Posted Jan 28, 2022 by Michael L. Brown

One of my colleagues has been combating LGBTQ extremism for several decades, working tirelessly for almost no money, and with constant vilification as his main reward. I asked him one day on the air, “Why don’t you just stop?” He answered, “I’ll stop when they stop.”

That is exactly how I feel.

When I no longer have to read headlines like this, I’ll stop: “‘We’re uncomfortable in our own locker room.’ Lia Thomas’ UPenn [female] teammate tells how the trans swimmer doesn’t always cover up her male genitals when changing and their concerns go ignored by their coach.”

Seriously? Her male genitals? What kind of madness is this?

And the fact that a biological male with male plumbing (who, by the way, is attracted to females), shares a locker room with women – where they disrobe and shower – is absolute insanity, not to mention terribly unfair. In fact, it is outright abusive.

As one of the female swimmers said (anonymously), “‘It’s definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women.’

“The swimmer said that multiple teammates have raised their concerns with their coach, trying to get Thomas ousted from the female locker room,” but all to no avail.

How can anyone possibly defend this? And does anyone want their daughter exposed (literally) to something like this? This is madness.

As for Will “Lia” Thomas competing against other girls, even Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner has weighed in, calling out the unfairness of it and saying, “We must protect women’s sports.”

So, as long as the madness continues, I’ll continue to shout out as well. How can I (or we) do anything less?

And what about headlines like this? How can we stay silent when this is happening on our watch? “EXCLUSIVE: ‘They created a double life for my daughter’: Parents of girl, 12, who tried to hang herself twice at school after ‘months of secret meetings about her gender identity’ slam district staff who ‘went behind their backs’ and ‘likens it to sex offenders who take advantage of a child and try to keep things in secret’.”

What an outrage.

Yet similar things happen in schools across America every day, as the teachers and administrators and counselors encourage kids in their gender identity and same-sex attractions, to the complete exclusion of the parents.

In the words of the girl’s father, Wendell Perez, “We're talking about the staff from school this information and developing a plan of several sessions with my daughter, for months, talking about issues that are related and that the parents need to be involved. They basically created a double life for my daughter.”

He added, “If we allow this to happen, we are admitting that the sex offenders - the models operating of the sex offenders - is correct, because that is actually what they do. They take advantage of a child, they try to keep things in secret and make them do things that they are not supposed to do.”

He was hardly exaggerating.

A mother and father in another country with a “progressive” school system were shocked when they met with their daughter’s teachers at school. (She was a young teen.)

In previous months, for the first time in her life and quite out of the blue, she had begun to identify as a male, wanting to go by a new name. But when the parents probed more deeply, they learned that the school had been encouraging her in this direction.

When they met with her teachers, they were shocked and outraged to learn that the school had planned to announce their daughter’s new male identify and name the very next day – without the parents having the slightest hint this was going on.

How can this be tolerated? And who on earth gave these teachers and administrators and counselors these kinds of rights?

That’s why we must continue to stand up and speak up and act up, not losing our Christian witness in the process (for those of us who are followers of Jesus), but speaking the truth in love.

As for those who struggle with gender identity confusion, I do not refer to their struggle as transanity, as I have stated many times. I have compassion for them in their struggles and cannot imagine the pain and agony they have lived with.

That’s also why I advocate strongly that we do our best to help them from the inside out, finding better solutions than puberty blockers for children and sex-change surgery and then more hormones for life for adults.

But as long as the casualties mount. As the long as children’s lives are being destroyed. As long as girls are being exposed to male genitalia in their locker rooms (and sexually assaulted in their bathrooms). As long as female athletes are forced to compete with males.

As long as this is going on, I will keep crying out.

(My newest book, The Silencing of the Lambs: The Ominous Rise of Cancel Culture and How We Can Overcome It, due out March 1, contains many practical strategies that will help us continue to speak up and speak out.)

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OT posted a comment · Feb 13, 2022
Adrian Rogers: "It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error" "It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error. It is better to speak the truth that hurts and then heals, than falsehood that comforts and then kills
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nathanz posted a comment · Feb 12, 2022
The feminists fought (and mostly won) to say there is no difference between men and women and that there should be "equality." So here’s what "equality" looks like. It's not just sad, it's evil. Thanks feminists. BTW, it's not just a problem of men allowed to compete on women’s sports teams or use their facilities. For instance, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District disciplined a female student who kneed a male student in the groin after he barged into the girls’ restroom. But that student was part of a group of seven male students who entered the restroom in protest after a female student, who identifies as male, took a photo in the boys’ restroom and posted it on Snapchat. People became upset with the school district for disciplining the female student who kneed the male student. But what about privacy for the male students who had the biological female take a photo in the boys' restroom? Who is standing up for boys?
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Really now posted a comment · Feb 04, 2022
So Mikey Brown, and others here, what exactly will stop the ‘transanity’??? (What a horrific moniker by the way. These are PEOPLE we are talking about). But really, what will ‘stop’ it? Pretending these people don’t exist? Trying to pray the queer away? Jailing? Chemically castrating? Diagnosing with mental illness? See at some point, in our embarrassing pasts, we’ve tried allllll of these things, and they DON’T work. And instead cause incredible damage. Why? Because there is nothing wrong with these people. Yes they may be ‘different’, but they BELONG just as anyone else does.
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SteveW posted a comment · Jan 31, 2022
Fair enough Swkh310 - we all answer to God.
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 31, 2022
The good news is: I don't have to answer your question. I answer to God. And, anyway, I'm far too busy working on the plank in my eye to give a hoot about the fleck of sawdust in yours.
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SteveW posted a comment · Jan 31, 2022
You haven't answered my question swkh. Tit 3:5 says " Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost". Do you believe that that the "one baptism" results in the "regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit" or not?
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 30, 2022
Ephesians 4:5. One Lord, one faith, one baptism. And, of course, “I believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sin,” the Apostles Creed.
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SteveW posted a comment · Jan 30, 2022
So, we agree on "Sin" rather than "sins", the former being the innate sinful nature that we inherited from Adam. What do you mean by "one baptism"? The regeneration of our spirit by the Holy Spirit or something else?
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 29, 2022
That’s right, Steve. “I believe in one baptism for forgiveness of Sin.” Notice the careful punctuation. It’s not “sins,” but “Sin.” The former can be enumerated. The latter is innate.
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SteveW posted a comment · Jan 29, 2022
Swkh310 fails to realise that it is not just those who are practising trans that are in danger of being eternally lost, but also those who approve or turn a blind eye to their behaviour (according to Romans 1:32). That would therefore include all those who permit that male to expose himself in a woman's changing room. That is a lot more than 0.6% of the population. That is a lot of people that are worth saving!
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SteveW posted a comment · Jan 29, 2022
SWkh310, I see you describe youself as a Christian and as non born-again. That is a contradiction as Jesus said in John 3 that "Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God".  If you reject His words then you are not a follower of Christ, and hence not a Christian. So, currently you are not going to inherit internal life, by Jesus' reckoning (not mine). Being born-again does not mean you join a denomination but that you surrender to Jesus and accept His terms for Eternal Life. There is not a third way, either you are in Jesus' camp or Satan's camp.
Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 28, 2022
The highest number I can find: 0.6% of Americans identify as trans. The lowest number I can find: 14% of American children live under the poverty line. I wonder which fact would concern Jesus more.