Is Jesus Just a Copy of the Pagan Gods?

Posted Aug 21, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown refutes the notion that the Jesus is a copy of pagan gods.



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Christus_Regnat posted a comment · Aug 30, 2017
The comparison of Jesus to Mithra is laughable. How can you equate a virgin birth with being born out of a rock? Even if you aren't referring to the Roman version all of the other inscriptions (because all we have are second hand sources or inscriptions that POST date Christ) either say he was created as an adult by Ahura Mazda or don't tell us anything at all. Many of the other parellels are either so general that they could be said of any ancient deity such as performing miracles etc or blatantly false. For example the claim that Mithra had 12 disciples is taken from an inscription depicting Mithra slaying a bull with the 12 zodiac signs on both signs of him, zodiac signs are not disciples. In the Iranian version Mithra is said to have one companion, and in the Roman version he has two that is all anyone truly knows of Mithra's "disciples". If you do as Dr Brown recommended and look into what actual historians (they don't even need to be Christians) write and claim about these myths and compare them to Jesus you will see that these parallels are either non existent or so general they could be said about every Deity in the ancient world. Jesus Mythicism smells of confirmation bias, I'm actually quite convinced that these folks are exploiting a fad at the expense of gullable atheist minds. It's quite sad.