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Posted Jul 09, 2021

Is Religion the Opiate of the Masses?

Posted Jun 21, 2021

Is There Biblical Support For Astrology?

Posted Jun 15, 2021

Can Christians Be Superstitious?

Posted Jun 08, 2021

Does Luck Exist?

Posted Oct 21, 2020

What is Holiness?

Posted Oct 20, 2020

Why Do the American Majority of Jews Vote Democrat?

Posted Oct 13, 2020

What is the Balfour Declaration?

Posted Oct 12, 2020

'You are Gods' John 10:34 Explained

Posted Oct 09, 2020

What Are the Ten Days of Awe?

Posted Oct 06, 2020

To the Jew First

Posted Oct 05, 2020

What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?

Posted Sep 30, 2020

Why Was Jesus Accused of Blasphemy?

Posted Aug 20, 2020

The Danger of Self Deception

Posted Aug 18, 2020

Can You Be Trans and Christian?

Posted Aug 14, 2020

Dr. Brown Explains His Eschatology

Posted Aug 10, 2020

Are You In Danger of Losing Your Salvation?

Posted Aug 05, 2020

Honor Your Father and Mother

Posted Aug 04, 2020

Why I'm Not King James Only

Posted Jul 29, 2020

Beware the Hyper-Critics

Posted Jul 27, 2020

What is Jewish Birthright?

Posted Jul 23, 2020

What Is Transubstantiation?

Posted Jul 14, 2020

What Christians Get Wrong About the Messianic Prophecies

Posted Jul 13, 2020

Why Isn’t the Book of Jasher in the Bible?

Posted Jun 22, 2020

The Outpouring of the Spirit and Jewish Evangelism

Posted Jun 15, 2020

How to Witness to a Religious Jew

Posted Jun 15, 2020

Did Church Fathers Believe the Book of Enoch to be Holy Scripture?

Posted Jun 12, 2020

What Christians Get Wrong About the Culture Wars

Posted Jun 04, 2020

Why Socialism is not Biblical

Posted Jun 03, 2020

Is the Star of David a Demonic Symbol?

Posted May 29, 2020

Why I Reject a Pre-tribulation Rapture

Posted May 27, 2020

Do Religious Jews Believe in Substitutionary Atonement?

Posted May 22, 2020

Is the Mosaic Law Obsolete?

Posted May 19, 2020

Does the Quran Explicitly Teach Violence?

Posted May 18, 2020

Why Must I Believe in Jesus to Be Saved?

Posted May 18, 2020

What Judaism Gets Wrong About the Messianic Prophecies

Posted May 11, 2020

Are Black Hebrew Israelites a Dangerous Cult?

Posted May 08, 2020

How Are Women Treated in Islam?

Posted May 06, 2020

Would You Want Muhammad to Be Your Neighbor?

Posted May 05, 2020

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Posted May 04, 2020

How Has Islam Been Spread Throughout the Centuries?

Posted May 04, 2020

Debunking the Khazar Myth

Posted Apr 29, 2020

Has the Quran Been ‘Perfectly Preserved’?

Posted Apr 28, 2020

What is Dominion Theology?

Posted Apr 27, 2020

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Posted Apr 27, 2020

Do Muslims Have Assurance of Salvation?

Posted Apr 22, 2020

What is the Meaning of the Hebrew Word L'chaim?

Posted Apr 21, 2020

What Does The Bible Say About Generosity?

Posted Apr 20, 2020

Who is Jesus in Islam?

Posted Apr 20, 2020

What Does Discipleship Look Like During the Coronavirus?

Posted Apr 20, 2020

What is the Spirit Saying to the Church Through the Coronavirus?

Posted Apr 14, 2020

Can You Prove That Jesus Rose From The Dead?

Posted Apr 14, 2020

How Did the Fall Affect Humanity?

Posted Apr 10, 2020

Is It Possible For a Person's Name To Be Erased From The Book Of Life?

Posted Apr 06, 2020

Is Judaism a Works Based Religion?

