Posted Jan 08, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

It’s one thing to debate whether Twitter and Facebook were right to block President Trump’s account in the immediate aftermath of the storming of the Capitol on Tuesday. I would argue that the move was unjustified, being yet another example of Big Tech overreach and censorship. On the other hand, in the heat of the moment, and with fear that the president could incite rioters, an argument could be made for a temporary block. But to ban him for life? On what grounds?

Well, according to former First Lady Michelle Obama, because he is “infantile and unpatriotic.”

As reported in a very cutting article on Red State, “Former First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday called on Big Tech companies to permanently ban President Donald Trump from their social media platforms — principally because he’s ‘infantile and unpatriotic.’”

She posted her comments on social media in the immediate aftermath of the storming of the Capitol on Tuesday, laying the blame for the day’s events at the feet of President Trump. She also managed to bring race into the discussion as well, alleging that had the protestors and rioters been black, they would have met with much different resistance from the police.

Specifically, she gave these recommendations regarding the president: “Now is the time,” she wrote, “for those who voted for this president to see the reality of what they’ve supported – and publicly and forcefully rebuke him and the actions of that mob.”

She continued, “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior – and go even further than they have by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

What an absolutely outrageous, un-American request (or, perhaps, I should say, demand?). What a dangerous post. It is the Former First Lady who should be challenged for saying such things.

To be clear, as the ugly scene was unfolding on Tuesday, I began my radio show by laying the blame squarely at the feet of President Trump (see here).

I blame him for years of irresponsible rhetoric, for years of inflaming hatred and distrust, and for years of misusing his power as president to attack individuals.

I have consistently raised those concerns during his presidency (as a supporter), and even if he, too, was shocked and appalled at the day’s events, and even if there were some outside agitators involved as well, he helped to create the larger environment in which this horror unfolded.

In that regard, I don’t disagree entirely with Mrs. Obama.

Of course, her overall, race-related narrative of the day is a sham, a fictitious rewriting of recent history, glorifying the “overwhelmingly peaceful” race protests of 2020 and accusing the police of all kinds of brutal acts during those blissful protests.

As Mike Miller rightly asked on Red State, “Where was Michelle Obama, night after night when Ferguson, Missouri, was on fire; night after nights of riots in the aftermath of the justifiable police action against Michael Brown?

“Did she condemn that real violence? Half as much as she condemns the indefensible breach of the U.S. Capitol?”

He asked, “Was she watching the same ‘overwhelmingly peaceful movement’ we were? The looting? The burning? Torching police cars? Randomly murdering police officers? All in the name of so-called ‘racial justice’? Please.”

Mrs. Obama actually claimed that, “in city after city, day after day, we saw peaceful protestors met with brute force. . . . We saw cracked skulls and mass arrests . . . .”

To the contrary, in city after city, we saw police standing down and even fleeing from before the protestors. We saw police stations set on fire. And we saw a fraction of the people arrested who should have been arrested.

But let’s not even focus on these discrepancies here, since there has been more than enough hypocrisy on both the right and the left when it comes to reporting the race riots of 2020 and the storming of the Capitol on January 6th.

And certainly, while the breach on the Capitol was hardly as violent as the race riots, it does stand out dramatically from the race riots, seeing that the Vice President and Congress were in the building, and this was, after all, the Capitol. Again, I share Mrs. Obama’s outrage and disgust that it happened.

But there is no possible justification for her call to ban Donald Trump from social media for life, not in the slightest. And for a woman of her stature even to suggest such things points to a very dark, very ominous, very dangerous potential future for America.

It could well be argued that Barack and Michelle Obama are the most influential couple on the planet, as reflected in their massive social media presence (just on Twitter, he has almost 128 million followers and she 19 million), their book sales, and their influence behind the scenes.

As noted November 19, 2020, “His tome, ‘A Promised Land,’ released Tuesday, sold an astonishing 887,000 copies in its first 24 hours on shelves. The number tops the 725,000 copies sold of the former first lady’s 2018 memoir, ‘Becoming,’ on Day 1.”

