Why Socialism is not Biblical

Posted Jun 04, 2020 by Staff


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A._catholic posted a comment · Jun 11, 2020
Dr. Brown: In a brief video clip, you attempt to show how "socialism" isn't "Biblical". No "system" of economic distribution is of God, because any economic system deals with distribution of material goods alone. Any value- human or environmental- must be inserted into the economic system by human choice- individual or collective. You say socialism is bad, because the government forces individuals to care for one another. Yet at the same time, capitalism/market economies as practiced expect people and businesses to serve mammon/wealth contrary to Mat 6:24. Getting material wealth is expected as the first priority and concern, contrary to Mat 6:32-33. Greed, the root of evil, is expected (1 Tim 6:10) . Wealth beyond need is expected to be distributed according to legal/corporate ownership, and not love of neighbor and need (as according to Acts 2:44-45 & Acts 4:32-35). You also make no differentiation between "secular" and Christian communities. The system that the larger society uses to distribute wealth isn't our concern (Mat 22:21; Rom 13:1). Clearly within the Christian community private property is a *human convention alone*; that any material good we have is God's and not *our own* and we are expected to act accordingly and not from covetousness.