Posted Dec 01, 2020 by Michael L. Brown

What has become of the Church? How is it that followers of Jesus can condone reckless calls for murder? Have we lost both our minds and our souls?

Lest you wonder what has provoked such a flurry of questions, allow me to remind you that:

1) I voted for Trump with hesitation in 2016 but without hesitation in 2020.

2) As recently as November 2, one day before the elections, I again explained my vote for Trump, also explaining why a vote for him was a vote for Middle East security.

3) I have written countless articles confronting the leftist agenda, exposing BLM and Antifa, and strongly differing with the Democratic platform (see here, for example), also challenging those who claimed to be pro-life evangelicals for Biden.

4) I have differed with anti-Trump editorials from respected leaders like Pastor John Piper and former Christianity Today editor Mark Galli.

5) In October, I wrote yet another article explaining why so many evangelicals still support Trump.

6) As a result of reading my most recent book on Trump and evangelicals, I have heard from Never Trumpers who decided to vote for him.

It is clear, then, that only someone who was willingly ignorant could accuse me of being a Trump-hater or a leftist.

Yet, when I write an article raising concerns about Christian conservatives putting too much hope in Trump, looking to him as the anointed one and the only man who can save our nation, I get responses like this: “Dr Brown you are a destruction to the Body of Christ. . . . You obviously have this hate for DJT that you need to settle with God. Satan is disturbed and so are you.”

I was also told I was a leftist who supported abortion, a flaming Communist (!), and someone who caved into the spirit of Jezebel. I kid you not.

But that’s not what has me exercised right now. (I’m writing late Monday night, November 30.)

A couple of hours ago, I was sent a link to comments made on Newsmax by Trump attorney Joey diGenova with reference to Chris Krebs, who was Trump’s cybersecurity director. Krebs was fired by the president for saying the election was our most secure to date, and Krebs reiterated this claim on Sunday night on Sixty Minutes.

Completely without provocation, diGenova brought Krebs up during the interview, vilified him, and said, “That guy is a Class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered, taken out at dawn and shot.”

This is utterly irresponsible and terribly dangerous, the kind of thing that every person of conscience should denounce without caveat or qualification.

Right now, people on all sides are on edge, death threats are flying in all directions, and diGenova should be flatly condemned for what he said.

Even if some would hear his words as hyperbolic, tongue in cheek speech, now is not the time for such unhinged talk.

After watching the clip, I posted this comment on Facebook and Twitter: “If you're the world's most ardent Trump supporter, please tell me you denounce this comment from Trump lawyer Joey diGenova that Chris Krebs, Trump's fired cybersecurity head, ‘should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn & shot.’ Can you denounce this without qualification?” (My post on Facebook was slightly longer, since there were no space constraints. I added there: “Can you condemn this without qualification, even if you are 100% sure that there has been massive voter fraud and that the election has been stolen? Can we stand together and denounce all such reckless words, be they from the left or the right or anywhere in between? I certainly hope so.”)

And what kind of comments did I receive?

Many, of course, simply replied with Yes. They denounced the comments without equivocation, as every God-fearing person should do.

But others, most all of them professing Christians, replied with strong affirmation of diGenova’s words, and with comments like this (which, by the way, received the most “likes”):


“Treasonous acts deserve corporal punishment. That is not violence. That is justice and law. Perhaps not this particular guy but the others who will soon be tried for treason and those who plot against this country and we the people.”

“No, I agree that treasonous acts such as his should receive a very harsh punishment! He should face more than firing!!”

“Sorry but being a traitor deserves death. I find your comments here to be out of line.”

“There's a lot of the same type of language in the Psalms. You aren't going to censor the Psalms are you?”

“We used to hang traitors.”

“Qualify ‘reckless’. Civil war is at the door! Treason is punishable by death!”

My friend, this is sick. This is despicable. This is inexcusable – 1,000 times more when the people posting such drivel claim to be lovers of Jesus.

