Posted Jan 07, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

All of us have witnessed what is called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” where the media basically loses their mind in attacking President Trump, abandoning all sense of objectivity as they obsessed with attacking him. But is there also a “Cult of Trump,” where his followers actually exhibit cultlike behavior? Absolutely.

How can you tell if you’re part of the cult of Trump? These are some telltale signs.

1) You believe that Trump and Trump alone can be trusted. It’s not just that you reject the fake news of the mainstream media. It’s not just that you see through the lies of the left. It’s that you believe Trump and no one else. If he trashes Jeff Sessions, then Sessions is bad. If he trashes Bill Barr, then Barr is bad. If he trashes SCOTUS, then SCOTUS is bad. If he trashes Mike Pence, then Pence is bad. Trump alone can be trusted.

2) You tolerate no criticism of Trump. There must be absolute and complete loyalty to him. Any disagreement or questioning is perceived as disloyalty. You are either for him or against him. There is no middle ground.

3) You will turn on your friends and family members if they do not support Trump. He becomes the dividing line, to the point that if your own pastor does not support him, your pastor becomes suspect. Perhaps he is bought off by the elites? Perhaps he is a secret leftist?

4) You compromise your standards in order to defend Trump. What used to be reprehensible and even vulgar to you is now justifiable. “We need a fighter, not a sissy,” you say. No amount of nastiness or mudslinging or character assassination from Trump will cost him your support.

5) You have put all your eggs in Trump’s basket. As far as political leaders go, he alone can save America. He alone can preserve the free world. He alone can fight for the church and for Israel. Everyone else is tainted or compromised or too-weak or part of the swamp. Only Trump can turn the tide.

6) You are unable to process information rationally when it has to do with Trump. You are much more likely to believe the most farfetched conspiracy theory than doubt what he says. Even when he says things that are factually and verifiably false, you find a way to support his words. And so, when he says that, “Everyone knows the election was stolen, especially those on the other side,” you believe him, even when the reverse is demonstrably true.

7) When someone tells you that Trump will not be inaugurated on January 20, 2021, you attack the messenger with vitriol and venom. Allow me to give you some examples in response to my January 6, 2021 Facebook post which said, “I say this with love, not anger. Please, face the facts. Trump will NOT be inaugurated on January 20th. The prophecies will NOT come to pass. But God's Word stands firm! Read more in my latest here: Paul asked the Galatians, ‘Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?’”

Some of you responded with posts like these:

  • You become our enemy by defending the lies and by riding the fence.... but now YOU know the future, right? I thought you were a debater? You're lack of being able to apply simple logic is quite astounding! Please go back to being an apologist, you're losing credibility moment by moment.
  • Brown your a fraud and spawn of Baal
  • Shut the hell up. You’re in a cult
  • Just remember this post when he is. You would have been one of the Jews complaining to Moses when they were backed up to the red sea.
  • Trump will be president Period! If you can’t see that you are missing the forest for the trees. Honestly I expected more discernment from all of you and if you can’t see what is really going on I’m not going to waste the time to explain it, you should have paid attention from the beginning. Just know Biden’s inaugural parade and stage were canceled and disassembled this week because everyone in DC knows he’ll never be president, except for those too stupid to quit watching the MSM. Why did Kamala not resign from the Senate if she really believes she won. (because of legislative immunity) make sure to watch the president tonight at 9pm on newsmax or right side broadcasting.
  • Brown You need to calm down Christians are standing in prayer for what we have been praying for many years to step aside a let it go is insane.
  • You seem to be like the sheep going to be slaughtered or the Jews that walk I to bondage and slavery and complain.
  • Wow, DrBrown, I do not see peace with you. You need my prayers. Also, you don’t know whom will be inaugurated on the 20th.
  • When are our spiritual leaders (Dr Bown) going to take a stand? You know that Biden is Unrighteous. This is cowardly.
  • Do us a favor and live stream yourself wearing sackcloth (burlap will work too) and throwing ash on yourself once this is all over and you're confronted with the realization of exactly what spirit you are of right now Dr. Brown.
  • For you goats, it ain't over yet. And who annointed you a prophet Dr. Brown?

