Posted Jul 29, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

I just lost another friend to COVID, this time, a 69-year-old father and grandfather, an elder in my home congregation, as faithful a Christian man as you will find. He joins the list of other friends and colleagues in the States who have died in the last year from COVID-related complications, along with an even longer list of loved ones and colleagues of some of my very close friends in India.

At the same time, the extreme politicizing of COVID makes it difficult (if not almost impossible) to know who to trust when it comes to preventing the spread of the disease. This is a terrible shame.

Personally, as much as I dislike wearing a mask, especially on long flights, I would wear one the rest of my life in public if I knew by doing so I was saving other people’s lives. With joy.

When it comes to being vaccinated, if I was sure the vaccine had no long-term side-effects or dangers, I would get vaccinated every month if I knew I was helping to protect my family, my co-workers, and even strangers whom I met. (And yes, I’d gladly to do it every month if I knew it would protect me as well.)

The problem is that I’m not sure about any of this, and not simply because of the many conflicting reports.

It’s that things have become so politicized to the point that, depending on what news network you watch, you’ll have differing views about: 1) the origins of the virus; 2) the threat of the virus; 3) the merits (or demerits) of lockdowns; 4) the safety (or danger) and efficacy (or worthlessness) of the vaccines; 5) the proper role of the government; 6) the best course moving forward, especially for our children.

That’s why I say that this is a terrible shame. At times like this, we must do better. But will we? I’m not holding my breath (no insensitive pun intended).

Is Big Pharma just in this for money? Is Dr. Fauci a devil or a saint? Is the WHO in bed with China? Can the CDC make up its mind? Should I believe CNN or Fox (or neither)? Are the feds trying to save our lives or take control of our lives? And on and on it goes.

Except now, this is not just a question of true news or fake news. This is a question of what decisions we should make as individuals, decisions which could affect our own lives and the lives of others. This is anything but a game.

A friend in New York just wrote to me, saying, “I know about 6 people who got COVID after the vaccine.  I also know about 4 people who got some very strange, serious symptoms after the 2nd shot. My sister was extremely tired for weeks. A 29 year old young man, who is supposed to get married next week, was taken to the hospital two days after the second shot. His vision was very blurry, so dizzy that he couldn’t stand up and extremely tired. He was in the hospital two weeks. They don’t know what is wrong with him. Sent him home. We’re praying for a miracle.  I know others too.”

Yet a comment like this might well get censored if posted on social media, allegedly spreading misinformation about the vaccine. How can this be right?

At the same time, a colleague with a Ph.D. in chemistry has been posting articles in which he claims to debunk concerns about the vaccines, extolling their efficacy and challenging the views of those who are still not vaccinated.

Who, then, should I believe, the friend with a list of personal anecdotes (which are then added to countless scores of similar reports)? Or the academic colleague offering careful scientific research?

These days, even this question cannot be asked in a dispassionate way, since any source I turn to, be it online, in print, or on TV, seems to have a political bias as well. Who will fact check the fact checkers?

When people press me for my own views on the vaccine, my answer is always the same: do the research for yourself and make an informed decision, all the more so if it involves your children.

I am not qualified to say anything beyond that, nor should anyone really care about my opinion in this case because of my lack of qualifications.

Unfortunately, I can’t point people with confidence to a particular news source (or even online source of information) without wondering how much political or philosophical bias has colored the research and the reporting.

And this leads to the obvious question: how do we fix this problem?

Candidly, I do not know. And so, rather than end this article with my normal word of encouragement or challenge or call to action, I end here with a question. What would you propose? How do we move beyond the political gamesmanship and concentrate on our national health and safety?