We’re not talking about your right to defend yourself and your family if an armed mob tries to break down your door.

We’re not talking about a business owner trying to protect his property when Antifa comes to burn it down.

We’re not talking about sitting back idly while radical leftists steal our rights or slaughter the unborn.

We’re talking about completely irresponsible rhetoric from a Trump attorney calling for the death of cybersecurity expert (and lifelong Republican) who does not believe the election was hacked.

So I ask again: Have we completely lost our minds? Have we completely sold our souls? Has hyper-loyalty to Trump so blinded our eyes that we cannot see clearly anymore? Have we sacrificed our ethics on the altar of a misguided pseudo-patriotism?

I was so grieved over all this that I shared my heart on Facebook, raw and without holding back. You can watch the video here.

We really are in a very dangerous position right now in the Body of Christ, and if we don’t get our act together soon, we will do far more damage to America than the radical left could ever do.

You can hate me or love me, but I’m telling you the truth.


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J posted a comment · Dec 06, 2020
A._catholic stated: “Jesus wasn't into political ideologies.” That is so misleading.....obviously He wouldn’t approve of or partake of any political ideology that is of the world system, that is earthly and devilish. But to think that He wouldn’t have approved of and be involved in any leadership that reflected Godly character, that truly served the people, is unbelievably naive. After all, He will be ruling over the earth during the millennium and then beyond and His kingdom on earth would certainly be reflected in leaders who had godly character in society. Among those He obviously led and supported on earth were King David who had a heart after God. And then there was Josiah and Joseph as well as Mordecai who intervened on behalf of his people due to the wicked policies that were implemented by Haman. Then there was Daniel and Moses. I could go on, but it should be obvious that God did take into account the decisions made of those who were in powerful positions of authority and the policies they implemented through wisdom that served the people. You don’t think He is angered with any ruler who oppresses his people or inspires ungodliness? God is definitely interested and providentially involved in every man and their station in life. The problem is not God’s people when they have an interest and a stake in the policies that their leaders create in their country, but those who are naive and think to be spiritual is to isolate themselves from any involvement. Man was made in God’s image and were to be a reflection of Himself, which included being sovereign over kingdoms. After all, all believers are priests and kings. While on earth, let’s honor who He made us to be. He guides the heart of the king He puts leaders in position of power
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A._catholic posted a comment · Dec 05, 2020
Have Christians lost their minds? Good question. It isn't Christian to be a political conservative- Jesus wasn't into political ideologies. From what I have seen of Dr. Brown's posts and many of those responding to them- he/they are political/economic conservatives whose primary belief is in conservative political/economic ideology, not Living Reality/God/Christ. Christ Trumps (pun intended) any political ideology or politician. (Jn 18:36)
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Jacqui posted a comment · Dec 05, 2020
Well said, Dr. Brown. On a related note: Let’s pray for the salvation of both Biden and Trump. That would solve a great many problems in one fell swoop. Is God not God?
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yeshuais4me posted a comment · Dec 05, 2020
Approximately 1500 BC a lot of nations worshiped the sun god. By using sun dials they could tell when days were getting shorter and then longer. Calendars were all over the place and each nation seem to have their own ideas to determining what day it was without a standardization of hours in a day or number of days in a month, etc. One of the most popular calendars came from the Romans who gave use the Julian calendar at the time of Julius Cesar. Rome appeared to have one thing in common with a lot of other nations which was the celebration of the sun god which normally happened four days after the winter solstice which is December 21 using today’s Gregorian calendar . Four days later is December 25. Later December 25 was the day Julius Cesar was declared a god. First we must understand that the Romans had a very strong dislike for those who followed the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We see this when reading the writings of Josephus, especially Chapter 18.3.1 of “The Antiquities of the Jews. This chapter tells us that Pilate, the procurator of Judea, who removed an army from Cesarea to Jerusalem to take their winter quarters there in order to abolish God’s Torah, known in most english translations as law. This is the same Pilate who