For those who think this is something I’ve never addressed before, there’s actually a whole chapter devoted to this in my book Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?, dealing with both the Cult of Trump and Trump Derangement Syndrome – and the book, overall, is a pro-Trump book.

Of course, if you are following Trump in a cultlike way, you will be the last to see it. But if you truly love the Lord and look to Him, He will shine His light on your heart and you will see where you put too much trust in a man.

That’s why I write this article, knowing that, in the short term you might despise or reject me but in the long term you will thanks me.

And that’s why Proverbs 28:23 is one of my life-them verses: “Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain more favor than one who has a flattering tongue.”

In this case, I do not rebuke. But I do make an appeal. Just as I take constructive criticism to heart and say, “Lord, is it true?”, I encourage you to do the same.


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OT posted a comment · Jan 12, 2021
Swkh310 remember history won't "forget" all the reasons Trump ran for President ! stick that in your pipe and sMoKe it ! ______Obama opened the door and unveiled the way to Sodom-n-Gomorrah 2.0 just saying! "Obama"s world apology tour" just saying! so It is unequivocally Obama's Fault Trump ran for office ! You say it was not, could not be a course correction for America inspired by God! Then Obama inspired the "ORANGE" monster as you call him! who or what else could have been the reason!
user profile
Spear3earer62 posted a comment · Jan 09, 2021
Thank you Dr. Brown for your courage! We need to fight extremism on both sides. I saw your post on Facebook and will read the book on Qanon. In my prayer this morning I felt God was saying that Qanon is a play of words for 'Canaan'. What they are pushing is not good and is leading us away from the Lord when we hold to falsehoods. The enemy can easily put wool over our eyes. In a way, Trump may be more like King Saul. He was anointed to be President but wasn't meant to be a 2nd term president. There will be one after him as David.
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earlclep posted a comment · Jan 08, 2021
I think President Trump did more for America than any president since I was born in 1958 but he can not walk on water and has displayed idiotic behavior many times in his term of office. Many do seem to follow him like he is the savior but ALL Christians know the true savior Jesus Christ will not be back for at least 7 years or more. Good call Dr Brown to step out on the limb then leap off when you said "Trump will NOT be inaugurated on January 20th". That took courage and faith I'm proud of you. I do differ with one of the people that posted here when they stated that God's way is never violence as God has used war, floods and killing people numerous times to serve justice on His people and on other disobedient idol worshiping people. He will do it again and again in the next however many years before Jesus second coming. In my opinion we just need to be sure it is God calling the "shots" not man.
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RAS posted a comment · Jan 07, 2021
Yes, there certainly is a certain group of people that fell to idolatry in their belief in Trump. This knowledge is not new. Before he was elected he said he could shoot people on 5th Ave and his true believers would still vote for him. However, many who don't worship him voted for him because of the alternatives. Maybe some time was bought, or maybe the time bought came at a high price and brought is to a place from which we now will not recover. God will judge us all: Trump, you, and I and everyone else. Before Trump was elected president in 2016, I was afraid he could be a Nimrod type. After he was elected I realized he was not, but I still considered that he may be more like Simon bar Kokhba and have commented on this often. Simon bar Kokhba was so successful against the Romans the Jews believed him to be the promised savior. So much so, Rabbi Akiva declared him to be the messiah. The Christians of that day rejected him for that reason, but many nationalist Jews believed bar Kokhba would Make Judea Great Again. The end result was that the land of Israel became a desolation for hundreds of years. As pleased as I was with many things Trump did, I always worried about this scenario. Christians cannot win a battle by violence. God will not be with us if violence is the path we choose. I ask, are many patriots today like the Zealots who perished fighting for the same things we hope for? They took up the sword and died by it. We must fight, but not not with earthly weapons of war. We have the Word of God. Why should we choose inferior carnal weapons, that would only hasten our end? Fight by preaching the Gospel. God is our only hope. Even if we cannot save our country, we must fight for our own souls, and the souls of others. Or, is your kingdom of this world?
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 07, 2021
Is there a cult of Trump? Does Ethel Kennedy own a black dress?