Posted Sep 10, 2021

A Sobering (Yet Motivating) Reality on the 20th Anniversary of 9-11

Any anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 is painful, especially to those whose lives were directly...
Posted Aug 31, 2021

Once Again the Left Is Comparing Christians to the Taliban

In May 2012, Rev. Billy Graham, then 93-years-old, took out full-page ads in newspapers throughout North Carolina addressing...
Posted May 21, 2021

Why the Hamas Leadership Is Fatal to the Dreams of the Palestinian People

In 2010, Yale University Press published Palestine Betrayed, written by Middle East scholar Efraim Karsh and hailed by some...
Posted Oct 29, 2019

Some Moral Reflections on the Death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

I will leave it to others to reflect on the political and strategic implications of the killing of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr...
Posted Jul 14, 2019

Hamas Wants to Kill All Jews Worldwide

For years we heard the claim that Hamas is not antisemitic. Hamas is not hostile to Jews worldwide. No, Hamas is only...
Posted Jul 01, 2018

Arguments Against and in Favor of a Burqa Ban

The Netherlands has now decided to ban the burqa, joining a number of other countries with similar bans in place. Is this...
Posted May 16, 2018

For Hamas, More Palestinian Corpses Means More Success

I hate the fact that so many Palestinian protestors have been killed or wounded in recent weeks. And I’m not saying that...
Posted Apr 17, 2018

3 Questions Regarding Our Bombing of Syria

Reactions to our bombing of Syria, as we joined together with the UK and France, have been intense on all sides. From the...
Posted Apr 11, 2018

YouTube Punishes My Criticism of Hamas

On Saturday, April 2, in the aftermath of the Palestinian protests in Gaza, Geraldo Rivera called Gaza “the world’s largest...
Posted Apr 10, 2018

South African Farmers Under Attack!

Dr. Brown speaks with a South African pastor about the recent spike in violent attacks on farmers.
Posted Oct 10, 2017

Did Stephen Paddock Have White Privilege?

Dr. Brown responds to those who would use the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas to sow division.
Posted Oct 02, 2017

What God Is Saying to America through the Vegas Massacre

For other relevant articles and commentaries, go to www.askdrbrown.org.
Posted Aug 07, 2017

Little Girls Given to Boko Haram for Suicide Bombings?

A Christian missionary who teaches dirt poor children in Nigeria sent me a link to a very disturbing story, telling me that...
Posted Aug 04, 2017

When It Comes to Islam, Logic Is Put in Reverse

Have you noticed that, immediately after an Islamic terrorist attack in our nation, the airwaves are ablaze with warnings –...
Posted Jul 21, 2017

Who Is the Real Muhammad?

Have you read the earliest biography of Muhammad, written by Ibn Ishaq?
Posted Jun 26, 2017

Fighting Sharia Law In America

Dr. Brown interviews Brigitte Gabriel and talks about the recent protests that have been organized around America against...
Posted Jun 23, 2017

A Debate On What Constitutes Authentic Islam

Dr. Brown facilitates a debate between Robert Spencer and Dr. James White on what is the most accurate representation of...
Posted Jun 22, 2017

Should a Christian Have an Interfaith Dialogue with a Muslim?

Dr Brown interviews Dr James White about recent criticism he has received for having talks with a Muslim leader about...
Posted Jun 18, 2017

Three Sick Responses to the Murder of an Israeli Policewoman

How did the BBC, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority respond to the premeditated, terrorist murder of a 23-year-old Israeli...
Posted Jun 14, 2017

Is Allah the Author of Islamophobia?

There is a debate concerning the origins of the term “Islamophobia” (should it be traced back to the 1970’s or 1990’s?). And...
Posted Jun 08, 2017

Yes, There Are Sincere, Devout, Peace-Loving Muslims

I can assure you that I am not being duped because of my alleged ignorance of Islam. I’m quite aware of the doctrine of...
Posted Jun 06, 2017

Tolerance Will Not Stop Terrorism

At some point, leaders in the West will have to recognize that they share very little in common with the worldview of...
Posted May 26, 2017

How Should We Respond to Terrorism?