ruled over the trial of the Messiah. The Romans being in control of their known world were very prideful in their ways and of their worldly knowledge. When the Romans saw that the God of Israel had a very different view of how God’s creation should live their life, conflict began. If you read the history of God’s chosen people you will see that there was conflict from the beginning of man between good and evil with short periods of peace. Today, looking back in general it seems simple that when the followers of God follow His instruction, Torah, there was peace. However, peace disappeared when God’s instructions were not followed. Our Creator gave His human creation “free will” to chose “good” by following God’s directions (Torah) or to chose “evil” the opposite of good which separates us from God. I remember many years ago a talk show host told the audience that “all go to heaven” when the Messiah tells us few enter the kingdom, which is more likely. The Roman Empire started out and continues to follow pagan traditions like most of the world population. They celebrated the sun and provided many names for this god as did other pagan nations. The celebration of the sun god started when the people could tell that the days were getting longer. It became consistent that four days after the winter solstice (December 21), which is when winter normally began, man could tell the days were getting longer and it became common to celebrate on December 25 the coming of warmer days. Then there was the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who is known for promoting the worship of the ‘god of the Unconquered Sun’, creating an official priesthood as well as building a temple to the sun god. Aurelian’s proclamation happened in the year 274 CE on December 25. The pagans continued to worship the sun as their biggest celebration of the year until Constantine became ruler of the entire Roman Empire and called his Empire a Christian empire. Then Constantine changed the celebration from Sol Invictus to Christ Mas which we know today as Christmas. December 25 is still celebrated but the name of what was worshipped changed from the sun god to the birth of the Messiah and today known as Christmas. As far as worshipping the sun, the date kind of makes sense since the winter solstice normally happens on the 21 of December and after four days man could tell that the days were getting longer thus giving man a reason to celebrate that longer and warmer days are ahead. The Romans were very pagan before the beginning of their nation and continued the tradition of celebrating on December 25 to the sun god, Sol Invictus. However when Constantine came to power and Constantine wanted Rome to be a Christian nation then this became a problem. Becoming a Christian nation was mainly due to the influence of Constantine’s mother. Of course at this time there were a lot of problems with this conversion since most followed the pagan traditions and also had little or no education among the majority of citizens to know the difference. The monk, Dennis the Small created a split in the calendar by creating BC and AD around the year 500 AD. At the time of the calendar split there were those that believed Dennis made an error in his calculations of the birth of the Messiah and the Roman empire continued saying the Messiah was born December 25 which appears to be a political opinion to follow tradition. Then the Julian calendar created by Julius Caesar had to be replaced due to dates that normally predicted the seasons, drifted apart from their assigned time. By the time the Julian calendar was replaced with the Gregorian calendar the actual winter solstice was December 31 drifting ten days when using the Julian calendar. From this worship of the sun god we have ended up with a tradition of worshipping the birth of the Messiah on December 25 that has lasted more than 1500 years. Remember what God’s Torah tells us not to worship objects in the sky many times, as do the prophets. God also tell us: Worship the Creator and not the creation. Remember three verses: From the Gospels Matthew 5:18 - "Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud or a stroke will pass from the Torah — not until everything that must happen has happened." Luke 16:17 - "But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of a letter in the Torah to become void." Quotes from the Messiah telling us that Torah (law) will exist beyond heaven and earth. So do you think it is important to know Torah? Then there is the third verse which most do not believe. I John 5:19 - We know that we are from God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the Evil One. This fulfills the Messiah's prophecy told in John 14: 29-31 “Also, I have said it to you now, before it happens; so that when it does happen, you will trust. 30 “I won’t be talking with you much longer, because the ruler of this world is coming. He has no claim on me; 31 rather, this is happening so that the world may know that I love the Father, and that I do as the Father has commanded me."
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J posted a comment · Dec 04, 2020