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Troy posted a comment · Sep 18, 2021
Dr. Brown, I searched out your site because several months ago my 81 year old mother sent me a link to your program where you interviewed Dr. Frank Shallenberger about he Covid vaccine/s. My mother has steadfastly refused to be vaccinated. I have been thinking about what I see as a consensus among medical and public health professionals, and also public servants. Specifically, I can think of no evangelical, conservative or Republican leader or leader from any political stripe, in office, who has recommended not getting vaccinated. Rather, from Donald Trump, Gregg Abbot to Ron DeSantis, to conservative health authorities like Jerome Adams, Thomas Dobbs and Francis Collins, they have all recommended getting vaccinated. The Republican politicians that I have listed have rejected vaccine mandates, as you probably know, but they have nonetheless, recommended the vaccine. You have lamented “that the extreme politicizing of COVID makes it difficult (if not almost impossible) to know who to trust.” And I appreciate your candor that you are not qualified to give advice about the vaccine beyond telling people to do their own research. “How do we move beyond the political gamesmanship and concentrate on our national health and safety?” It is a very incisive question. My answer is simple but respectful and Biblical. Please look to the people who the Bible teaches have been chosen to lead us by a loving God, the president, the governors and the health directors of every state and at the national level. “There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen.” Romans 13:1. Of all of those people that I have read, they have uniformly recommended getting vaccinated.
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Gdubluvsmessiah posted a comment · Aug 04, 2021
Great article Dr. Brown. It appears this is a real quandry for millions not just 15-20k people. Millions! You accurately just wrote an article on “ When Science lost its mind & we witnessed it!” Your struggling & rightly so! It impacts you, your family, church family, colleagues, etc. Your logic says, “ Can science be so corrupt in the world it would actually leak a virus & give us a false vaccine?” Yet, you plainly see science is willing to lie about genders! When the mark of the beast comes out, will the anti- christ announce it publicly? I’m not @ all saying the vaccine is, but it shure is galvanizing the collective world! Isn’t it Phd’s who did “ Gain of Function with this virus in labs who are on the hot seat?” Having a Phd has never guaranteed science will work out great! Phd’s gave us agent orange, DDT,& LSD! Then using chemistry, zoology, micro-biology & the like convinced countless millions it was safe. Phd’s helped us achieve the nuclear bomb & the gas chambers! Phd’s means what? There are numerous MD’s & Phd’s giving rx’s to women to use adderall to lose weight! just 1- ex We are witnessing alot right now! Lockdowns, masks, jabs, etc. What is your gut telling you? What is the spirit telling you? Is this a no turning back point in our country?
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Ana posted a comment · Aug 02, 2021
2 of my six children have been vaccinated and 2 sons in laws thank God with just minor side effects. Our government publishes updates COVID infection rates and according to their public release there is approximately 7 out of 10 people infected have been vacccinated, so according to this information I personally deduct that these vaccines are not working as it was hoped it would. My daughter who took the vaccine because she is a nurse being at high risk of infection has seen how devastating it is for the people who need hospitalisation. She is now pregnant with her 3rd child so we pray that all will be well.
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texasaggie posted a comment · Aug 01, 2021
Daystar Christian network has a series of archived videos with doctors and other experts about this subject for anyone who wants to do more research. There are doctors who recommend for the simple suppressed treatments such as Ivermectin, Hydroxycloroquine/zinc, Budesonide by nebulizer at the risk of their medical licenses (see America's Frontline Doctors and others). Those things work very effectively in their appropriate dosages and stages of sickness apparently but are "off patent" meaning the drug companies don't make much money off of them and are therefore not generally used in hospitals, unfortunately. Doctors and scientists who are promoting the vaccines tend to be trusting in the government medical establishment and haven't taken the time to look at reports of corruption or extensive medical side effects from the vaccines. Dr. Fauci has contradicted himself so many times that his credibility has totally vanished. Studies against hydroxycloroquine published in respected medical journals have had to be withdrawn after fraud was discovered by the writers. There is credible evidence by whistleblowers that drug approval process in the CDC has been corrupted. Even the CDC did a study on people who were hospitalized with Covid and found that 85% of them had been wearing masks (plus many other similar studies giving similar results), and yet they still are promoting mask use (maybe so the politicians look like they are doing something?). And much more. Ultimately, at a deeper level we are in a spiritual battle and it's best to stay close to Jesus and believe in his spiritual protection so at least if we die from any given cause we can be confident it was his timing and not satan's premature timing.
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Rospow posted a comment · Jul 31, 2021
I belong to Judicial Watch and Facebook has give millions to CDC for advertisement. etc. So who is controlling who? I have studied both sides and also have paid attention to people I know who have had this Chinese virus or the vaccine. And I am not proud of the politicians handling this because the monetary payback is what they are going for and not the well being of humans.
reggiebyrum posted a comment · Jul 31, 2021