Posted Apr 02, 2020

Separation of Church and State

Posted Apr 01, 2020

Are Charismatics Really Sola Scriptura?

Posted Mar 12, 2020

Why Have Jews Been Kicked Out of So Many Countries?

Posted Mar 10, 2020

Why is Satan Released After the Millennial Reign of Jesus?

Posted Mar 02, 2020

Does God Forgive Unforgiveness?

Posted Feb 26, 2020

Resist the Devil

Posted Feb 21, 2020

Is the Sinner's Prayer Biblical?

Posted Feb 18, 2020

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Posted Feb 10, 2020

Jewish Zombies??!!

Posted Feb 07, 2020

Church Discipline

Posted Jan 13, 2020

Should Messianic Jews Observe the Sabbath?

Posted Jan 09, 2020

Should Women Teach in the Church?

Posted Jan 06, 2020

How to Respond When Christian Leaders Fall

Posted Jan 06, 2020

Are Oneness Pentecostals Saved?

Posted Dec 26, 2019

Is Anyone Beyond Redemption?

Posted Dec 20, 2019

Do Religious Jews Want to Build the Jerusalem Third Temple?

Posted Dec 17, 2019

Are There Prophets Today?

Posted Dec 10, 2019

Why I'm Not Catholic

Posted Dec 06, 2019

Why Faith is Foundational

Posted Dec 02, 2019

Why the Maccabees Aren't in the Bible

Posted Nov 29, 2019

Is Christianity Anti-Semitic?

Posted Nov 27, 2019

Where is Heaven?

Posted Nov 21, 2019

Can you Talk to your Dearly Departed Loved Ones?

Posted Nov 20, 2019

Should We Meet in House Churches?

Posted Nov 13, 2019

Messianic Judaism Vs Christianity

Posted Nov 05, 2019

Was Jesus an Orthodox Jew?

Posted Nov 04, 2019

What Does It Means To Make Disciples?

Posted Nov 01, 2019

Call No Man Rabbi

Posted Oct 30, 2019

Has Anyone Ever Seen God?

Posted Oct 28, 2019

Is the Nicene Creed Biblical?

Posted Oct 23, 2019

How Should Christians Respond to the Culture Wars?

Posted Oct 16, 2019

What are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Posted Oct 14, 2019

Are the 'Seven Deadly Sins' Biblical?

Posted Oct 10, 2019

Are Jehovahs Witnesses Christians?

Posted Oct 09, 2019

Do The Jewish People Expect a Literal Messiah?

Posted Oct 08, 2019

What Does it Mean to 'Repent and Believe'?

Posted Oct 07, 2019

Can You be a Mason and a Follower of Jesus?

Posted Oct 07, 2019

What the Bible Says About Angel Worship

Posted Oct 04, 2019

Why Im Not Dogmatic on the Creation Account

Posted Sep 30, 2019

Does Your Religious Upbringing Determine Your Faith?

Posted Sep 29, 2019

Is Reformed Theology Anti-Semitic?

Posted Sep 28, 2019

Are Mormons Christians?

Posted Sep 27, 2019

What is New Jerusalem in Revelation?

Posted Sep 27, 2019

Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitic?

Posted Sep 25, 2019

What is Biblical Meditation?

Posted Sep 23, 2019

Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?

Posted Sep 20, 2019

Who are the 144000 in the Book of Revelation?

Posted Sep 19, 2019

What are the Noahide Laws?

Posted Sep 17, 2019

Is the Doctrine of Total Depravity Biblical?

Posted Sep 16, 2019

Why Read the Boring Parts of the Bible?

Posted Sep 13, 2019

Was Sabbath Changed to Sunday?

Posted Aug 27, 2019

Why Would a Good God Allow Evil to Exist?

Posted Jul 29, 2019

Are Mega Churches Biblical?

Posted Jul 24, 2019

Does the New Testament Teach Human Sacrifice?

Posted Jul 24, 2019

Exercising Spiritual Gifts

Posted Jul 22, 2019

What Bible Verses Show Jesus Claimed to be God?

