Posted Jul 14, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

Just think of the upside down world in which we live today. Women and girls are relaxing in a California spa when a man walks in, naked and fully exposed, in full view of these mothers and daughters. Yet when a complaint is issued, the spa, along with the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times editorial board, defend the man. Do we need any more proof that we have lost our corporate minds?

A man commits full frontal indecent exposure in the presence of women and girls, and the LA Times chides the women for being upset while defending the man, since, after all, he’s actually a woman. And, you know, women can have penises too. That’s right. And men can menstruate as well as conceive and give birth to babies. That’s also why we must talk about “chestfeeding” rather “breastfeeding,” since the latter term would offend nursing fathers.

Have we not lost our minds?

Listen to this woman’s personal account of what happened:

“I went to the Wi spa in Los Angeles, California, and while I decided to go around the different jacuzzis, I decided to take a nap. After my nap, I got up and I wanted to get water. As I was walking, I noticed something that really was disturbing, something that caused me to feel that I must have been transported into the men’s locker room, the men’s Jacuzzi area.

“Yeah. A man, a full-on man, fully naked, completely exposed, showing his testicles, his penis. Slightly erected.

“I was appalled at what I saw. This was not normal. . . . Little girls are there, their mothers are there, other women are looking about, and they begin to put their robes back on them. I went to management. Management did nothing. I even told the guy he should leave, ‘This is not right,’ and he didn’t leave. We had no help whatsoever. I did not know what to do.

“Something has got to be done. This is not fair. It is not right. We as women have rights to be safe in public spaces, and they are being violated by men going into women’s spaces, claiming to be women to gain access, so that they can exercise their perversions.

“This is not right. We must do something about it.

“On June 23, I experienced what no woman or little girl should ever experience. I experienced what used to be called flashing or indecent exposure, which would result in a man registering to be a sexual offender for life.”

Yes, this used to be considered perverse and even illegal. But not today. Today, this is a “right” to be celebrated. And it is the women and girls who have a problem. They are the ones who are messed up in their thinking. The onus is on them to change.

As explained in the upside-down editorial in the LA Times, “As complicated as the opposing beliefs might be, it is clear where the rights in this matter land. Everyone — transgender customers, members of every faith and women who are upset by the sight of penises — all have the right to use the spa and other public accommodations.”

Indeed, the Times’ editors opined with some of the most convoluted thinking imaginable, “no one has an absolute right to feel comfortable all the time. People have a right to use the spa, but that doesn’t include with it a guarantee that they all will feel at ease with everything they see. They might prefer a spa where a certain amount of body covering is required.”

Seriously? No one has the right to expect that a biological male, naked and fully exposed, will not come marching into the women’s area? No one has the right to expect that their children will not suffer this kind of sexual and psychological abuse? Seriously?

This used to be called indecent exposure. You could go to jail for this.

But not today. Today it is just a needless “hullabaloo,” to quote the exact term used by the Times. We’ll get over it soon enough.

Yes, the Times editors tell us, “Young people are far more comfortable with the idea of shared spaces for people of all gender identities and sexes.”

Absolutely. I’m sure an 8-year-old or 12-year-old or 15-year-old girl, sitting naked in the steam room, is super comfortable with a 40-year-old naked man sitting down next to them. Of course!

To repeat: this is madness.

Yet the self-righteousness and moral perversion of the Times knows no bounds. To quote the closing words of the editorial, “In the meantime, customers of public-serving businesses should be prepared to share space with the public, in all our forms, varieties and customs. Antidiscrimination laws stand for the principle that all are welcome, whether we are comfortable or not.”

Tell that to the girls (and women) who feel violated and abused. Tell that to the people whose rights have been trampled.

But no, we can’t, because transgender activism trumps all. It trumps morality. And decency. And honor. And common sense. Just say, “I’m trans!” and anything goes.

And what about sexual predators who have already used these loopholes to enter ladies’ bathrooms and the like? That’s too bad, we are told, but the priority is protecting those who identify as transgender.

I ask again: what kind of madness is this? How and when did we entirely lose our minds?

And what an absolute and ridiculous farce to allow for these abuses to take place under “antidiscrimination laws.” Talk about legal mumbo jumbo. Talk about turning right into wrong and wrong into right.

As for the man who truly believes he is a woman, here’s a word of wisdom for you: you do not belong in the women’s spa, naked and exposed, even if to the core of your being you believe you are female.

Moreover, no one is making you go there, and your life will not be hurt if you stay out of a place where there are naked women and girls. (Let’s be realistic here. We’re not talking about withholding lifesaving treatment or essential medical care from someone who identifies as trans. God forbid. We’re talking about biological males not exposing themselves around women and girls. Please get a grip.)

Sir, male plumbing remains, and if you expose that plumbing in the sight of the opposite sex you should pay the penalty for indecent exposure.

The truth is that the spa should be ashamed for defending the man. Those members of the public who also supported his “rights” should be ashamed. And the Times should be ashamed.