I therefore appeal to every person of conscience, both on the left and on the right, to reply to Michelle Obama’s suggestion with a firm and absolute “No!” That is not the kind of America in which any of us will thrive.

Scarily, Facebook and Instagram have already announced that Trump will be banned from their platforms “at least” through the inauguration.

America, take heed. America, speak up.

*This article was written early afternoon on Friday, January 8. By Friday evening, Twitter had banned President Trump for life.


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OT posted a comment · Jan 12, 2021
Swkh310 remember history won't "forget" all the reasons Trump ran for President ! stick that in your pipe and sMoKe it ! ______Obama opened the door and unveiled the way to Sodom-n-Gomorrah 2.0 just saying! "Obama"s world apology tour" just saying! so It is unequivocally Obama's Fault Trump ran for office ! You say it was not, could not be a course correction for America inspired by God! Then Obama inspired the "ORANGE" monster as you call him! who or what else could have been the reason!
OT posted a comment · Jan 11, 2021
Swkh310 posted Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 04, 2021 “...2) a significant percentage of the population believes there was fraud...”. No, that is wrong. A tiny fraction of the population believe that myth. 70+ courts (Republican and Democrat) have spoken with one unified voice: There is zero proof of any illegalities in the last election whatsoever. Swkh310 - I dont like how you wrote that post IT OFFENDED ME "YOU NEED TO BE CENSORED"
user profile
Jonas posted a comment · Jan 09, 2021
user profile
neptune posted a comment · Jan 09, 2021
RAS wrote: "They have become so large we cannot sink them by avoiding them; a boycott only gives them absolute authority." Would you say the same thing about, say, boycotting Walmart? If enough people stopped using social media, it could seriously hurt them. But you have to do what you think is right. I personally will try to avoid the "socialist media" sites like the plague, including YouTube. (Of course, it's almost impossible to avoid YouTube entirely because many important Christian videos aren't available anywhere else, but at least I can vastly reduce my visits there.) But if you do go on social media, posting Scripture, as you suggested, would definitely be a good thing!
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RAS posted a comment · Jan 09, 2021
Neptune commented, "...someone wrote on another web site: "Anyone who stays on Twitter after this is either a Democrat or a useful idiot." I agree!" I'm thinking there is a another category. After years of shunning social media, I am now considering creating accounts. I don't even remember how many years ago I dumped F-book, but the last few days I have been thinking about going back, and to twitter also. Here are some reasons why: 1) They have become so large we cannot sink them by avoiding them; a boycott only gives them absolute authority. 2) There are millions of lost souls on social media who are virtually void of exposure to truth. Do we abandon them? 3) I realized I could avoid the right left confrontation from a political point of view and go into enemy territory sticking to the Word of God. Why should we cede the whole "land" to them? My thought is that if I create accounts I can post scriptures. If I post, it will be a scripture, if I reply to a post, it will be a scripture. I will avoid my own words as much as possible. Will they ban and censor me? At some point, I'm sure they most certainly will, but it will not be me that are banning, it will be God because the words will be his, not mine. When the do it, it be a testimony against them and the "Gentiles". Being "crucified" by them is no big deal to me, especially online.
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neptune posted a comment · Jan 08, 2021
Oh, one more thing. Just like any other troll, Michael Obama is best ignored!
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neptune posted a comment · Jan 08, 2021
As someone wrote on another Web site: "Anyone who stays on Twitter after this is either a Democrat or a useful idiot." I agree! If you continue to actively participate on any of these "socialist media" platforms, then you're enabling their evil. Because there are so many alternative platforms, there's absolutely no excuse for a Christian to do this. Sadly, I've noticed that so many Christian leaders appear to be very stubborn and would seemingly rather die than give up their "socialist media." Well, maybe God will have to rip their idols forcefully out of their hands.