Posted Jul 19, 2019

Satan in the Jewish Bible

Posted Jul 16, 2019

What Evidence is there for the Miracles in the Bible?

Posted Jul 15, 2019

What is the Apocrypha?

Posted Jul 13, 2019

Did the Jews Kill Jesus?

Posted Jul 12, 2019

Bible Mistranslations Part 3 (Alma)

Posted Jul 08, 2019

Antisemitism and the New Testament

Posted Jul 05, 2019

Why Would God Need People to Worship Him?

Posted Jul 02, 2019

Anti-Semitic Myths: Jewish World Domination

Posted Jul 01, 2019

Are All Sins Equal?

Posted Jun 21, 2019

Dr. Brown and Dr. Leighton Flowers: Q and A on Calvinism

Posted Jun 20, 2019

Is Physical Healing Provided For In The Atonement?

Posted Mar 23, 2019

What is the State of the Church in America Today?

Posted Jun 05, 2018

Who are the Real Jews?

Posted May 21, 2018

What is Shavuot?

Posted May 15, 2018

What Does it Mean to be 'Unequally Yoked'?

Posted May 13, 2018

Is GOD a a Misogynist?

Posted Apr 30, 2018

Is Satan Omnipresent?

Posted Apr 27, 2018

Avoid This Dangerous 'End Times' Deception

Posted Apr 18, 2018

Misused Bible Verses Part 2

Posted Apr 13, 2018

Misused Bible Verses Part 1

Posted Apr 06, 2018

Does the Bible Say Things Will Get Worse?

Posted Apr 05, 2018

Was the Bible Written by God or Men?

Posted Mar 30, 2018

How Did Passover and Easter Get Separated?

Posted Mar 19, 2018

The Real Truth About the Paleo Hebrew Script

Dr. Brown debunks the myth that the paleo-Hebrew script preserved original pictographic meanings.
Posted Mar 12, 2018

Will The Whole World Become Christian?

Posted Mar 12, 2018

Did God Harden Pharaoh's Heart?

Posted Mar 07, 2018

Did God Create Sin?

Posted Mar 02, 2018

What is Liberation Theology?

Posted Feb 23, 2018

Are 'Parachurch' Organizations Biblical?

Posted Feb 14, 2018

Is the Talmud Anti-Christian?

Posted Feb 14, 2018

If God is Love, Why Does He Condemn Homosexuality?

Posted Jan 03, 2018

Should Followers of Jesus Cast Out Demons?

Posted Dec 21, 2017

Do Atheists Hate God?

Posted Dec 21, 2017

Did Paul Change the Gospel?

Posted Dec 18, 2017

What is the Five-Fold Ministry?

Posted Dec 11, 2017

What is a "Biblical Worldview"?

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Posted Dec 06, 2017

What is the Importance of Hanukkah?

Posted Nov 30, 2017

Does God Predestine People to Hell?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Nov 25, 2017

Are There Things God Cannot Do?

The Bible says that “with God, all things are possible” - but are there things that God can't do?
Posted Nov 16, 2017

Who are the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation?

Dr. Brown looks at Revelation 7:4
Posted Nov 04, 2017

Has Christianity 'Replaced' Judaism?

Dr. Brown addresses the question, Has Christianity 'Replaced' Judaism?
Posted Oct 28, 2017

Does the Bible Teach Corporal Punishment?

Posted Oct 28, 2017

Does God Bless Those Who Bless Israel?

Is the promise of Genesis 12:3 still true for today?
Posted Oct 04, 2017

How Do You Reconcile Belief in God with Science?

Dr. Brown takes a closer look at the common assumption that science and faith are irreconcilable.
Posted Sep 30, 2017

Should Christians Send Their Kids to College?

Mission field or minefield?
Posted Sep 14, 2017

What Is Your Theological Beef with Dr. Brown?

Dr. Brown will do his best to respond once to each person commenting here until October 15, 2017.
Posted Sep 13, 2017

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Sep 07, 2017

What Does the Bible Say About Immigration?

