Posted Mar 26, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

I have previously noted that there is no such thing as the “Don’t say gay bill” and that those words are the creation of opponents of the bill. In fact, I have noted that you could just as well call it the “Don’t say straight bill,” since the bill, which passed in Florida, simply forbids schools from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity issues with children in kindergarten through third grade.

Yet, even if the bill actually contained the expression, “Don’t say gay,” I would still support it, since there’s no good reason to be talking about homosexuality to these young children. As Bill Maher correctly opined, “maybe kids that young shouldn't be thinking about sex at all.’”

Again, the bill does not mention homosexuality or use terms like “transgender.” And we must be diligent to combat the media’s misinformation.

But the best way we can do that is by pointing out just how young these kids are in K-3, thereby underscoring Maher’s remarks.

Let’s focus on the youngest group, namely, kids in kindergarten, who, on average, will be 5-6 years-old.

According to the Very Well Family website, “During kindergarten, children . . . learn to use question words, such as ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how,’ as well as how to make words plural by adding an ‘s’ or ‘es’. They also learn how to use common nouns and prepositions.

“Kindergarteners begin to learn the concepts of addition and subtraction, respectively, as ‘putting together and adding to’ and ‘taking apart and taking from.’”

Yes, we’re talking about very little children here.

They are also taught, “Socialization skills, such as taking turns, waiting to be called on by the teacher, and being kind to others, are also emphasized in most kindergarten classes.”

In this environment, under what circumstances would the teacher need to talk about “gay”?

The children have no understanding of romantic attraction, while sex and sexuality have no meaning to them – other than knowing that boys are boys and girls are girls. (At least that’s what they should know. Today, those simple biological facts are under assault.)

That’s why, at this early stage of life, some of the little boys want to marry their own mothers. That’s how far their understanding of marriage and sexuality often go.

As for your average 5-6 year-old, most boys “like” other boys and most girls “like” other girls. But it’s not because they're gay.

To the contrary, even the very idea of opposite sex attraction is foreign to them, since, to repeat, they have no true understanding of sexuality or romantic attraction. In fact, they are just as likely to “like” a doll as they are a to “like” a person of the opposite sex.

So, I ask again, in what context could they truly understand the concept of homosexuality? Under what circumstances would they need to hear the word “gay”?

According to the website, “The kindergarten year is one in which kids learn more about the formal classroom setting – learning to focus for segments of time on basic literacy and math, and learning simple science and social studies.  This is the foundation year for getting used to the routine of school, the process of focusing and learning, and the social skills involved in making new friends.  It’s a crucial year for building the foundation of learning” (their emphasis).

When it comes to reading, “Kindergarten students learn how to identify letters in the alphabet and their sounds, and about letters and sounds that go together to form words.  Most kindergarten children are expected to read words by the end of the school year.”

As far as math is concerned, it is “all about the basics.” Specifically, the kids “will learn how to count, recognize numbers up to 10 and sort objects.  Using concrete props, they will learn the concepts of more and less, ordinal numbers, basic addition and subtraction, creating patterns.  They’ll start to learn about time and calendars and cover these regularly in class.  Teachers often start the day by having a student come up to the board to pin the calendar day, the day in the week and the weather on that day.”

As for science, “Kids learn about plants, animals, good health habits, the weather and keeping track of the weather, and about the five senses and basics about their bodies.”

But note this carefully. This does not mean they will learn about the sexual function of their bodies, something of which they have zero concept. And they will certainly not learn that they might be transgender, trapped inside the wrong body.

Unfortunately, sex education and LGBTQ+ activism have continued to push the envelope with their radical agendas, seeking to indoctrinate and influence younger and younger children. That’s why I hope that many other states will follow Florida’s lead, even as a starting point. We must push back against this societal madness and against the sexualizing of our children.

What about kids that feel or look different, whether it’s because of their skin color or ethnicity or body shape or facial features or social awkwardness or non-conformity to expected gender roles (such as the “sissy” boy or the like)? The answer is simple.

You teach the kids to be nice to everyone. You teach the little children not to be bullies. You share with them the golden rule.

As I wrote over a decade ago, you can teach children that bullying is bad without needing to teach that gay is good.

The K5Learning site does say this at the end: “In social studies the year start with the focus on ‘me’.  They learn about their immediate and extended families, learn their address and phone numbers and share information about themselves and their interests.

By the end of the year, they will have broadened their field to look at different families, cultures, the neighborhood and the community” (again, their emphasis).

This would be the obvious place for an activist teacher to say, “And some of you come from homes with two daddies or mommies, and that’s what we call gay.”

But, to say it again, that is an unnecessary intrusion, and teachers do not have the moral responsibility to cover all the different configurations of a family. Some kids live in polyamorous homes. Must that be included too? Do we introduce the word “poly” to them for short? (Some activists would probably say yes!)