To Jonathan: So are you saying with absolute certainty there was no fraud in the elections? First off, there was fraud in elections throughout history, including ballot stuffing against Abraham Lincoln. Also, anytime there was election fraud, believe it or not, it always came from the Democrat side. This is not conspiracy theory, but simply history. I’m not sure about the primary with Ted Cruz, but to brush off the evidence in past presidential elections as well as this one without any serious inquiry only reveals why it’s been ongoing for so long. Even now, with certain judges denying there was fraud without even looking at the evidence (so much of it, with more being exposed with each passing day) makes it not only downright dangerous, but more an eye opener as to how deep the corruption and apathy lies within our legal system and government. No conspiracy theory here, mind you.....but hundreds of testimonies from witnesses, many of whom are Democrats, under affidavits, who’ve risked their careers and lives to bring to light just what happened just a few weeks ago. Notwithstanding with all of the forensics on the machines and analysis of the metric algorithms that have been done by independent professionals, this makes it clear how deep and far reaching denial and willful ignorance will go. It’s staggering. As well, its been for a long time so obvious, that, yes, even Republicans are as much of a problem as the rest, if not worse, that to mention them in bolstering your argument is really an embarrassment. Many have been so deeply caught up in the establishment of power and greed just the same and have either been apathetic to the truth or downright arrogant. Even the recounts have been a joke, just regurgitating the same old process without any due diligence to prevent past mistakes and any mention of an audit has thus far been a farce. Regardless, the plethora of material is there for anyone to see and study, to make up their own minds. That is if they are really interested and sincere enough to want to know what has gone down and if they are able to bypass the propaganda stream media with their false narratives and to get the facts from outlets that are actually reporting the data on a daily basis.
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J posted a comment · Dec 04, 2020
To RAS: You’re absolutely right about having a perspective that’s derived from God’s Word and not to be drawn away by distractions that would keep us from our calling. Our thoughts need to be from above, not below. But with that being said, while we are not of this world, we are still in it, and if I may add, to be salt and light. The only hope for the nation and the world is the preaching of the gospel, and yet its vital for believers to know that there’s no distinction made between the sacred and the secular. All areas in life are to be open territory for God’s witness. And our involvement should always be with His purpose in mind, and that includes bringing in convictions that are grounded in His wisdom in every area of life, in any situation. What’s so desperately needed is a light in the darkness. I understand when you state that our context should be spiritual and not political. I think it might be a bit more efficacious and accurate if the distinction is made between the spiritual and the carnal. We are not to be less involved in any area in life as any other, only more effectual with God’s purpose in mind. How else did slavery end? Why is abortion still being brought before the public’s attention as being wrong? What was really behind the bold decisions made when Jerusalem was recognized as Israel’s capital? Our assessments of what is spiritual shouldn’t be hollowed out with lightweight evangelical utilitarianism. Each member of the body of Christ has their vocation and occupation. Each has priorities in different areas of life, yet it’s really all one and the same when it’s grounded in Christ as the head. Our battle is most definitely spiritual, yet it can take on different forms in the world. Jesus stating that His kingdom is of another world doesn’t mean our livelihood is limited to only preaching and open witnessing. It can be the testimony of our lives while we are working as a medic, or in the military or in the arts, or in the civil theatre. We are to be the salt of the earth in all places at all times. Let’s not lose our effectiveness since we are the ones who are all the more accountable to be effectual where it counts. When the unsaved are desperate in their need for truth during a crisis, we need to be that light in the darkness. Those are the opportunities when believers need to be bold to speak the truth when most others are overwhelmed and without hope. Our resource from above is the very substance that is vitally needed, especially in times like these, which resonates with so many who otherwise would never know the Lord. A crisis is a great opportunity where we get to meet midway with the unsaved, where they finally witness integrity and truth in a time of great darkness and deception. As believers we are accountable to His kingdom first and foremost. As citizens of our country, we have privileges