Dr. Brown weighs in on this controversial topic.
Posted Sep 04, 2017

Should Believers Celebrate Halloween?

Is Halloween wrong or evil?
Posted Aug 25, 2017

Where was God? (Holocaust)

Dr. Brown tackles an agonizingly difficult question.
Posted Aug 21, 2017

Is Jesus Just a Copy of the Pagan Gods?

Dr. Brown refutes the notion that the Jesus is a copy of pagan gods.
Posted Aug 18, 2017

Should Believers Identify as Christians?

Dr. Brown explains how followers of Jesus came to be called 'Christians'
Posted Aug 12, 2017

What is the Mark of Cain?

What can we make of Genesis 4:15?
Posted Aug 08, 2017

Old Testament vs. New Testament Prophets

How are they different? What are their similarities?
Posted Aug 02, 2017

Do Babies Who Die go to Heaven?

What does the Bible say?
Posted Jul 26, 2017

Why Don't Most Jews Believe in Jesus?

If Jesus is the Messiah, why is it that the majority of Jewish people do not follow him?
Posted Jul 19, 2017

Is it God's Will for Every Sick Person to be Healed?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Jul 15, 2017

How Do We Know The Bible Has Not Been Changed?

Dr. Brown addresses one of the most common objections to the Bible.
Posted Jul 11, 2017

Did Spiritual Gifts Cease with the Completion of the Canon?

Is cessationism Biblical?
Posted Jul 05, 2017

Are 'Discernment Ministries' Biblical?

In the same way you judge others, you will be judged.
Posted Jul 04, 2017

Are Jews Who Follow Jesus Still Jewish?

Do Jews who follow Jesus convert to Christianity? Dr. Brown explains.
Posted Jun 26, 2017

Do Jews Have a Divine Right to the Promised Land?

The Scriptures are clear.
Posted Jun 19, 2017

The Real Jewish Messiah: Dr. Brown Debates Rabbi Blumenthal (Part 2 of 3, Rebuttal)

This is Dr. Brown’s rebuttal’s to Rabbi Blumenthal’s presentation on the Real Jewish Messiah. For Rabbi Blumenthal’s...
Posted Jun 15, 2017

Was Hitler a Christian?

Dr. Brown addresses this common misconception.
Posted Jun 13, 2017

Do All Believers Have Guardian Angels?

Is this just a popular myth?
Posted Jun 12, 2017

How can I be 'Born Again'?

What did Jesus mean when He said we must be born again?
Posted Jun 05, 2017

Is the Bible Infallible?

Dr. Brown explores the question and explains why he believes the Bible is God's reliable Word.
Posted May 31, 2017

Why Are There So Many Denominations?

Do denominations exist due to division or distinction?
Posted May 27, 2017

Faith vs. Works?

How are we justified in God's sight? Dr. Brown delves into the Scriptures.
Posted May 21, 2017

What is the Doctrine of Demons?

When Paul wrote about the “doctrine of demons,” was he referring to one specific doctrine or was it a general statement?
Posted May 09, 2017

Do Animals go to Heaven?

Does the Bible address this question?
Posted May 05, 2017

Was Abraham A Jew?

How could Abraham be a Jew if there was no such thing as Jew or Gentile in his day? Dr. Brown responds.
Posted Apr 27, 2017

Salvation and Social Action Go Hand in Hand

Dr. Brown explains why he does not believe there is a conflict between preaching the gospel of salvation and being involved...
Posted Apr 21, 2017

What is the Best English Bible Translation?

Is there one English translation of the Bible that is the best? Dr. Brown weighs in.
Posted Apr 18, 2017

Is the Rapture Biblical?

Does the Bible teach a pre-tribulation rapture of the church?
Posted Apr 07, 2017

Praying to Jesus?