Here is my concern: Had they (the government, social media, CDC, etc) not completely silenced opposing or differing opinions, I would be more trusting. Yet the banning, the censorship, the public shaming, the thought of being "forced" to take the experimental shot which they do not know if it has long-term side effects, or if it is even effective at all - causes me great suspecision. Now vaccinated people are getting COVID? Now vaccinated people are required to wear masks? Taking all of this into consideration, for myself - I wait. And I refuse, at this time, to take the jab.
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GCRocket posted a comment · Jul 31, 2021
Seeing that the bellwether test to determine if someone has COVID has been shown not to be reliable, there is no way to know if your friend died of COVID. Estimates that 45,000 people have died after taking the vaccine. Since there is virtually a zero percent chance of a healthy person under the age of 65 dying from what may or not be COVID, anyone would be a complete fool to get the experimental gene therapy shot. The shot is not a vaccine in the historical sense, but rather manipulates your genes. Once you get it, there is no way to undo it. Those who have gotten the shot are the test guinea pigs. After receiving the shot, people are still being diagnosed with COVID and those who get the shot are spreading the Delta Variant, and guess what, there isn't a test to tell whether you even have the Delta Variant. The whole thing is a HOAX in line with the Russian Collusion, the Fake Impeachment, the STOLEN ELECTION, and the Marxist take over the government. Wise Up! Have some discernment!
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mondays23 posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
I trust Dr. DeMay explicitly. He’s a well-respected Christian pediatrician who has done all the research. He gives a balanced view of the vaccines, who should get them and who shouldn’t (especially children). Look him up on Facebook under Musings of a Christian Physician on the Phys. and Spiritual Healing of Man:
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Seidensticker posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
“A friend in New York just wrote to me, saying, “I know about 6 people who got COVID after the vaccine.” Anecdotes—precisely the wrong way to figure out the best course of action. Follow the science. “When people press me for my own views on the vaccine, my answer is always the same: do the research for yourself and make an informed decision, all the more so if it involves your children.” This is postmodernism. I thought you dislike that—no? It doesn’t take much research to find the organizations who follow the consensus view—the CDC, for example. Are they wrong sometimes? Have they changed their mind? Sure! But they’re following the science, and that’s our best bet. “And this leads to the obvious question: how do we fix this problem? Candidly, I do not know.” I do. Follow the best science and avoid the people who benefit from chaos. Get a covid shot and tell all your friends, repeatedly. Cajole them when they don’t. Have you seen the red state/blue state charts of infection rates? It’s like conservatives enjoy looking stupid. Can we just put this behind us?!
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Seidensticker posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
“if I was sure the vaccine had no long-term side-effects or dangers, I would get vaccinated every month if I knew I was helping to protect my family, my co-workers, and even strangers whom I met. (And yes, I’d gladly to do it every month if I knew it would protect me as well.) The problem is that I’m not sure about any of this, and not simply because of the many conflicting reports.” I applaud your concern for others, but what is your hesitation? You say you’re not sure about any of this, but that applies to anything. Maybe you go on an errand and get carjacked and killed. Or maybe you go on an errand and a meteorite destroys your house while your gone. Set aside certainty and follow the facts. Look for the best course, not the certain course. The best course we have is to follow the scientific consensus, which says that the vaccine is safe and NOT getting the vaccine is NOT safe. This is easy.
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Josuejc posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
Walk in the Spirit and let death loose it's sting.
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mrejack posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
The vaccine isn’t the mark of the beast. It’s the foreshadowing of it. The vax itself isn’t the issue. The government being able to force you to take an experimental vax is the issue or withholding every day living such as employment or education or even the ability to engage in commerce is the issue.
Deancooper posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
There is no fixing this -- at least until the political war is won by one side or the other. But you can compensate. For instance, there are three large biases happening. The Chinese bias, the Pharma financial bias, and the partisan political bias (from both sides). All three create large distortions in the truth. On the other hand, just ask yourself what do you know to be true? We know Covid-19 is a real and serious virus that has killed a lot of people (about 3 times a bad flu year). We also know the vaccines work, though the long term issues are unknown and it's beginning to look like their effectiveness is short term. We also hear abundant reports of cheap drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin working -- especially in India. For me, I'm content taking one of the cheap drugs and avoiding the vaccine for now. And I will continue reading a host of articles paying particular attention to those who seem the least partisan and most objective (I especially appreciate people who are on Left but who treat this subject objectively). Unfortunately, BigTech is censoring such voices even when they just quote from Pharma's own data. Thankfully, at least for now, their are alternative websites you can go to. It's scary though thinking of how much power these big companies and governments have to control our lives. As serious as Covid-19 is, that is even more serious.
