Posted Dec 10, 2014 by Michael L. Brown

Make no mistake about it. There is an outright war on gender today, and for some years now it has been an essential part of LGBT activism. If it succeeds, it will make gender distinctions all but meaningless.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

The moment gay activists attempted to redefine marriage, they also rendered gender meaningless within marriage, since, for them, marriage was no longer the union of a man and a woman but the union of any two people, irrespective of gender.

And once you render gender meaningless within marriage, you render it meaningless in society as a whole.

That’s why gay activist organizations like GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) actively work against gender distinctions in our children’s schools, as if gender itself has become the enemy.

In keeping with this mentality, the Minnesota State High School League has decided to eliminate gender distinctions in their female sports program, so any boy who feels he is a girl can play on the respective girls’ team, putting female athletes at a real disadvantage, not to mention making many of them terribly uncomfortable.

This is already law in California, where children can use the bathroom of their perceived gender, regardless of how this affects the rest of the kids and regardless of biological realities, and where they can also play on the sports team of their perceived gender, using the respective locker rooms as well.

Recently, in Lafayette, California, kids in a sex-ed class “used a diagram called the ‘Genderbread Person’ to teach students that they could be ‘agender,’ ‘bigender,’ ‘third gender,’ ‘two spirit,’ and ‘gender queer.'”

Gay activists support this passionately, to the point that we are now told that T (meaning transgender) is the new black, the new face of the civil rights movement. And if you dare speak up against the growing war on gender, you are branded a transphobic bigot.

Worse still, you can be sued.

As reported Dec. 2, “A Maine court has awarded the family of a transgender girl $75,000 in a settlement of her discrimination lawsuit against a school district where administrators made her use a staff, not student, bathroom.”

According to the story, the child in question, “Nicole, now 17, is a biological male who identified as a girl beginning at age 2.

“Nicole was using the girls’ bathroom in her elementary school until the grandfather of a fifth-grade boy complained to administrators. The Orono school district determined that she should use a staff bathroom, but her parents said that amounted to discrimination.”

So, the school tries to be considerate of the other students and their families, coming up with a workable solution (“Nicole” can use the staff bathroom) and as a result the district is fined $75,000 for discrimination.

There is a price to pay for resisting LGBT activism.

Just ask Natalie Johnson, fired from Macy’s “for telling a teen cross-dressing male … that he could not enter the female fitting room.”

How far will this war on gender go?

A Dec. 5 article told the story of Mary Ann Barclay, a professing lesbian who has now undergone “gender transition” to become “a non-binary person” (meaning, neither male nor female).

This is becoming increasingly common.

To be sure, we should have compassion for people in their struggles, also recognizing that there are some real exceptions to the simple male-female categories (such as people with biological or chromosomal abnormalities), but the existence of the exception doesn’t negate the rule. Instead, the exception proves the rule.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column entitled, “Is Michelle Duggar guilty of ‘LGBTQ fear-mongering’?” In response, Camille Beredjick, posted an article on the Friendly Atheist website entitled, “To Michelle Duggar, Michael Brown, and the rest: Stop attacking trans women.”

What is noteworthy about her article is not the presence of complete falsehoods (sadly, another common tactic among gay activists), such as the accusation that conservative Christians like Michelle Duggar and I “equate transgender identity with being a sexual predator” and that we suggest “that gay rights activists want immunity for people who do commit acts of sexual harassment” – to repeat, these are totally false allegations – but rather her defense of the indefensible.

In my article, I referenced “Colleen” Francis, a biological male who is now legally female and who surprised female high school students who went into a sauna at a jointly used college swimming pool, not expecting to see Francis sitting there naked with “her male genitalia” exposed.

In defense of Francis, who is attracted to women, not men, Beredjick argued that the case had been misreported, acknowledging that “the nugget of truth to the story: two teens did claim to see Colleen Francis nude while in the Evergreen College sauna.”

The problem, according to a report cited by Beredjick, is that the sauna was “generally off limits to swim team members,” so, according to Beredjick, this is really the fault of the girls.

Talk about defending the indefensible.

It even appears that Beredjick would have had no problem at all with other young ladies who had authorization to use the sauna unexpectedly encountering a biological male in the ladies sauna (or showers or locker rooms).

And we’re just supposed to accept this and get over it, throwing societal norms out the window because a man is convinced that he’s really a woman.

Dr. Al Mohler recently stated in a radio commentary that, “The elimination of gender distinctions, in terms of biological gender identity assigned at birth, is something that will lead to a massive confusion at the very heart of what it means to be human.”

How could it be otherwise?

In my next book, due out in the middle of 2015, I will lay out key principles that will help us outlast the gay revolution, one of which is that gender distinctions must be preserved.

For the moment, I will simply say this: Being forewarned is being fore-equipped.

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