Should Christians direct their prayers to Jesus, to the Father, to both, or does it matter?
Posted Apr 03, 2017

What is the Mark of the Beast?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 27, 2017

Is there a Difference between Addiction and Sin?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures.
Posted Mar 23, 2017

Can Apostates Repent and Return to God?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 19, 2017

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 13, 2017

How far does Submission to our Spiritual Leaders go?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 09, 2017

When should a Christian be Disfellowshipped?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 04, 2017

What Is The Fear of the Lord?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures and looks at what is the 'Fear of the Lord' and how it benefits believers.
Posted Feb 27, 2017

Does the Bible call Christian Leaders to be Celibate?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures and looks at verses often used to teach 'Clerical celibacy'.
Posted Feb 20, 2017

Was Jesus Politically Correct?

Jesus shows us how to care about people and be faithful to God no matter what the cost or consequence.
Posted Feb 15, 2017

Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed?

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Posted Feb 11, 2017

Can Prayer Change God's Mind?

Does God ever change His mind, and can prayer influence His decisions?
Posted Feb 06, 2017

Once Saved Always Saved?

Is the doctrine of “once saved, always saved” true?
Posted Feb 01, 2017

Did the Jewish People Reject Jesus?

Did the Jewish people bring down a lasting curse on their heads in Matthew 27:25?
Posted Jan 30, 2017

What Is the Blasphemy of the Spirit?

How does someone know if they have committed the cardinal sin?
Posted Jan 23, 2017

Who Are the Nephilim?

What does Genesis 6:4 describe, and it is possible that there are Nephilim on the earth today?
Posted Jan 19, 2017

Do Jews Need to Be Saved?

Does God deal differently with Jews then Gentiles when it comes to salvation?
Posted Jan 14, 2017

What Happens After I Die?

Do believers go immediately into God’s presence at death, or into a soul sleep until the resurrection?
Posted Jan 10, 2017

Do You Need to Be Baptized to Be Saved?

Have we minimized the importance of water baptism?
Posted Jan 01, 2017

Is Everything that Happens God’s Will?

It is clear from the Bible that God preordains some things, but does He preordain all things?
Posted Dec 29, 2016

Are the 10 Commandments for Today?

Specifically, is Jesus mandating the 10 commandments in John 14:15?
Posted Dec 26, 2016

Why Apologetics?

Guest Alex McFarland
Posted Dec 19, 2016

Are You A 'Trinitarian'?

What, exactly, does Dr. Brown believe about the doctrine of the Trinity?
Posted Dec 12, 2016

Did Jesus Go to Hell?

Did Jesus descend into hell after He died on the cross? If so, did He suffer for our sins there, or did He proclaim His...
Posted Dec 08, 2016

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Is this a matter of a personal conviction, or is Christmas a pagan holiday?
Posted Dec 06, 2016

What Are the Characteristics of a Destructive Critical Spirit?

Discernment is good, but a critical, fault-finding, nitpicking spirit can be destructive.
Posted Dec 01, 2016

Did Paul Sometimes Give His Personal Opinion or Are All His Writings Inspired?

When Paul sometimes says it is him speaking rather than the Lord, does that mean we can take or leave his opinion? Or are...
Posted Nov 28, 2016

Are The Blessings and Curses in Deuteronomy 28 for Today?

If we are no longer under the Sinai covenant, how do we apply the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy 28 to believers today...
Posted Nov 25, 2016

What is the Origin of Evil?

Guest Alex McFarland
Posted Nov 21, 2016

Is Great Faith a Gift from God or Can We Grow in Our Faith?

Is each believer assigned a certain measure of faith, or can we grow in faith and develop our faith?
Posted Nov 15, 2016

Is Interracial Marriage Condemned in the Bible

Some Christians have used the Bible to condemn interracial marriage. Are they misusing the Bible?
Posted Nov 09, 2016

Why Are People with Bad Theology Often Blessed by God

How can it be that people with bad theology are often blessed, healed, or delivered – seemingly by the Lord
Posted Nov 08, 2016

Hebrew Idioms in the Bible

Dr. Brown gives some examples of Hebrew idioms in the Bible, not all of which are properly translated into English.
Posted Nov 01, 2016

Is Unbelief a Sin?