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rwstarkey posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
Dr. Brown you are way too smart to be this non-commital. Just pure facts are... 600,000 have died from Covid. Extremely few deaths from anything vaccine related. Hospitalizations today are over 95% unvaccinated people. That simply says in raw numbers, get vaccinated! The only caveat I think is you absolutely should clear it with your doc based on your personal medical history. Fact: The LARGEST percentage of docs are recommending it. Just read an article the other day of a gentleman who passed away and he wrote shortly before he died "I wish I would have gotten vaccinated. People need to do it."
Kevin the Rube66 posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
I can think of more than ten good reasons not to trust the vaccine. Here's one that most people should be able to understand: The vaccine was not approved by the FDA because it was rushed in, making it an experimental vaccine. We know for sure that nobody can tell us about the long term effects. Now based on that it shouldn't come as a surprise that many (tens of millions in the USA) would not want to take a chance on an experimental drug. Those who choose to trust in the unproven vaccine are essentially signing up to be part of a medical experiment. When the government mocks the millions who don't trust the drug it causes division in society and the vaxxed begin to hate the unvaxxed. And by using a proof of vaccination card to separate people into the obedient and disobedient further causes distrust and even fear that totalitarianism is being established in what are supposed to be Democratic countries. As I said, this is only one of over ten solid reasons why I will not trust the vaccine. I have come to see all this after praying to the Lord about taking the jab. I believe He has shown me why I shouldn't.
Jana posted a comment · Jul 30, 2021
I think we must remember to not act from a place of fear. With so many voices out there and different "experts" all giving their opinions contradicting each other, now more than ever we must ask the Lord for discernment and for His guidance. He is our Great Shepherd after all! Members of my family have been vaxcinated without so much as a headache and I will receive my "jab" soon. I have no reservations about getting the vaxcine and I am completely at peace. Some of my friends however strongly sense that they should not get the vaxcine. I am sure that I and they all hear God's voice. God knows things about us that we don't and He might have a very good reason for warning my friends not to get vaxcinated. Therefore, if we are Christians we should get guidance from God, each for ourselves, and then we should all act from our convictions without judging our friends with different convictions. In this case, what is right for me might not be right for you. Romans 14: 22-23 comes to my mind: You may believe there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing, but keep it between yourself and God. Blessed are those who don’t feel guilty for doing something they have decided is right. But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning. Romans 14:22‭-‬23 NLT This was about food, but I believe it applies in this case as well.
OT posted a comment · Jul 29, 2021
Swkh310 do you have the hots for mango colored people nick named Mango Mussolini (PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ) dude move on! he did.. we have! get a grip on yourself....... not literally but you should get a grip on reality ! the white haired monster is president now we are criticizing biden and the palosi ites (democrats) get with it!
OT posted a comment · Jul 29, 2021
well spoken Dr. Brown .......Of course the dems are in power now so we know there will not be any special non partisan committees looking out for the American people ! when the dems have the gavel all they can do is appeal to their who want freebies and a free ride.... I hope all the un educated white males move to Maine into swkh310 's neighborhood interrupt suspected/inb_ _ _ding - diversify genetic gene pool lol (:o) providential ha ha ha!
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Hilsmith posted a comment · Jul 29, 2021
Well Spoken Dr. Brown. Anyone who is not experiencing the same conundrum that you described is fooling themselves. As a nurse I have been trained in how to know the difference between high quality research and low quality research. Most people I know don't take the time to read medical journals and thus are left taking the word of anyone labeled as an "expert". Anyone who has studied logic also knows that that is a logical fallacy. "An appeal to authority" to make a point. What else can a person do? We are left relying on the word of others regarding critical life and death issues that we are unable to comprehend. The one key point that I use in determining which "expert" I trust, is to determine if the expert has anything to gain in money, power or position, by promoting the view that they hold. Other motives are less visible but those are fairly obviously seen and if a person has any sort of profit to gain by the view they are promoting, then they have a conflict of interest and therefore should not be trusted. How many people are willing to look deep and ask the hard questions and not be motivated by fear? A wise person said to me recently that if someone is unwilling to hear or engage in discussion a position that opposes their own, that person is afraid. They may not even be able see right away what that fear is; but there is something they are deeply afraid of losing. In the end, all we can do is as you said, "do the research for yourself and make an informed decision, all the more so if it involves your children."
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jul 29, 2021
We needed this article when the Mango Mussolini was encouraging people to gargle with clorox and shove lightbulbs in their ears, mocking people who wore masks, and ridiculing doctors and nurses -- all the while making darn sure he and his family of criminals were among the first to get vaccinated. As it is, this article is way too little, way too late.