Why Are There So Many Denominations?

Posted May 31, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Do denominations exist due to division or distinction?



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Fred posted a comment · Jun 26, 2017
These denominations prove that Christianity is a made up man-made religion. An omniscient being would have seen that the church he supposedly came to earth to start would fragment into thousands of divisions most of which do not consider adherents to the other denominations to be real Christians. A real God could have done a lot better. Christianity is such an obvious hoax. Only people frightened completely out of their minds could ever believe its lies.
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chaptony posted a comment · Jun 01, 2017
It seems that the scriptures promote the individual gifts to strengthen (build up and edify) the body of believers within each church. Scripture does not describe a disjointed body, but a whole functional body. The Lord has provided perfectly for His church, the gifts and talents for each church to thrive individually. There is no mention of different denominations in scripture, other than Paul's warning against dividing Christ's body in 1 Corinthians 1:12 and 3:4. It is the unloving Pride of man that says "I have no need for that type of believer and their gift" Hence we have denominations of men who are comfortable in fellowship with similar gifts, while greatly deprived of the fullness of the Spirit's power in their church. I think the Strange-fire conferences (in part) help to prove my point. Imagine different 10 cars (churches) with standard gas engines; Each one needs all their parts to operate efficiently. If you were to remove a spark plug, or a tire, or steering wheel, or the gas, from any one of these cars, they would not function optimally, or be able to drive at all. All churches will have "some" differences, but are still dependent on all the parts the manufacturer created them to have. This could be why the Lord placed 1 Corinthians ch.13 (how to Love) between ch 12 (the gifts) and ch 14 (how the church applies the individual gifts in an orderly manner.) It is not until men humble themselves to obey the word of the Lord and His perfect instruction for the church as laid out in scripture, can we be able to experience the full power of God through His bride the church. There should be no need to compromise, or settle for less.