The Bible teaches plainly that unbelievers are under God’s judgment. Does that mean it’s a sin to experience unbelief?
Posted Oct 26, 2016

How Should We Define Holiness

On my newest teaching video, I answer the question: What, exactly, does the Bible mean when it speaks of holiness and being...
Posted Oct 21, 2016

Insights into Tabernacles

Dr. Brown shares some fascinating scriptural background concerning the Feast of Tabernacles
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Sinners or Saints?

According to the New Testament, should followers of Jesus view themselves as sinners or saints?
Posted Oct 17, 2016

Your Sin Will Find You Out

Dr. Brown explains the practical meaning of Numbers 32:23.
Posted Oct 12, 2016

Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement

Dr. Brown focuses on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, looking at the Bible, Jewish tradition, and key questions regarding...
Posted Oct 08, 2016

Is God a Moral Monster?

How do we explain God’s command to Israel to exterminate the Canaanites?
Posted Oct 03, 2016

The God of the Old Testament vs. The God of the New Testament

Is the God of the New Testament the same as the God of the New Testament? Is one a Consuming Fire and the other a...
Posted Sep 28, 2016

Dr. Brown Corrects Rabbi Blumenthal

Dr. Brown responds to Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal’s latest video and sets the record straight, exposing the rabbis...
Posted Sep 26, 2016

Why Should We Study The Bible?

Posted Sep 26, 2016

Do All the Words of Jesus Apply to Us Today?

Posted Sep 16, 2016

What’s the Difference Between the Sinai Covenant and the New Covenant?

In what ways is the New Covenant better than the Sinai Covenant? And are either of these covenants in total effect right...
Posted Sep 13, 2016

What Does Turn the Other Cheek Mean

What did Jesus mean when He instructed not to “resist evil” but to “turn the other check” when someone slaps us in the face...
Posted Sep 09, 2016

What Does It Mean to “Pray Through”?

We sometimes hear the expression “praying through,” but what does this mean and how do we do it?
Posted Sep 06, 2016

Is America in the Bible?

Is America specifically mentioned in the Bible? And when the Scriptures speak of “all nations” attacking Jerusalem, does...
Posted Aug 30, 2016

At What Point Do We Brand Something Heresy?

When do we agree to differ with one another as believers, and when do we brand something heresy?
Posted Aug 26, 2016

Is it Biblical to Hate?

Jesus taught us to love our enemies, yet other scriptures seem to point to what could be called a “holy hatred.” How do we...
Posted Aug 19, 2016

Does the Bible Support Segregation?

Does the “mark of Cain” or the cursing of Canaan signify that some races are inferior to others?
Posted Aug 15, 2016

A Russian Israeli Olympic Athlete Escapes Death and Meets the Messiah

Posted Aug 08, 2016

Do You Have to Speak in Tongues to Be Saved

On this video, Dr. Brown answers the question on whether speaking in tongues is a necessary sign for salvation and also...
Posted Aug 05, 2016

Is the New Testament Reliable?

How sure can we be that the New Testament is reliable textually and historically?
Posted Jul 28, 2016

Has The Church Replaced Israel

Does the Church replace Israel in God’s redemptive plan? Or is even a fair question to ask? What do the Scriptures say?
Posted Jul 25, 2016

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others

Some say all sins are the same in God’s eyes, since sin separates us from God. Is this true?
Posted Jul 21, 2016

Do Christians and Jews Worship the Same God?

Dr. Brown offers biblical reflections to this question.
Posted Jul 16, 2016

Should Believers Be Held to a Higher Moral Standard?

Is it true that Christians sin just like the world and that we shouldn’t expect anything different, based on Scripture?
Posted Jul 12, 2016

Do Jews Have A Covenant With God Outside of Jesus?

Some claim that Jewish people can be saved through Torah observance because they have their own covenant with God. Is this...
Posted Jul 11, 2016

What Does It Mean to be a Berean?

