, it's not normal; homosexual behavior has dozens of negative consequences. Cancer, STDs, and a bevy of other health problems are especially prevalent among homosexuals for a reason. Sex is meant for procreation and nothing more. Nobody should have sex unless they want children. The moment you make sex revolve around pleasure and lust is the moment you fall into sexual depravity, a world where things like rape, incest, and epidemics or pandemics caused by STDs are commonplace. Homosexual sex is unable to initiate procreation, so the only goal it can accomplish is bringing about sexual pleasure and satisfying one's lust. There's a reason why the Bible condemns it so much. Yes, heterosexual activity can also lead into sexual depravity under certain circumstances, but the Bible condemns these types of heterosexual behavior as well. So, no, this isn't "anti-gay"; it's a justified moral position. There is NO excuse for having sex solely for nonprocreational reasons.
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 30, 2022
The evil ‘agenda’ is to be treated as equals, and as deserving as ‘belonging’ as anyone else. How HORRIFIC!! Is that your family?? Tell me, what would YOU do if one of your kids came out?? And don’t for a second say ‘oh that would never happen!’ We brought our kids up in the traditional Christian setting - Sunday school, youth group, both were baptized as teens. We prayed for them EVERY DAY. Our youngest came out as gay when she was 16. I used to think like you, but not now. It changed my life. I now celebrate, accept, and adore her more than ever. I love her and her straight sister equally as much. They both are ‘normal’ and both belong. Tell me. What would YOU do???
YJS17 posted a comment · Mar 29, 2022
Typical of progressives and homosexual activists to attack us like this when we just want to make it clear that homosexuality and gender identity disorder are dangerous. You CAN'T be "born that way"; that is complete nonsense. The "gay gene" myth was debunked years ago. Same goes with the "born trans" myth. Not one bit of scientific evidence proves that one can be "born into the wrong body" or "have a gay gene"; there is far too much a difference between men and women for transvestite delusions to be justified, and identical twins have a 52% chance at best of sharing the same sexuality. It's also ironic how you want us to "stop hating", yet you hate on us all the time. But then again, this isn't the first time homosexual activists have used fascist tactics- homosexuals have always had a disproportionate presence among fascist movements. Nazism especially owes a lot of existence to the German homosexual subculture. And don't get me started on how the "Gay Holocaust" is a myth- homosexual casualties of the Holocaust were a drop in the bucket compared with all other casualties (especially the Jewish ones), and the casualty rates for homosexuals amount to 1% at most for all German homosexuals and 0% for foreign homosexuals. That's compared with an over 60% casualty rate for Jews across the entire European continent! German Jews had it especially bad, with a casualty rate of nearly 81%. Sodomites and lesbians need to stop whining about how bad they had it during the Holocaust when they themselves were largely complicit in it (and yes, a lot of the Holocaust was gay-on-straight violence).
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 25, 2022
OT, why are you sooooooo fixated on pointing out the ‘sins’ of others?? Does it make for a nice distraction from Your own shortcomings?? Or just make you feel separate and superior from those dirty gays you despise so much??? Jesus would be shaking his head. Love the ‘sinner’, hate YOUR OWN sin he’d say.
OT posted a comment · Mar 24, 2022
All levitical stuff you mentioned shellfish and the like fall under ceremonial law and were fulfilled in Christ your progressive thought makes huge assumptions ’ So sorry RN you once again are showing your lack of understanding of the scripture ,moral law does not change for sentiment fathers who’s daughter is lost in sin and is not subject to progressive mental gymnastics! to clear her way to live in sin God never said it’s better rob let the the sentimental heart strings distort what God said and what God calls sin of Homosexuality! Sorry RN your wrong! Telling people the need to grow up ! Sorry but your the one who’s all puffed up and speaks nonsense…I don’t need you to agree! The word that you use that betrays you is progressive. I’m not ashamed of anything said about not knowing God and what He says sin is! You loose if that’s what it’s all about for you!
