Posted Oct 21, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

Truth is not only stranger than fiction. Truth is also more disturbing than fiction. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the abortion industry, where baby parts are meticulously collected and systemically labeled for immediate, profitable sale.

Not only so, but all this takes place without the knowledge of the mother, who recovers in a waiting room nearby. And, if the reports are accurate, some of the slicing and dicing is done while the baby is still alive.

Did I say that truth is more disturbing than fiction?

For the last eleven years, I have been doing live, daily radio broadcasts five days a week, taking calls, tackling controversies, and interviewing guests. And it is exceedingly rare that the words of a guest or caller are so troubling that I am literally moved to tears.

But that is exactly what happened when I interviewed Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal organization which is now defending Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood.

Merritt is described as “a courageous pro-life grandmother who exposed Planned Parenthood's horrific trade in baby body parts.” Together with David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, Merritt recorded secret videos of Planned Parenthood leaders and workers discussing the sale of baby parts for profit, creating shockwaves for the abortion giant.

Now, as the trial proceeds, shocking, heartrending testimonies are being heard.

On my show, Staver referred to “amazing situations” where Planned Parenthood clinics“were taking babies and intentionally aborting them so they could harvest intact organs, some of which were born alive while the hearts were still beating. Hearts were being removed while they were still alive.”

He continued, “Brains were being removed while the hearts were still beating, and we have evidence where they sliced the baby’s face in two with a scalpel and then extracted the brain while the baby was still alive.”

Who can imagine such things? Who would even envision them in a work of fiction? Yet, according to Staver, these are 100 percent, accurate accounts. And the motivating force behind these allegations is greed.

Let that sink in for a moment.

For good reason Staver spoke of Planned Parenthood’s “inhumane, unthinkable, unspeakable acts.”

Yet Planned Parenthood was not alone in its savaging of the unborn.

According to Staver, companies like Stem Express had full menus on their website where you could make customized choices whenordering your baby parts.

He explained, “You could actually go on the website and select . . . that you wanted a certain heart at a certain gestation at a certain size, intact. Then Stem Expresswould take that to Planned Parenthood that day. They would fulfill that order from those babies that were brought in, never telling the parent, the mom, what was happening with her child in the room next door.”

Staver was not exaggerating when he stated that if he described such procedures without revealing the age of the victim, we would think this was coming from Nazi Germany.

Precisely so.

A recent report on the Liberty Counsel website carried the headline, “Selling Baby Scalps,” stating that, “A former board director for the Center for Medical Progress testified during the civil trial in the San Francisco Federal District Court that the scalps of babies provided by the abortion industry are being harvested for research in treating baldness.”

Yes, selling baby scalps for treating baldness.

The mind boggles when trying to comprehend such cruel, cold, and calculated barbarity. Yet we dare not close our eyes or stick our heads in the sand. All this is happening on our watch.

In my new book, Jezebel’s War with America, I document the clear connection between radical feminism, witchcraft, and the militant pro-abortion movement. (Yes, I actually document this.)

I also compare the horrific, ancient practice of child sacrifice with late-term and partial-birth abortion procedures.Perhaps this doesn’t sound so extreme to you after hearing some of Staver’s testimony?

Ironically, after Pastor Robert Jeffress made a similar comparison during a recent radio interview, referencing Moloch, the ancient god of child sacrifice, leftists responded with sarcastic glee.



Yet what they posted in jest is not without truth.

That’s because, for many of those on the radical left, abortion is not just a right. It is a rite, a venerated rite, a sacred rite. “Do not mess with our right to abort!”

Not surprisingly, most of the Democratic presidential candidates are veering further to the left when it comes to abortion, to the point that most of the candidates now support bills which, if enacted, would legalize some of the crimes committed by abortionist Kermitt Gosnell.

And all of this leads to a simple question: What are you and I going to do to stop thesehorrific practices? And how can we offer a message of life and hope to mothers and fathers who want to abort?

Somehow, someway, we must shout to the nation the humanity of that unborn child and the sacredness of life. Then, just as loudly, we must bring to the attention of the nation the barbarity of the actions of Planned Parenthood and their cohorts.

If each of us does our part, through sharing the message, through pro-life activism, through voting and campaigning, through prayer and compassion, the tide can turn.

We owe it to the little ones to take action today.

