Is The Biblical View of Morality Unconstitutional

Posted Jun 16, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Guest Alex McFarland



I am a gay male. I believe that God created me with a gay sexual orientation and that I should live my life accordingly. This is a sincere religious belief and under the U.S. Constitution I have a right to live as I believe that God intended for me to live. I live my life openly without fear. "Laws" which were designed to limit my rights are always ignored because they are unconstitutional. Biblical laws only apply to church people; not to people outside the church. Churches are free to impose moral restrictions on their members but they can not impose their beliefs on non-members. Actually, most churches are having a hard time enforcing Biblical laws on their own members.

Washington was the wealthiest man in America at that time. That, plus the factor that he was a war monger, was really why he became president. The constitution was created to control the country in a way that benefited the elite rich, it had nothing to do with biblical law or Christianity. When they said "all men are created equal" they really meant all-white rich men were. There were plenty of slaves who were never treated equally by the fathers, as well as native americans and poor whites. In addition, when washington presided over the formation of the constitution, what was biblical about "our god (?) given right to pursue happiness?" since when does the bible say to go after a luxury house, a sexy wife, fame, power, etc, as has been defined as bringing happiness. Why not word it to pursue righteousness, or good of mankind, or justice, or the like? These were highly intelligent men carefully wording the constitution deliberately. Freemasons, as they were, and every president ever in office, worship Lucifer. On the back of the one-dollar bill is a pyramid (what has that got to do with the US, it is Egypt land of slavery) on top (one nation under god) is an eye, the eye of Horus (Egyptian symbol for lucifer), beneath in Latin (language of Roman catholic church) is novus ordo seclorum- New world order-- proof of their real agenda- -EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE by michael kahn on amazon as an ebook for $2