Posted Jun 15, 2018 by Michael L. Brown

Just when I thought things had calmed down with the LGBT attack on our “Can You Be Gay and Christian?” video, we were flooded with a fresh deluge of hate-filled, profane, and vile comments, including winners like this: "Burn this guy at the stake or do whatever yall want i dont give a d--n. Just make sure he suffers before he dies. okay? Okay." Where did this new attack come from?

Well, it turns out that another gay vlogger with a large following played a lot of the video on his channel (that’s another way to get the message out!). In response, his followers came flocking to our video to give it a thumbs down and to attack it – and me.

Now, remember, according to the PC narrative, we’re the haters and those who oppose us are the voice of tolerance. And let’s also remember that I have always denounced those who speak hatefully of LGBT’s, differing with those who call them names and want to put gays to death.

In fact, within the last 24 hours, I was attacked for rebuking a radical-right pastor who rejoices when gays are killed. In response to my stand, a man named Tylah wrote, this pastor “may be a cult leader but I'd rather a somewhat Biblical cult than a fa--ot pervert like ‘DR’ Brown defending his [expletive] buddies.”

In other words, because I speak the truth in love, I’m perceived as weak, as partnering with the homosexual community, as a pervert myself.

You would think, then, that our tolerant LGBT friends would appreciate my approach. You would think they would say, “Well, we disagree with this guy, but we appreciate his attempts to reach out with love.”

Not a chance! To them, I’m a homophobe of the worst kind, a destroyer of lives, probably a closeted homosexual myself.

Here are some of their recent choice comments in response to our video (and remember, these are only the ones we can print; many of them are just a series of expletives):

  • Hateful human being. When someone wants to take other people's rights or freedoms because of their own beliefs they go against EVERYTHING this country AND the Bible stand for. I saw your commercial on YouTube. Disgusting and packed full of lies and fear mongering. Your "breed" is becoming extinct THANK GOD!!!
  • I cant wait to hear the news on when he 1. Gets caught getting [expletive] by a male [expletive] 2. Dies.
  • No one has ever said this [expletive]. Stop cherry picking your religion and shut the [expletive] up.
  • See you in hell you [expletive] fa--ot.
  • Wow homophobic and sexist, is he racist too? At that point that wouldn't surprise me. 2018 and the young generation's open minds must be hard for [expletives] like him.
  • evangelical christians die challenge. get your old [expletive] to that “heaven” you talk about so much.
  • If you find religion to be any level of “education," you are tragically retarded. May Satan bless your [expletive] old man.
  • he says this like he doesn't rape the young boys that go to his church

Yes, this is the voice of tolerance, the voice of love, the voice of diversity, the voice of inclusion. And we who say God’s ways are best are the intolerant haters. All clear!

As for those who call themselves Christians, there were choice comments like this: “It's just a frickinn book written by some people 2000 years ago get over it. (I'm christian)”

Oh yes, quite the Christian view of Scripture!

And this: “I’m a pansexual Christian.”

But of course! You can have sex with whoever you want and be a Christian. Obviously!

The reality is that in the midst of this anger I see a lot of pain. It is the pain of those who have suffered rejection. The pain of those who are still hurting on the inside. (Dare I say they are still hurting because something is not right between them and God?)

So, I feel no anger towards them at all. Instead, their angry posts and comments only remind me to pray for them to discover God’s transforming love.

But to the extent we stand with Jesus and His Word, we will be maligned and hated and rejected, just as He was. He told us to expect this. (See Matt 5:10-12; 10:23-25; John 15:18-21.)

So, let’s fight back by: 1) Praying for the salvation and transformation of those who identify as LGBT; 2) educating ourselves on the scriptural and cultural issues; 3) standing up and speaking the truth in love, without compromise; 4) sharing our video (and giving it a thumbs up too!).

We know that in the end, God’s truth will triumph. But right now, we’re in a pitched battle for the soul of our nation. This it not a time for the faint of heart!

Let’s move forward, not backward, not ashamed of the gospel and not ashamed of our convictions. As we do, Jesus will not be ashamed of us.

(To watch our latest video, “What Does It Mean to Be a Conservative?”, click here. This one is already generating some controversy of its own.)

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