Some kids don’t know who their real father is. Some come from anonymous sperm donors. Many are from divorced homes.

Simply stated, it is not the role of a kindergarten teacher to address these things, especially when we remember how young and socially ignorant and impressionable the little ones are.

That’s why even an irreligious atheist can point this out. And that’s why, even though the Florida education bill does not say “don’t say gay,” there’s no good reason that “gay” needs to be in these children’s vocabulary.

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Kaleidoscope posted a comment · Apr 17, 2022
Preach it, Brother!
OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
I have no issue with people living how they like within the law. But messing with innocent children in schools is grooming! Criminal and beyond the pail!
OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
Sorry I could not resist… excerpted from Swkh310 …Reallynow you should ALWAYS be subject to challenge … and constantly scrutinized, questioned, and held up for examination. Always Always!
OT posted a comment · Apr 04, 2022
Lgbt advocates should not have access to other peoples children. RN’s railing has all the hallmarks of bullying RN has no boundary’s and talks as if it is settled psychology and science. RN I do not take pleasure in hurting peoples feelings like you seem too that is that is the definition of a bully! And as for your whole spittle on God is not capable of communication and He put it in the hands of old ancient men that got it wrong ! This is simply a case of you creating molding your own god so you can sleep at night ! The truth is The God of Abraham does not change. Not for you not for me not for anyone. If anything angers me is people who pro-port to know the truth and it’s clear they don’t. I can only pray that no one is taken in by their emotional non-sense that’s totally based on feelings and not facts. God have mercy on all who struggle, bring truth God!
user profile
Really now posted a comment · Apr 02, 2022
So you are heterosexual because you were ‘taught to be’ straight?? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Different forms of human sexuality and gender expressions exist, and always have. Helping people feel ‘normal’ in their differences is the most loving, kind, and gracious thing we can do. To twist it into this sickening version you’ve outlined here is so horrifically sad. Like I said before, you need one of your children to come out - it will forever change you, and rescue you from the insane beliefs you have been indoctrinated with. Until then, what is your solution?? Pray the gay away? Go back to the days when gay people were chemically castrated? Or diagnosed with mental illnesses? Nope. None of those things work, and in fact cause HORRIFIC damage. Time to grow up. Move on from this issue. STOP bullying people in the name of ‘God’.
YJS17 posted a comment · Apr 02, 2022
You're not "born gay" or "born trans"; that is simply a lie! Gender identity disorder is a mindset born of a mental disorder and sexuality is acquired at puberty! Teaching kids to be either homosexual or a transvestite is abuse and indoctrination because it leads to all sorts of health issues from STDs and cancer to depression and anxiety, not to mention suicide! If you think it's okay to teach kids about sex or to have gender identity delusions, you're a child abuser and a groomer! Being homosexual is NOTHING like being black. Skin color and race are characteristics you can't help being born with because they're inborn, genetic, and practically immutable. Plus, neither of those characteristics hold any inherent moral value or significance. NONE of these things apply to sexuality. Sodomy and lesbianism carry immense health risks and will deprive children of having both a mother and a father 100% of the time if the lifestyles are given a legal status in which their practitioners are able to adopt. Gender identity disorder similarly confuses the individual by making them doubt that they truly are the sex they were born as and can thus potentially tempt them into choosing sodomy and lesbianism over natural sexual relations.
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Really now posted a comment · Apr 01, 2022
Gay and transgender kids exist. Always have, always will. The BEST thing we can do for our children is to make them feel included and that they belong. No matter what their age…and the earlier the better. Anyone who wants to teach children that there are ‘normal’ kids, and ‘abnormal’ kids, is sick and twisted. PERIOD.
OT posted a comment · Mar 30, 2022
The casualties here are kids, as Dr.Brown sadly pointed out is the noted the broad disfunction that children endure because of choices made by parents who are wounded broken themselves. Jesus made it clear Mathew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Pretty straight forward. Don’t mess with the innocence of children.
OT posted a comment · Mar 29, 2022
Being Sardonic is your strength” not much good for anything but it is your strength. Idiocy seems to be rampant in our day. Political bs in kindergarten, you have no kooTH. Maine erd Skwh310
Swkh310 posted a comment · Mar 28, 2022
How about this: "Hey, kiddies. Families, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Now, it's time for recess..."
OT posted a comment · Mar 28, 2022
Brain washing small children 5-6 who are gullible, innocent children is diabolical and criminal and as God says Homosexuality is an abomination! a majority of people of faith reject it as acceptable. , make it a subject for teaching it against the law, Schools have no business teaching children about this at any age ," that is an unnecessary intrusion, and teachers do not have the moral responsibility to cover all the different configurations of a family." This should be left to families to cover such things with their children. not teachers. I agree with you on this Dr. Brown Thank you for this platform to express this.