Posted Jun 13, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

If God does not exist, then, quite obviously, concepts such as divine destiny or divine purpose do not exist. But what about free will? If there is no God, is there truly free will? Read the Full Article on

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Raging Bee posted a comment · Jul 15, 2022
Here's a question you should be asking: If there IS a God, and he's all-powerful and all-knowing, and he created the entire Universe and set everything in motion according to his plan and his alone, and he's 100.00% in control of everything and nothing can happen if he doesn't want it to, can free will truly exist? Seriously, there's nothing more doggedly (and depressingly) deterministic than a universe ruled by a god whose prophets have already told us (albeit rather vaguely) how everything will end no matter what any of us want or choose to do. Physicists also have a deterministic outlook, but at least they admit we don't really know what's going to happen.