Alas, in today’s upside world, where perversion is celebrated and common decency is denigrated, shame is hard to find.

Back in 2016, during a debate over transgender access to school bathrooms and locker rooms, the Charlotte Observer infamously opined that, “Girls must try ‘overcoming discomfort’ of seeing ‘male genitalia’ in bathrooms.”

I commented in response, “Transanity indeed.”

Is there any other way to describe it? Do we need any further proof that we have lost our corporate minds?

I rest my case.

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OT posted a comment · Jul 16, 2021
Skwh310 I wish you were constrained like President Trump was ! Constrained in everything you do and everything you say and a cricket on your shoulder every time you open your mouth! Americans are the worst yet have the most!
OT posted a comment · Jul 16, 2021
“Every week an explosive story we are told was true turns out to be as false as Julie's eyelashes. Today’s big lie – The story of how President Donald Trump ordered Lafayette Square cleared ‘with tear gas’ to vacate ‘peaceful protesters’ for a callous ‘photo-op’. The press covered it with a cicada-like fervor.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Swkh310 posted a comment · Jun 13, 2021 The myth of a liberal media or a conservative media is a absurd. In this country we have a corporate media. Ratings equal profits. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is right up there with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. _________________________________________________________________________ you hate. you target. you demean. you trivialize the plight of your neighbor. your a bigot. you go after people you dont agree with. you judge. you cast stones. your prideful. you come off as arrogant. your cocky. you have a conceited air about you. your condescending. egotistic. haughty. hoity-toity. you deride others for not being as good at you on the front of discerning between support/ love and defending trans -Lgbtq - people....besides all you offer in the way of offensive pro's Jesus loves you with undeserved grace ....Imagine that! wow but for the grace of God go I....
OT posted a comment · Jul 16, 2021
Swkh310 You are a liar. you post lies. you repeat lies. and as time goes on it is proven on this very blog that you troll is proof positive you lie!
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
This women is for real she’s not backing down she won’t be silenced she is taking it to the street and calling out the perv in public ! ___________________________
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
You sure read a lot of not so credible rags .....
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
Why because you didn’t witness it personally? Skhw310 that in your mind reduces it to a stunt! Try harder !!!!! I think it’s funny how you Cry fuzzy facts! I think she is credible as witness go. you have no evidence that it didn’t happen ! Funny how you rely on tea leaves! lol
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
Gosh, I just don’t understand. Such an important story and yet not a single shred of evidence that it actually happened. If I didn’t know better, I would start to wonder if the whole thing was made up.
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yeshuais4me posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
Man only needs to be concerned about what God tells us. If we follow God's directions we are good. If we do not follow God's directions we end up in the weeds. Remember that John 14 and 1 John 5:19 and other verses tell us that when the Messiah went to the Father, the world (earth) came under the power of the Evil One. As we get closer to the end of age prophecies are being fulfilled, Israel becoming a nation in 1948 (Isaiah). Then in 1967 Jerusalem becomes a part of Israel (Matthew 24). Extremely few go to our Creator for anything. Most go to man and most will be destroyed. The sad thing is that most churches in the world do not follow God.
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
A straw man fallacy occurs when someone takes another person's argument or point, distorts it or exaggerates it in some kind of extreme way, and then attacks the only person (dr.brown) who is rational in the exchange skwh310 dogs initials and 3 digits of phone# and predictable behavior from trolls the spirit of anti-christ is in the building and they brought their phone and their dogs with them ! lol not
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
UK-,speculated faked, hoax, Independent, uk’s equivalent to brietbart Skwh310 and of course it must me true ! Everything you read on the internet is true! What s bunch of slight of hand bosh!
OT posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
UK-,speculated faked, hoax, Independent, uk’s equivalent to brietbart Skwh310 and of course it must me true ! Everything you read on the internet is true! What s bunch of slight of hand bosh!
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jul 15, 2021
Surely the gay bashers wouldn’t go so far as to make up the entire story. Would they?
czarpaul posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
The left must feel: better 1000 women and girls get raped or molested than 1 trans woman get her feelings hurt. Without God man is without a guide and without any standard. Lost in a sea of debased possibilities.
OT posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
In The name of Jesus!
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Really now posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
And what on earth would the all-knowing and all-wise Mike Brown suggest be done here? Mike Brown, king for the next 5 years - how would he solve this worldwide 'issue'?? Further emphasize that 'these people' are NOT part of God's plan, and DO NOT belong?? Try the pray-the-gay-away approach? Push the 'conversion therapy' agenda, at a time where we KNOW this does not work? Go back in time and start chemically castrating, jailing, or diagnosing 'these people' with mental illnesses? Or....does he have this wacky notion that 'thru Christ, allllll is possible??' Which I suppose is true in a way - like, God COULD give me a third arm if she really wanted to....but highly highly unlikely. What is the plan Mike?? Instead of constantly stirring up fear, division, and dislike for 'other', write an article outlining your plan. I'd LOVE to hear it!!!
OT posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
No one is safe!