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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Nov 02, 2019
Gerald, Yes, they do lock up asylum seekers in detention centers, even though it is legal to seek asylum.
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gerald a posted a comment · Nov 01, 2019
They put legal immigrants in detention centers? What a preposterous statement.
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Oct 30, 2019
Bass Fishing Dude, I am not sure how to answer you because I said that I am not sure if the accusations against Planned Parenthood are true or not, and I am not defending them at all. I was saying originally that there were pregnant women kept in these detention centers who probably lost their babies from the horrible conditions, and Dr. Brown doesn't notice and most evangelicals don't seem to care about the suffering of those people. I was pointing out that Dr. Brown and other Christians care about the unborn suffering and dying, but not the suffering of the already born. I was not defending any atrocities done against babies, born or unborn. I think people should care about the unborn and the already born people. I know that the Christians in America are very politically powerful and can help those people easily if they wanted to by talking to the president. If they wanted to help those people it would take them five minutes to get things changed, but they don't care enough to do it.
Bass Fishing Dude posted a comment · Oct 29, 2019
@Kenneth Greifer - So, the "terrible conditions" you mention in prisons excuse the horrific atrocities being carried out on unborn babies? What kind of answer is that? Where do the two connect?
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Oct 28, 2019
john44, I don't listen to Brown's radio shows or watch his videos. They take a long time and I am not a Christian, so they are not interesting to me. I just look at his articles occasionally.
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Oct 28, 2019
john44, Do you think that Trump's administration has deported parents without their children and that they have put legal and illegal immigrants into overcrowded detention centers that are probably violating their human rights? Do the evangelical Christians, who number in the millions, seem upset because I don't hear their complaints. They have the president's ear, and if they complained he would listen to them. He needs their votes, but they are pretty quiet on that issue. I am not going to buy Dr. Brown's book, but he writes an article almost every day and he makes many videos. Can you find the one where he says Trump's administration is violating the human rights of these people? Or maybe he thinks they are being treated well. I don't.
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john44 posted a comment · Oct 28, 2019
@Greifer: Again, your post is long, so let's start here with your statement "(Brown) and other evangelical Christians are ignoring anything negative about Trump": Really? There ARE matters "negative about Trump" that Brown has explicitly addressed. He has even written an entire book, "Donald Trump is Not My Savior" on the subject, not to mention specific radio segments. How closely have been listening to Dr Brown?
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Oct 26, 2019
John44, The reason I am not commenting on what Brown said about Planned Parenthood is that I don't know if the accusations are true or not. I am not interested in defending them anyway. It bothers me that Brown points out their bad acts, but he has been defending Trump, and, if you notice, he does not talk about the suffering of people in Trump's detention centers. He and other evangelical Christians are ignoring anything negative about Trump. I would like people who support Trump to be honest and point out his administrations cruelty to legal and illegal immigrants. You can support him and be honest at the same time. You know the Bible says not to respect persons or be a respecter of persons. You are supposed to judge people fairly and not consider who they are when you judge them. It shouldn't matter if the person is someone you like or not. You should be able to criticize anyone who does bad things. Brown doesn't seem to care about the unborn babies who might have died at Trump's overcrowded detention centers. If they can't provide decent housing, then they should not arrest them and put them in those places. Trump has made the religious people in this country meaner. They used to talk about helping the poor and suffering and now they don't care because they are coming here illegally or even legally, so let's lock them up in miserable conditions. He has changed the religious beliefs of so many people that it amazes me how weak their beliefs must have been in the first place.
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norma3iredale@g... posted a comment · Oct 26, 2019
If these stories are accurate and I am inclined to think they are , they rival the most heinous atrocities of the Second World War. Yet supposedly civilized people shrug this off as if it is completely inconsequential.
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john44 posted a comment · Oct 26, 2019
@Heimann: So are you saying what Brown's post is really all about is the Trump presidency? Have you nothing to say about whether the allegations are true? If they are, are they worth talking about? @Greifer: There is truth in your response. But do you have anything specific to say about the implications of Brown's post? @Heimann @Greifer: Why do you both seem to want to change the subject so quickly?
Swkh310 posted a comment · Oct 23, 2019
This is the last hope of trump’s supporters: amplify the talk about abortion.
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Kenneth Greifer posted a comment · Oct 21, 2019
I don't know if these horror stories are true or false, and I am not going to defend abortion or the sale of body parts of aborted infants, but I would like to ask why some cruelty and evil is important and other examples of this are not? How many pregnant women had miscarriages and stillbirths in the detention centers because of the cruel and horrible living conditions? They don't have room to stretch their bodies or even walk in some places. How many pregnant foreign women have suffered and lost their babies from bad nutrition, bad hygiene, overcrowding, and stress from these cruel conditions? If you consider the amount of money being paid to the companies that run these places, each of the illegal immigrants and legal asylum seekers could be kept in hotel rooms with room service for the same money or less. I understand you care about unborn babies more than already born children and adults who are treated cruelly by the government, but maybe you can care about the dead babies no one knows about because miscarriages and stillbirths are not reported by our government, but these detention centers have probably caused some deaths of unborn babies who could have lived if their mothers were kept under humane conditions.