The Bereans are commended in Acts 17, but what made them so commendable?
Posted Jul 05, 2016

Teaching and Prophesying Falsely vs. False Teachers and False Prophets

Is it ever right to call a fellow-believer a false teacher or false prophet
Posted Jun 30, 2016

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

Dr. Brown offers biblical reflections to this question.
Posted Jun 28, 2016

Are the Jewish People Under a Curse?

Did the Jewish people curse themselves for all time when the Jewish crowd called for the crucifixion of Jesus and shouted, “...
Posted Jun 23, 2016

What Happens to People Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?

This video addresses one of the commonest questions asked, especially by non-believers.
Posted Jun 20, 2016

Why Isn’t the Book of Enoch in the Bible?

Was Enoch ever part of the canon of Scripture, and what can we learn from Jude’s citation of Enoch?
Posted Jun 16, 2016

Is The Biblical View of Morality Unconstitutional

Guest Alex McFarland
Posted Jun 13, 2016

Were the Ancient Israelites Black?

Dr. Brown responds to some black Hebrew Israelite arguments claiming that the ancient Israelites were black.
Posted Jun 10, 2016

Should Christians Keep The Dietary Laws?

When Paul wrote Galatians 3:28, was he stating that there are no Jew-Gentile distinctions within the Body today?
Posted Jun 07, 2016

What Does Neither Jew Nor Gentile Mean?

When Paul wrote Galatians 3:28, was he stating that there are no Jew-Gentile distinctions within the Body today?
Posted Jun 04, 2016

What Is The Hebrew Name For Jesus?

Was His name Yeshua, Yahshua, or Yahushua? Dr. Brown sets the record straight here.
Posted May 30, 2016

Is Christ the Seed of Abraham?

What did Paul mean when he said that Abraham’s seed was one person – Jesus Christ? Was he saying that the children of Israel...
Posted May 24, 2016

Are There Modern Day Apostles?

Do apostles exist today? If so, how are they different than Peter or Paul? And what kind of authority do they have?
Posted May 20, 2016

Why I'm Not A Calvinist

Dr. Brown lays out the basic reasons why he is not a Calvinist.
Posted May 17, 2016

Is It Biblical to Be Slain in the Spirit?

Dr. Brown addresses the questions, “Is it biblical to be slain in the Spirit? Does the Holy Spirit knock people over? Is it...
Posted May 14, 2016

Why I'm a Charismatic

Dr. Brown explains why, based on the Bible, he is a charismatic.
Posted May 10, 2016

Why Is God Compared to Fire in the Scriptures?

In the Bible, God is likened to a consuming fire and a refiner’s fire, while the baptism in the Spirit is spoken of as a...
Posted May 04, 2016

Should Christians Tithe?

Are Christians expected to tithe? Does Old Testament law carry over to the New Testament when it comes to giving?
Posted Apr 30, 2016

What is the Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament?

Is the gift of prophecy inspired preaching? Is it bringing the very words of God? If that’s the case, how is it different...
Posted Apr 25, 2016

Is Speaking in Tongues for Today?

There’s hardly any subject more controversial in the Church than tongues, but what the Bible actually say about it?
Posted Apr 22, 2016

Should Christians Celebrate Biblical Feast Days?

Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Easter and Christmas rather than follow the biblical calendar? Does the New...
Posted Apr 19, 2016

Can a Divorced Christian Remarry?

Are there ever biblical grounds for a divorced Christian remarrying while the former spouse is still alive?
Posted Apr 15, 2016

Are Christians required to observe the seventh day Sabbath?

Should Christians Observe the Seventh Day Sabbath? If not, does that mean God changed the Sabbath laws?
Posted Apr 12, 2016

Did Paul Change the Gospel of Jesus?

Some critics claim that Paul broke away from the message of Jesus and invented a new gospel message, thereby starting...
Posted Apr 08, 2016

Are Women Called To Be Pastors?

Does Paul forbid women from pastoring churches? What does the New Testament teach on this?
Posted Apr 03, 2016

Is It A Sin To Go To Doctors?

According to some divine healing pioneers, going to doctors is sinful, and they point to 2 Chronicles 16:12. Is that what...