and responsibilities to uphold for the kingdom’s sake. Our constitution gives us opportunities most other countries don’t afford believers. It thus makes us all the more accountable to uphold it. At least, that would seem what wisdom would present. It’s obvious the enemy will in the end attain power over the entire earth, but as you also stated, that’s no reason we shouldn’t expose them. Nor should we shirk from the present battles either, no matter how much we know what the future holds. We are not to take thought for tomorrow, but live out our lives in His presence now, with wisdom from above, and without fear. At all times, especially in the worst case scenarios, the good news should be shared, and the people who echo this message in their lives by their convictions and wisdom should realize it is to be displayed in all facets of life, in everyday occurrences. All of this is an effectual means that can and does cause people to be drawn to Him as our savior and resource. Let’s not be silent when God’s [Spirit] wisdom convicts us to speak, for only then will we be effectual for the right reasons.
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 03, 2020
Guess I'm on a roll today and can't stop! LOL. :) More powerful testimony about all the fraud from Sid Roth's show:
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 03, 2020
Oh, and here's another compelling article. Anyone who's "not sure" whether there was election fraud is either clueless or completely brainwashed:
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 03, 2020
I just came across this excellent article and had to share it. This leader obviously has an excellent handle on reality:
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Jonathan posted a comment · Dec 03, 2020
The answer to the question Dr. Brown poses is regrettably ‘yes’. Consider where we stand right now: In 2012 Trump said that Obama won because of voter fraud. In 2016 when Ted Cruz won Iowa in the primaries Trump claimed voter fraud. During the 2016 election Trump said that if Clinton own it would be because of voter fraud. In the 2020 election right from the very start Trump said that if Biden won he would claim voter fraud. So today we have prophets doubling down and saying Trump won. We have Trump saying, without evidence, he won by a lot. We have judges, both Democrat and Republican throwing out over 30 lawsuits because there is no evidence. We have the most partisan AG in a generation saying there was no fraud. We have the ridiculous conspiracy theories about Dominion software skewing the results to Biden despite the fact that Georgia uses this software and a hand count of paper ballots didn’t change the results. The real tragedy is that it appears that the real hardliners for the ‘Trump won camp’ claim to be Christians.
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RAS posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight... We had better be more involved fighting spiritual wars for souls than spending most of our efforts trying to fix this world. The only hope for the nation and the world is to preach the gospel. Now, I'm not saying don't vote or don't get involved in important issues, because though we are not to be of the world, we are still in the world. What I'm saying is be very careful how far your passions, or fears, or whatever, pull you into a worldly struggle. Jesus in the bible is not leading a political movement; rebellion and insurrection are more like a Barabbas type of thing. Satan at some point will seem to gain power over all the earth. You can't stop that, that's bible. We can expose Satan's works, but we need to keep the context of our battles spiritual rather than political, because unless what we do works toward salvation, it will come to nothing.
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
J wrote: "Mr. diGenova could have used more wisdom in how he expressed his anger, but the question really is whether his anger was justified?" Yes, we have to ask: Which is more dangerous to our country in the long run—boiling over a bit as diGenova did, or being passive and limp about possible treason by the likes of Chris Krebs?? I'll give anyone three guesses—and the first two don't count. ;) I mean, what has happened to good old-fashioned common sense? It's so ironic that Brown is writing about "losing our minds," when in fact it's the chattering class (to use a British term), of which Brown is a part, that seems to be doing that!!
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
Glad to be of any help, SteveW. Concerning what's going on with Brown, I hope that you're right, but I think I'm a bit more cynical than you in this matter. ;) As for the fraud, thanks for clarifying what you meant—yes, sadly, it's worldwide. Anyway, from the comments on this article and others, it's encouraging that so many "regular" Christians actually get it!! I too hope that Brown breaks out of his stupor. In the meantime, I'm going to be skipping the majority of his articles. But since there are many other conservative Christians writing insightful articles and producing perceptive videos, I doubt I'll be missing much. :)