In this radio excerpt Dr. Brown discusses reactions to terror attack in Manchester, the responsibility to combat ideology...
Posted May 26, 2017

To the Mayor of Manchester: The Suicide Bomber Was a Muslim

In the aftermath of the horrific suicide bombing, the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, wanted to make one thing...
Posted May 25, 2017

The Importance of Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Denouncing Islamic Terrorism

This is the illustrated video version of my article
Posted May 24, 2017

The Left's Misguided Love Affair With Islam

Why do so many liberals defend and support Islam?
Posted May 24, 2017

Why We Must Name, Identify, and Combat the Ideology of Radical Islam

The tragic terrorist bombing in Manchester, England this week reminds us that we cannot just combat radical Muslims, seeking...
Posted May 21, 2017

The Importance of Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Denouncing Islamic Terrorism

Although President Trump’s speech before 50 Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia did not break new ground in terms of America’s...
Posted May 17, 2017

The Liberals Misguided Love Affair With Islam

Why do so many liberals praise a religion that, at its root, is quite conservative, if not fundamentalist? Why do they...
Posted Dec 01, 2016

OSU Attack: White House Avoids Using ‘Radical Islam’

Dr. Brown addresses White House Press secretary Josh Earnest comments after the OSU attack and the continued refusal by the...
Posted Aug 23, 2016

ISIS Recruits Order the Quran for Dummies

What should we make of the fact that many new ISIS recruits are largely ignorant of the tenets of Islam?
Posted Jul 14, 2016

France is Shaking, the Eiffel Tower is Burning, but There is a Way of Escape

I write these words at 9:17 PM, EDT, Thursday, July 14th, as the shocking, tragic news from France has been flooding the...
Posted Jun 15, 2016

An Expert on Islam in America Weighs in on Orlando

Dr. Brown speaks with Deborah Weiss about America’s response to the Orlando massacre in terms of radical Islam.
Posted Dec 01, 2015

The Planned Parenthood Shooting and Anti-Christian Hysteria

Dr. Brown responds to the charge that the Planned Parenthood shooting was an act of “Christian terrorism,” demonstrating...
Posted Oct 27, 2015

The Islamic Incitement to Slaughter Jews

Why would a Jordanian father proudly post a video interview with his tiny daughter as she holds a knife in her hands and...
Posted Oct 26, 2015

A Neglected Factor in Palestinian Terrorism

There are numerous factors that contribute to Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel, including the history of the...
Posted Jan 20, 2015

'I am Charlie' vs. 'I am Jew'

As opposed to the massive, worldwide show of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were murdered by Islamic...
Posted Jan 09, 2015

Radical Muslims Murder and Radical Liberals Go Mad

In the aftermath of the murder of 12 French journalists at the hand of Islamic terrorists, liberal leaders have revealed the...
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Why Hamas Remains a Terrorist Organization

In recent interviews recorded for the English-speaking world, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has sought to present a less...
Posted Aug 07, 2014

President Carter Aligns Himself With Terrorists

Former President Jimmy Carter, who once accused Israel of being an "apartheid state" worse than South Africa, has gone even...
Posted Jun 13, 2014

Heads Are Literally Rolling in Iraq

As America looks on in a state of paralyzed shock, Muslims are slaughtering Muslims in Iraq, with reports that the heads of...
Posted May 28, 2014

Hamas calls for ethnic cleansing of Israel

When the Palestinian Authority, or PA, recently announced its renewed partnership with Hamas, Israel immediately broke off...
Posted Aug 02, 2013

When a Mass-Murdering Soldier of Allah Is Not a Terrorist

If someone looks like a Muslim terrorist, identifies as a soldier of Allah, is mentored by a Muslim terrorist and then...