Why Isn’t the Book of Jasher in the Bible?

Posted Jul 13, 2020 by Staff


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SteveW posted a comment · Jul 14, 2020
Hi Michael - You are plain wrong when you say the original book of Jasher does not exist today. Also given the quality of today's scholarship the fact that they do not believe it exists today does not say a lot, to be frank. You are also mistaken in saying that Yasher isn't in the Bible because it does not exist anymore. Even if it does exist (which it does) that in no way means it should be in the Bible - where are you getting that argument from? I get the distinct impression that you have not studied Jasher in-depth yourself (happy to be proved wrong) and are resting your case on what "scholars" say. That's not being a Berean is it? I could quote many examples to support this view, but one is Ezekiel 29:3 and 29:9, which are unclear without the context given in Jasher 79:51 (I encourage you to look this up). Ezekiel and his early readers would have been aware of this but the context provide by Jasher has been lost today. God Bless. Steve.