Location: Maryland
About Me
Born in Taiwan but church was shut down for helping political dissidents. Family immigrate to America High School Freshman year. Graduate from University of California at San Diego B.S. in Engineering Physics(double major in Physics and Electrical Engineering) Specialized in Laser Electronics and Optics, 1993. Multnomah Biblical Seminary, M.A. in Pastoral Study, Family Ministry, 2003. Research in Defense Industry with application in Semi-conductor Industry that enable the manufacturing of miniaturized devices like Smart Phones by accurately predicting wafer failure in early stages and push the inspection accuracy from 10^-6 ot 10^-9. Retired Oracle Consultant, HP and Javasoft Eningeer, IBM and Intel Subcontractor Software and Hardware Engineer, Loral Subcontractor Software Engineer and inventor.
TB Date: 
Monday, November 9, 2020