The Danger of Self Deception

Posted Aug 20, 2020 by Staff


eydie posted a comment · Sep 11, 2020
As a young christian the question always was: can a christian be deceived? The author Jesse Penn Lewis in her book, War on the Saints has an excellent chapter on Deception. She points out that Deception has to do with the mind, and it means a wrong thought admitted to the mind, under the deception that it is the truth. Since "deception"is based on ignorance, and not on the moral character; a christian who is true and faithful up to the knowledge he has, must be open to deception in the sphere where he is ignorant of the "devices" of th devil and what he is able to do. The heart is deceitful and wicked, who can know it? If I see that someone I know has a blind spot, I surely know that I have them also. This has kept me from assuming that I cannot be deceived by my very heart, which I have surrendered (to the degree I know, understand and am able at the time), still can trick me into believing that I don't have alterior motives and that all my motives are pure. Ugh. Robert Browning once said: When a man knows himself, then he is something". And, I think that means, knows that he cannot be trusted. Thats my take on deception. I take heed. "The children of God need t know that to be true in motive, and faithful up to the light, is not sufficient safeguard against deception; and that it is not safe for them to rely upon their "honesty of purpose" as guaranteeing protection from the enemy's wiles., instead of taking heed to the warning of God's word, and watching unto prayer. " Jesse Penn Lewis