Do Animals go to Heaven?

Posted May 09, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Does the Bible address this question?



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Mercy 333 posted a comment · May 19, 2017
I'm right on same page with Wafaring Stranger.
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Wafaring Stranger posted a comment · May 14, 2017
Dr. Brown considering the many animal lovers in the world, I wish that you had put more effort into this subject and yes I do believe that The WORD does address this question. For example, the Sopherim made an emendation in the verse that you used. The primitive Text read the Hebrew letter “He” as an interrogative, thus posing a question for both man and beast. It is my belief that the verse should read as follows: Who knows the spirit of man whether it go upward and the spirit of the beast whether it go downward to the earth? Also, the previous three verses make it clear that both man and beast have “one spirit” and that when it comes to dying that man has no advantage over the beast in the fact that both die and return to the dust. As to the destination of the spirit, that question is answered in Ecclesiastes 12:7 and in Numbers 16:22 and 27:16 the LORD is called “the God of the spirits of all flesh”. When you couple this with the glimpse of the eternity given in Isaiah 11:5-9, a very compelling case, from The WORD, can be made for animal lovers being reunited with their pets.