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J posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
If we are told to speak the truth in love, and if it’s treason to betray one’s country and if we are citizens of the United States as well as believers in Christ, why is it wrong, irresponsible and dangerous to rightfully exclaim that treason deserves punishment? I am amiss in how Dr. Brown is reacting. Perhaps, Mr. diGenova could have used more wisdom in how he expressed his anger, but the question really is whether his anger was justified? Can those who believe his words were dangerous, in light of the mounting evidence, state with a straight face that he was wrong to be angered?
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SteveW posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
Thanks Neptune, I have read this and agree that it explains a lot of the issues with church leadership today (signs of the Laodicean church). However, I am not sure these particularly apply to Dr Brown, who I think has just got stuck in a rut and simply needs to rediscover the purpose of his ministry. I notice that you inserted [election] in front of fraud, but I think the problem is wider than this, as Dr Brown also ignores (or is unaware of) the Great Covid Hoax and the Great Reset. I hope and pray he will break out of his apparent torpor.
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 02, 2020
Yesterday, SteveW asked the very relevant question of why Brown seems to "stubbornly refuse to look at the evidence of this [election] fraud." Well, SteveW, I suspect your answer may be found somewhere in this insightful article:
Swkh310 posted a comment · Dec 01, 2020
Why is it so reprehensible for diGenova to call for violence? The orange creature has been encouraging violence for at least five years now. When has Dr. Brown denounced that?
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neptune posted a comment · Dec 01, 2020
SteveW is making a ton of sense as usual. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the comments under one of Brown's recent articles on another site. So many of the posters there are raking him over the coals, saying that he's focusing on trivialities while an election is being stolen. I have to agree. Isn't that why Jesus was so harsh on the Pharisees? He accused them of missing the big picture—he said they were harping on trifling things while neglecting the really weighty matters of the law. Now, were DiGenova's comments out of line? Definitely. But is that really what we should be focusing on right now as the fate of our nation hangs in the balance? Well, anybody with an ounce of common sense knows the answer to that. Here's an interesting comment that one guy made about Brown on another site. He may have gone a bit too far, but sadly, I think there's a lot of truth to what he said: "Where does Brown come up with this BS? . . . How Brown's marble-sized, sanctimonious, virtue-signaling, pseudo-Christian mind cannot understand the difference is unfathomable. This is not rocket science. Brown is just Grand Canyon stupid at times and I am a conservative Christian! . . . Honestly, Brown's sanctimonious, self-righteous obsession to 'correct' non-existent Christian problems is beyond the pale. Where does he even come up with this delusional crap? It's as if he has appointed himself as god of Mount Olympus and he sees it as his sacred duty to correct all of the Christians in the world because every Christian in the world is stupid and weak-minded! When Brown's 'keen intellect' [snicker] sees a problem with all of us stupid Christians, he condescends to descend from 'on-high' on Mount Olympus and 'straighten us all out.' How arrogant is that? . . . Frankly he's an embarrassment to all intelligent Christians everywhere!"
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SteveW posted a comment · Dec 01, 2020
Let me ask you a question Dr Brown: At what point does the mounting evidence that the American people have been defrauded on a massive scale by the corrupt actions of the political establishment (Ds & Rs), Big Tech, MSM and, yes, Chris Klebs, tip over into Treason? Now there are a range of penalties for Treason, with the death penalty applying in the most egregious cases. The Apostle Paul said, "But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil".  So, whilst Joe DiGenova has gone too far, I do think that Chris Klebs disingenuous comments are teetering on the edge of Treason. When all the dust settles, I believe that many will be found guilty of Treason. You might find this statement shocking but that is because you stubbornly refuse to look at the evidence of this fraud. I am quite at a loss to understand why you are doing this?
SteveLiu posted a comment · Dec 01, 2020
People intuitively know cheering for Jehu throwing Jezebel out of the window is good for God's kingdom. Why lament the destruction of evil and those perpetuate evil and insist on taking away your brothers and sisters' job and business. What would it take for God to convince you? That the very same evil people shut down your ministry? I sure hope not but it may be what it takes.