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 24, 2022
Right…..except for the Levitical laws about having tattoos, eating shellfish, wearing garments made of different fabrics, etc etc etc….which were ‘written by God’, and adhered to for centuries. And then…..God himself changed his mind, and apparently told us to think differently about those ‘commandments’. So, your own book provides evidence of progressive thought. Jesus himself said ‘you have heard it said, but I say…’ So sorry ‘OT’, you once again are showing your lack of understanding of your own God, and how important it is to NOT hang on to silly rules, but instead focus on PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS. Time to grow up, and stop this perseveration on people who are different.
OT posted a comment · Mar 23, 2022
There are different law classification , Moral, Ceremonial , Judicial. Moral law transcends time and culture, laws spoken of in Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. / that includes women with women …moral law 5: Honor your father and your mother. :7You shall not commit adultery. Refers to marriage and sexuality in the Ten Commandments are moral laws for all people in all places at all times, universal moral laws transcend time and culture they don’t change. : (
OT posted a comment · Mar 21, 2022
Romans 1: 26For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.
OT posted a comment · Mar 21, 2022
RN I’m not helping you do anything. Homosexuality is a sin. It denounces procreation categorically. You are calling what God calls sinful and you are calling it righteous. Stop deny the very existents of God. You do all that so you can call sin good! You can’t do that. Homosexuality is what God calls an abomination. He destroyed a city S & G who embraced it yes homosexuality has been around for along time! You are not doing anyone a favor by telling them it’s all good when it’s not! I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I will ! homosexuality is a sin ! Repent ask God for help and God will Help! Gods word is true ! What it says is true! You are in the minority:(
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 21, 2022
OT, you are helping me make my point. EVERY VERSE you cite was written by ancient man. EVERY ONE OF THEM. These Ancient men had a VERY primitive understanding of their physical worlds, and their writings constantly referenced this FACT. To deny the fact that the bible was written thru the eyes, ears, cultures, experiences, and emotions of MAN, is like denying the fact that we all breath air.
OT posted a comment · Mar 20, 2022
Church, be salt and light.
OT posted a comment · Mar 19, 2022
You are a liar … New Testament refers to it in Romans 1:26–27, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10, and 1 Timothy 1:9–10 What was immoral in the Old Testament is still immoral in the New. Jude 7 — American Standard Version (ASV 1901) 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them, having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire. Hell It’s there you wishing it away doesn’t poof make disappear!
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 19, 2022
The Old Testament references condemning homosexuality were written by ancient man, doing their best to understand what ‘God wants’, and doesn’t want. They had an EXTREMELY primitive understanding of human behaviour. As much as it pains you, we have NO IDEA what God wants, and our best default is to love, celebrate, and accept ALL people….and admit that NONE OF US are any ‘better’ or ‘righteous’ than anyone else. God doesn’t play favourites.
OT posted a comment · Mar 19, 2022
Jesus help the world that you love!
OT posted a comment · Mar 19, 2022
To stand here flat-footed and speak about the issue of homosexuality and call it what it is. God has made it clear homosexuality is a sin. Giving people a wink and saying it’s all good is not a loving thing to do!
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Really now posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
The debate about ‘being born that way’ or not is moot. Who cares. It doesn’t matter. Homosexuality and having different gender expressions are NORMAL variations of human sexuality and identity. NORMAL. The Fundamentalists need to move on. Grow up. Find something else to direct your outrage at, and leave these PEOPLE alone.
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SteveF posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
So well stated with moral truth. Sad thing is those that oppose this reality will search for another (flawed) argument to refute your correct one.
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Anne posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
To a previous commenter: Wouldn't you want your daughter or your son to marry someone who has been transformed by Christ, and is growing in their likeness to Him? For a new creation in Christ, heck is no longer inevitable.
OT posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
Thank you Dr Brown for the stand you’ve taken. Your critics will be silenced by Gods truth in scripture! Thank you for standing with ex gay ex trans who finally found their way and are at peace, Skwh310 who gives a %**>%^think or want! Your a shit stiring bully nobody !
Swkh310 posted a comment · Mar 18, 2022
I could care less if someone is an "Ex-" anything. But, I sure as heck wouldn't want one of them to marry my daughter or my son.